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What’s the damage… I still can’t walk


Oh hey crying on camera I’m struggling how you feeling well yeah how’s your name good managed to get an emergency physio appointment which I didn’t get yesterday because everyone was like you need to go to the hospital but I was like I know it’s not a break touchwood I think it’s ever see our video collateral.

Ligament or medial meniscus mm-hmm the thing that’s really worrying me as I can’t put weight on that get them to check it out and then deal with the facts I think I’ve been really it’s been very positive yeah it’s because I’m normally the person who runs on the football pitch to help people and I’m the one who’s like.

You’re gonna be okay you’re gonna be okay so I’ve just kind of been talking to myself but yeah it was not the best night’s sleep because I could have moved it’s a lie in one position with a pillow over two minis and now gets really sore I’m not gonna lie don’t put anyone on it don’t get utopia is just twisting it yeah first step is.

To get you down the stairs yeah I’d like human crutches we’d try okay I’ll take you guys to the physio let’s do this here’s Hubble Lille bubbling along beat – what oh yeah forget this let me get this stairs that’s what we’re going down it comes will has a Vizier this is the best way to get down the stairs she’s today not really paying.

It feels really really fluffy well everything you needed you careful lil how are you Nick best thoughts Nick first thoughts in Japan excited to go out plop my face right do it there’s the thumbnail right there well yeah okay we’re in to the physio we go.

yeah yes once again it’s beyond Lucas fizzy I thank you thank you that okay looks good it is your spiky crutches though I only work and they.

Look all right yeah nice yeah I think you’ll you’ll get used to the crouching after all we are done all right now just careful with the spikes here hey familiar so I thought I would just quickly jump on camera because I’m editing the blog at the moment and I’m aware there’s a few gaps that need to be filled in obviously.

During this assessment with it being just one day after the injury itself are still in quite a lot of pain and if I’m totally honest the last thing I wanted to do was talk into the camera how am I feeling I’m four sorry guys oh hey crying on camera I’m struggling sometimes I need to remember that I am.

Human and it’s normal to have times when you’re not as positive and then the other side of me is like no it’s a knee injury get a grip it will get better I think it’s a bit of a tough pill to swallow it’s an adaptation I can’t walk at the moment I can’t get in a shower without Alex helping me I am scared of falling.

All the time I guess I just never thought it would happen to me which sounds really silly because everyone has a body they’re susceptible to injury so it’s been a reality check for sure next stage is to just remain focused I’m not letting a knee injury ruin something that we plan for the last year we did head to Tokyo we had the most awesome.

Time which you guys will be seeing and I’ll be showing you the update on the knee as well sorry for getting emotional guys the day of the injury itself I think my adrenaline was was really running pretty high and Alex and Nick had just arrived and I was trying to kind of put on a brave face but my god knew that there was something quite.

Serious going on with my knee and I think the worst part about this is when you’re a physio or a medical professional you kind of know when something’s bad and a lot of people have commented to me but you were so calm when you fell down and you weren’t screaming and pain and I think honestly that comes down to experience I have.

Been the person who has run on that football pitch so many times to help injured players and I know staying calm is is one of the most important things and just concentrating on your breathing control straight after the injury I was really practical I was like I’m almost it’s not a fracture something soft-tissue going on I just need to get.

Back I need to rest ice compression of a three SS in the morning and for those of you who have had any injuries you will know that straight after that injury there’s a lot of swelling most of the time and that can last you know work and last weeks but particularly 72 hours afterwards it makes it very difficult to assess a joint my swelling wasn’t crazy.

High if I’m totally honest but it was very painful and I wasn’t able to wait there so I couldn’t put weight through my right leg because I felt like every time I attempted to put any weight through it was just gonna buckle was a real amount of instability there which was what concerned me the most and that’s what highlighted to me this is.

Probably an MCL injury and likely to be a high grade and there’s three grades to a tear of a ligament and grade three is a total rupture and I knew it was way more than a great one because I’ve had great ones before and they healed themselves in around a week so on assessment with Amy she did find a positive MCL medial stress test so that.

Means that when she’s tried to stretch the inside of my knees it stressed the inside of my knee it went further than it should do and that’s even with my muscles in spasm and with a lot of swelling there so that’s an indication that it’s probably quite a high grade tear but these type of things we can’t tell this acutely and without an MRI.

This is all just kind of getting a rough idea of what’s going on the next thing that she tested which is possibly the most important thing is the ACL the ligament at the front those of you who are into sport or watch football many other sports you’ll know that ACL injuries are career-threatening they’re horrible nasty injuries.

Possibly the worst injuries I’ve worked with from a rehab point of view because you’re looking at a year possibly a year and a half to rehab an ACL surgery oh I was hoping and praying that it wouldn’t be ACL the stress test for ACL came out negative but again there was so much swelling so much muscular contraction that was holding the joint in place.

Because my muscles just lived you had to try and protect it that again it wasn’t an accurate test though I know a lot of you are probably thinking what did you gain from the physio assessment a lot a hell of a lot because it’s so important to get that assessment in early number one to rule out a fracture which is what you’d normally do with an x-ray secondly.

To get an idea of what’s going on with the ligaments and the meniscus and thirdly and most importantly to get an action plan so for me it was to brace the knee without this brace I wouldn’t be able to function got a lot of advice about pain relief keeping going with the heights the compression the elevation and probably most importantly was the.

Crutches now these are very old-school crutches I hate these crutches these are the type of crutches that I would tell my patients to avoid and so I need to try to get hold of some elbow crutches as soon as possible so that’s kind of the update so please give this video a thumbs up hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already because there’s.

Gonna be a lot more vlogs coming your way bye guys

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