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Zarte Frikadellen in 5 Minuten!Chinesisches Geheimnis, wie man das trockenste Hackfleisch zart macht


1/4 small cabbage. chop finely. Friends, if it is not difficult for you, please write, from which country are you watching my video? salt and mash the cabbage with your hands. Leek. Bunch parsley. 500 grams of minced meat. Salt, Pepper, Suneli Hops, Smoked Paprika. 1 egg.

Mix everything well. shape into small patties. Please participate in the development of my channel – subscribe, like and write a comment! And it will be great if you share the link with your friends on social networks! Thanks very much! fry in vegetable oil. 5-6 potatoes. dry garlic, pepper, salt. paprika, vegetable oil. mix everything well. Place the potatoes on a baking sheet.

Bake for ~25-30 minutes at 200°C. Sear the chops on all sides under the lid over medium/low heat. Let’s make the sauce. 25 grams of butter. 25 grams of flour. Brew the flour while stirring constantly so that no lumps form. Gradually add 250 ml of milk. mix everything well. 100 grams of mushrooms.

Simmer over low heat for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally. salt, pepper to taste. Incredibly delicious dinner is ready! Schnitzels are very juicy and tender! Thank you for watching, commenting and liking my videos!
leckere Küche

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