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Why Have I Been Missing?


Hola Miglia welcome back to my channel guys I’ve been gone for three weeks and I just want to start off by saying sorry I mean I’d love to say that I’ve been off for three weeks creating loads of content for you guys confession I’ve just had three weeks off like I’m made to be needed here and that’s because there has been three life-changing.

Events that have happened and I don’t even know where to begin like I’ve been starting off writing everything down that I want to cover in this vlog but I think I’m just gonna let myself just run off with it all and update you on everything but I need to tell you guys it’s good I’m coming to you in an incredibly positive blog stuff.

Is great and I wanted to share that happiness with you so number one I’m in Dubai for the last one okay good with you guys was three weeks ago and I was about to go in to see my surgeon in London and I was feeling like incredibly anxious about it and any of you remember it was like a bit of a kind of I wouldn’t think negative no but there was.

Certainly an heir to it where I was like I don’t know what’s gonna happen I don’t know what the outcome is I’ve had so much bad news over the last four months that I was like just hit me while I’m down but I came out of that meeting and I was like wow wow wow finally things are working out for me basically in a nutshell the surgeon said to me I can’t.

Believe how fast you’re healing it everything is going great whatever you are doing keep doing it basically like box it up and sell it because all of my patients could do with doing what you’re doing my knee was healing at about four times the speed and what I had ever anticipated and he gave me the all-clear to fly back to.

Dubai which is where I am now and I’m going to be doing my prehab here before my surgery but I’m going to talk about that a little bit later on in the vlog because there’s been so many questions that have come through about that am I still gonna have surgery do I still need surgery and basically where I’m at in life second update is in relation to the.

Knee and then cautioning you this one so I’m definitely not wearing the right attire for this but just to clarify bad knee good me you ready oh yeah we’re good we’re good guys I like mini running and the third and final update which it’s the biggest guys I got a puppy baby not you Alex Teddy Oh.

You gotta say hi to everyone say hi teddy say hi are you looking at this camera these guys is my baby his name is Teddy we’re still deciding one surname I think he’s Teddy sorry but apparently who’s Teddy Tara but either way this is my job with a squiggle you last sent a little squiggle so best way of describing tats.

He’s all or nothing he is either super hyper which is kind of new to them right now or he’s asleep but he is the dream puppy and he’s a toy poodle his three months old do I need to put down with him is about to go crazy so onto the kind of serious stuff I guess which is my knee my rehab my prehab none of these words that are.

Being thrown around at the moment during this time that I’ve had off from YouTube I have still been on Instagram and I’ve been uploading on a daily basis particularly on my stories and I’m actually did like a Q&A on there to find out what you guys wanted to know in relation to life I guess but specifically my knee and the most.

Commonly asked question commonly asked comment comin asked commonly the one that was asked the most was am I still gonna have surgery do I still need surgery do I have a choice there because basically my rehabs going so well I’m now able to like I even did an Irish dancing jig my mom was over last week it was some Patrick’s Day and of course the.

Irish flooded me came out the music came on and I started dancing and that was kind of like a test for me I was like wow I can Jake if I can Jake surely I can run so then I’ve tried a little bit of a rhyme and it worked and I was like wow this is blowing my mind right now the human body is crazy I have like this.

Life-changing injury and is healing at a million miles an hour I don’t know what to do and obviously I meant like this incredible situation because I am healing and I am so thankful for that sorry for all the noise in the background teddy is trying to get his treats off the fish trade is a very very very much cheapest job but I love him.

For it so guys to give you the facts the facts are when I said facts did you hear I think I’m over list did you yeah just to recap on what’s going on with my knee I had a ski accident three and a half months ago now in a nutshell I ruptured my ACL arch of my MCL I fractured my tibia no idea I fractured my fibula I’m a.

Physiotherapist I just got their own bone I also taught my laptop niska’s and on the flight home I developed two DVT so what were see is not like your bog-standard injury I did it all now my surgeon mr. works in what we call a downgrading principally he basically aims to heal one part of my knee.

At a time he started off with my MCL which is the ligament on the inside of the knee now if you manage that by putting it in a brace for six to eight weeks and then I gradually weaned off of the brace and I’m in a period now which is called prehabilitation rehabilitation is to get my knee ready for ACL reconstructive surgery ACL.

Reconstructive surgery basically means that they take a graft from somewhere else in your body it can also be a donor graft but I’m gonna go with a hamstring graft and then reconstruct that ACL now for those of you that don’t know that ACO is in my opinion the most important ligament in the knee or not even in my opinion in everyone’s opinion because it.

Acts as a seat belt to the knee so it stops your knee from slipping forward so obviously the fact that my ACL is ruptured means that my knee is incredibly vulnerable and I probably shouldn’t be doing the stuff on it that I’m doing now but as I said it’s feeling really quickly actually you can live without an ACL I don’t have to have.

Surgery there are so many people on this planet who have ruptured their ACL and they’ve decided that they don’t want to have surgery and you can still continue living a pretty normal life we’re not even a pretty normal life a normal life without an ACO all you have to do is rehab the knee make the muscles as strong as they can physically be to.

Support the knee and then basically the muscles do the job of the ligament so you don’t have to have that ligament there however what it does mean is you are restricted in the exercise and the movements that you can do so for someone who doesn’t do super high intensity working out skiing is absolutely to live without an ACO you can still run.

Pretty much changing directions but mainly and straight lines you can still do yoga Pilates a lot of sport but the things that you can’t do is contact sports ski rapid agility and plyometrics based exercises so those of you who have known me for quite a while or maybe follow me on instagram or subbed here for awhile you’ll know that I love hip.

Training here training is literally my jam like my weekly training program is made up of hit weights a little bit of stretching and Pilate and that combination of exercise is allowed me to achieve the body that I want but also the mindset that I want so the thought of not being able to Ojai test this mummy you wanna do here do you want to.

Do hit with Mummy do you know teddy to be honest Danny does hit my metrics every day doesn’t mm-hmm this boy is crazy the spring in his legs is a whole nother level that NFL need him don’t think you guys may have got from that that I love him and I’m not willing to give up hit and plyometrics which means I am currently ninety four.

Point nine percent sure I’m going to have surgery the other five point one percent is kind of lying in the fact that I’m now living a pretty normal life and I’m really enjoying it and I feel like if I have surgery when I don’t even feel like I know Teddy has returned home tatts if I have surgery I kind of need.

To go back to square one so I basically need to go into surgery come out of surgery have you parted I think he started again he’s got a really coming guys just gonna throw it back there but thought of going back in a knee brace I’m obviously just in two minds about it but I’m pretty certain I’m gonna have surgery so I’m.

Gonna be back in London in four weeks to see mr. Adil add to it again who is my surgeon for him to look at my knee which I think he’s gonna be really happy with to review to test and then check out when I will be able to have surgery now there is a little bit of a time lapse and when I’m able to have surgery and that is because of my DVT so I thought.

I’d just show you guys down here a rough idea of timeframes so this is the timeline we are late March the injury happened on the 3rd of January so I’m nearly three months in this was actually Alex’s bday the day of the injury was on Alex’s birthday I’m gonna be flying back pretty soon in a couple of weeks time to London to see my surgery the delay on.

Having surgery for my ACL all lies in this and I was flying back from Japan to London I developed two DVTs in my car for those of you who don’t know what DVTs are they’re basically blood clots in your legs which can be fatal thankfully they were caught and I’m still here because of that I started a course of medication called rivaroxaban.

For three month mid April is when I finish my rivaroxaban medications in a couple of weeks time now the surgeon has said he is not happy to operate for a period of time after me coming off this medication rivaroxaban is basically an anticoagulant so it is to insert brackets thin the blood because my blood is going.

To be thinner that poses more risk when I have surgery to excessive bleeding now you can obviously operate when you’re on anticoagulants but you do have to be really careful during this time here before surgery I am undergoing something called prehab so that is preventative rehab it’s basically preparation for surgery during this period here I am.

Making my knee as strong as it can physically be to improve the outcome of my surgery and prevent miri rupturing the ligament so surgery may well happen here which will be early June we’re not sure this period here this massive period nine to twelve months so guys if I have surgery I’m gonna be back to normal around here.

March that is ridiculously messy 20 20 years time I’m gonna be back to normal but hey I’m still smiling so I really hope that game a little bit more clarity about where I’m at with my knee where I’m at in regards to surgery and healing and yeah I guess the best way of summarizing it is I’m in total disbelief at how quickly.

I’ve healed like this whole experience has been a steep learning curve that’s probably the best way of describing it but equally I have such a crazy crazy appreciation for my body now I’ve always loved the human body that’s why I became a physiotherapist in the first place but first hand experiencing such a extreme injury and seeing firsthand again how.

The body can heal is totally mind-blowing and the one thing I would say to all of you who are watching right now regardless of whether you have an injury or not we really need to love our bodies and I’m not just talking aesthetically we need to learn to love our bodies and look after them from the inside out and that involves our minds.

As well as that involves mental health like this last four months have involved some incredible loads for me and I think I’ve been really transparent but that with you guys you’ve seen how upset I’ve been and I promise not to get upset again because I’m in such a strong head space right now but I do think so much of my progress has been down to the fact.

That I refuse to give up that I refuse to allow myself to slip into that negative mindset and everyone who’s watching now please don’t think that I haven’t been there I am human and I have been pretty low at times but I’ve been able to turn it around with the help of so many people around me an incredible team at therapy so I’ve seen the.

Therapist as well and its really really maybe realize how resilient I am and how resilient we all can be we will have that within us and we need to look after our ponies like alex is behind the camera now and we’ve kind of started putting into place things for us as a couple and even teddy.

To live a healthy and happy lifestyle from a food perspective as well as exercising just being happy a little bit of a heart to heart there but appreciate your bodies because they’re the only ones you have to live in and they look after you and we need to look after them they heal on their own we just need to facilitate it so yeah I.

Think that’s enough for today’s look as I said I did just kind of like blurt everything out but I wanted to tell you guys that I am still here I’m sorry I had a few weeks off for the three weeks of and during that three weeks I have actually had a little brainstorm on what you guys want I use it but the questions out on Instagram to get feedback of what.

You want to see more of on my youtube channel and because of that I have drawn up a new timetable which I promise to stick to I think revolves asks the question in a job interview why is your biggest weakness and time keeping is one of them that’s alright just being real but I promise to stick to it I have a brand new timetable which is packed full.

With the content that you guys want to see so it does have the vlogs it also has recipes healthy food ideas tips and tricks on how to stay healthy and live your best life and I’m so real time to workout so please do check it out down below my new weekly schedule and also let me know in the comments what you guys want to see specifically because.

I’m making this content you guys whatever you want to see I will make sure I deliver anyway I love you guys so much you have been pretty much my biggest support on the planet and I’m so thankful to all of you who have tuned in throughout this entire process I shall see you oh it’s been to run yeah okay say bye.
Lilly Sabri

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