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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY for RESULTS | Food for Workout Challenges


In this video, I’m going to be showing you what I eat in a day for results. When I’m training hard towards my goals. The last two days have been brutal. It’s because I had a couple of days off from training and now I’m back and working out. I’m filming for the new app. I’m filming for the weekly guides. And I’m filming for Instagram. I’ve been filming for 2 or 3 hours a day. I am hungry. Please bear in mind, this is what works for my body. Because I’m training a lot at the moment. You already know that I’m an intuitive eater. If my body is telling me that it needs food, I’m going to honor that. I’m going to nourish my body and make sure that I enjoy the process.

I hope this gives you an idea of how much I eat, what I eat and why I eat it. Today i’ll be having a little bit more protein than I usually have, because my muscles need it for repair. Also carbs, I love carbs, which you will see in a minute. I have these Vegan Banana Pancakes once a week. This is a really similar recipe to my banana bread recipe in my cookbook. There is just a small modification. There is no cinnamon in here. What I love about these, is that you can add whatever you want. For Alex, it’s always maple syrup. I tend to have a mix. Mixed berries, agave syrup and a sweet super-food mix.

Realistically, I’m not going to eat all of this. I will eat around 3 pancakes. Snack on them throughout the day. I keep getting asking, what type of diet I eat. Whether I’m pescatarian, vegan or vegetarian. I have tried a vegan diet before. I stopped eating meat, nearly 20 years ago. I cut out all meat, and almost all dairy at at that time. Since then, I reintroduced fish into my diet. So I am now pescaterian. I barely eat any dairy. I don’t really like dairy. For example, with a cappuccino, I wouldn’t have cow’s milk. I always have nut milk.

I can’t cut out halloumi. I am Cypriot, there is no way I’m giving up halloumi. I’m going to be filming four workouts today. Two for YouTube and two for the app. My food’s now digested, and i’m ready to go. To be honest, halfway through the filming I’m probably going to want more food. I have just finished one full body fat burn, which was 20 minutes. Then I did a Pilates session, full body, and that was a finisher for the app. It was just 10 minutes of abs, but for those of you who have done my intense ab burners, you will know what I’m talking about. No breaks, 30 seconds on each exercise and it got to a point where my abs were literally shaking! I’m so hungry.

I’m going to go downstairs and have lunch and snacks. All right, lunch. Can you see me? Let me just practice the squat. I look like one of those Russian dancers. This is leftovers, from last night’s dinner, which is tuna pasta bake. It is one of our favorites. It smells so good! This was all eaten by Alex and I last night. I need a lot of carbs. Especially when I’m filming, I need the energy. There is protein in there from the tuna. I’m going to do it with a salad. That was supposed to be neat and beautiful, but let’s just be real. Load it up with some salad. Baby Spinach, rocket and cherry tomatoes.

I’m going to eat this, do some emails then I have a live workout. I’m probably going to have some snacks, then I go live at 8:30 p.m. I know it’s really late, but I’m ahead of a lot of you in Europe and the United States, so that’s a time that works for you. If it works for you, then I do it. These are my famous Lilly Chickpea burgers. These are on my website. I’ve also got an epic version of them which is quinoa and black bean. They are amazing and vegan. They are in my cookbook. Load them up. We’ve got our toasted burger bun. You can put halloumi cheese, but this is optional.

Then put a little bit of avocado. Then I’ve gone with a mango chutney tonight. Normally we have it with a tomato relish, but there was none left. Look at that. As a side, we have some baked broccoli. I can’t put it into words. That is one of my best meals ever. i’m finally gonna be hopefully able tosay what i want to say because i just gave teddy a little bit of broccoli ihope that’s okay i hope that gave you a little bit of an idea of what i eat on anormal day.

When i’m training hard which i’mobviously doing at the moment things are pretty full-on at the moment withthe app launching pretty soon i’m training a lot obviously i’m filming foryou guys and i’m doing the lives as well so i’m making sure that i’m nourishingmy body in the way that i know it needs and alsoi’m just enjoying it like i’ve said to you guys before myworst nightmare is to be counting anything or to be restricting anythinglike that’s just not the way i like to livelife and to live a healthy and happy lifestyle but that’s what works for methat’s kind of how i want to finish this.

Vlog this is by no means how you shouldbe eating this is what works for my body the one thing that i will say over andover and over again is listen to your body if your body istelling you that it needs fuel it’s telling you it needs fuel andplease please listen to it you’ll notice that i ate a lot of carbohydrates and alot of protein today but to be honest all food groups but obviously theprotein and the carbohydrates are for energy and to make sure that i’mrecovering my muscles as much as possiblebecause i’m going to be filming again tomorrow but i do have two full daysrest this week guys before any of you.

Are freaking out that i’m over trainingagain i’m listening to my body and making sure that i’m getting the rest ineed oh yeah i know a few of you are probablygoing to be like what was that curry looking drink that was a turmeric latteso i’m trying to introduce more of the anti-inflammatory foods againturmeric is one of them so i’m having a turmeric latte a dayand i’ll keep you posted on how it goes and hopefully i will be glowyvery soon like twilight speaking of which i’m about to put twilight on nowokay guys i love you so much we may well be at amillion this week and.

Bye guys

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