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WEIGHTS BUILD & SCULPT (full body burn) | 30 minute Home Workout


What’s up familia welcome to a 30 minute scope sculpt sculpt sculpt scooped we are going to be going in with weights today this is a pure weight sessions you’re going to need obviously weights if you don’t have weights don’t worry just grab anything you can get your hands on i’ve gone with two levels one more so for upper body full body one.

More so for the lower body the lower body i’ve gone with 5kg but honestly go with whatever works for your body for the upper body i’ve gone with 2kg i’m not gonna lie i’m sore today guys i’ve been filming so much for the app so i’m going to take this at my pace this is you against you take it at your pace we have a 30 minute straight countdown.

Timer we are going to do a small warm-up together just to make sure that you’re nice and supple um right so we’ll get started in 15 seconds let’s get the music pumping as well also how cute this purple i am obsessed with this is the new gym shark can’t get the words out new gym shark flex so pop your arms up and over your head from there.

Peel yourself down let all that tension come out of the body roll yourself forward into a fight drop those hips good work bring yourself back and heal up please.

guys okay bring yourself up and sink that while you wait forward four.

Three two and one step it back change side open out oh.

Amazing let that body weight completely relax three two one and peel up from here we’re gonna rotate good taking it in the opposite direction and as i said to you guys before this is the brand new gym shark if you do wanna.

Shop it the link is in my bio i’m hoping this one is still in stock good work four left three two one amazing take those legs wider and rotate sides i can’t help it four.

Three and two amazing coming down nice and low and we’re just gonna sway side to side we’re gonna get started in under a minute you guys i’m gonna tie up my hair keep swimming side to side amazing so this isn’t about speed this.

Workout okay it’s about taking it at your own pace going as high weight as you can and trying not to stop it’s you against you and i know you have got this in the bag okay we’re going on reps we’re going to be going with 12 reps to start off with we then drop down to 10 we then drop down to eight trying to make it harder each time.

We do the exercise just follow me you’re going to start off with your weights and your hands your heavier weights we’re going with a nice simple deadlift taking the weight back through the heels core nice and tight shoulder blades locked squeeze that core three two one squad.

is you are capable you can do this this is gonna be tough but you’ve done it before you can do it again two more okay.

come on me standing or kneeling it’s up to you okay we are starting off 45 degrees come in.

Rotate okay 12 let’s go amazing whack four three come on keep that body moving two okay into our heads now get up top lower let’s go.

We hold for eight seconds in each don’t give up three okay beginners you are in this position everyone else try coming to a full flight line one foot in front of the other or one on top of the other grab.

That way because let’s is left let’s go.

You and down okay eight count hold just breathe for a second in green in two years oh.

pop it just above your knees okay tighten it all the way if you really want to work that booty double that okay this one goes below the knee this is gonna hurt both weights for this you guys.

Okay we’re gonna drive up onto the toes okay shoulder distance apart with the knees okay lift lower lift.

The back lower as we come up amazing work we’re sticking with the bridge this time we’re focusing on the booty okay we have our butterfly bridges to start come on really push against the van three squeeze that booty.

Don’t worry it’ll still burn without the band but trust me these bands are gonna kill your box okay let’s go oh.

Is five all right you are killing it you are absolutely killing it we are back to our body okay i want you to come up take those fans off.

Oh my gosh my booty is so unfair actually you can keep this on if you want to okay just gonna add a little bit more of the bun now if you have your long bands i want you to grab them i recommend going with the black one not this color i just don’t know where it is okay so.

You’re gonna pop it around your feet we’re gonna start off with a rose palms are facing inwards core is nice let’s go is it’s full.

Five six oh foreign okay.

Okay come on nice and strong if this is too much come here oh is if you can in two that’s so funny i can.

See myself on the screen there four three guys you can do this okay two up we come hold it nice and strong let’s go okay back into legs again how you feeling how.

Are you going we’re going with a lunge sequence now so this is pretty tough exactly the same format 12 10 8 go at the level that suits you no weights if you want to okay so we’re going to start off with a static lunge taking that leg behind the weights are in the hands we come down raise that okay you’ve done this.

heavy weight if you can food oh okay good up through that hill oh.

Shoulders you are killing it you are absolutely he’s sitting on your daddy’s lap okay so we’re starting off really simple we’re gonna double you nice up curl 12 let’s go breathe course.

You can stand if you want to stronger ten let’s go.

we go with our bicep curl we press slower down slowly okay let’s go okay we’re just hiding the slower it is the harder it is that’s three.

Um three a little bit higher one what am i doing okay back to core.

Oh my gosh we’re stretching that better okay you can pop your feet under a sofa or something if you feel you need to or even dumbbells okay really nice and simple we go up we rotate pop the weights down okay so it’s here we go up.

Punch rotate pop it down good work 12 feet is every day.

straight back up rotate ten let’s go five laps.

legs if you is you can rush and twist your trays okay you can use your dumbbells as a kettlebell if you don’t have this i just.

Want you to squat so you don’t have a weight okay we take it behind up to 90 degrees back down again in three two twelve let’s go squeeze that booty keep that core tight.

right three good luck i know okay.

add one oh wow that was beautiful i actually really loved that i really loved it very different to the weights versus cardio where we get a lot more sweaty now guys if you are going to.

Be doing this again in future guides i want you to aim to go heavier if you can okay or go a little bit faster i am so proud of you you smashed yet another workout please don’t forget to smash the thumbs up button anything alex from you from dj alex in the house loads of people asking about yeah do you want to.

Tune in okay let me quickly catch my breath a little bit let’s get some interlude music and dj alex and let me quickly okay you guys it let me get this live chat up so if i had the launch date i promise.

You would know right now we don’t have the launch date purely because the app development team we’re working with them really closely we’re obviously giving them all the content and then that needs to be inputted and then we have a trial period to make sure that it is all smooth flowing before you get your hands on it now what i will say.

Is the app is now a matter of weeks away not months weeks okay i keep writing this but like it’s so close i can smell it and it is going to be live pre-summer so it’s a matter of weeks away i’m going to answer a few specific questions now i think that’s probably a good idea do you snacks yeah okay.

Let’s see what you guys are saying i’m so glad you loved it okay let’s come down into lying let’s do a few stretches just while i’m waiting on some of these questions to come through i’m actually going to grab this one i’m just going to pop it around your foot the ball of your foot and stretch please please please.

Don’t forget to stretch you guys i can’t believe i nearly swung away snapper oh my god that would have like burst the wall okay thank you so much alex lilly and teddy no worries lori awesome workout from adita.

How much will it cost i’m guessing you mean the app that is from liat lia i hope this isn’t your name right we don’t have the confirmed prices but it’s going to be incredibly affordable that’s one thing that we are making sure as many of you can get in your hands we want to make it as affordable as possible there will be.

Sorry i’m not setting up this i just need to there will be monthly costs and there’ll also be an annual cost so for you to save money on it if you want to sign up for the full year you can basically save money but by doing that rather than and by paying monthly but obviously it’s entirely up to you guys um.

Will there be workout plans okay let’s change leg and i’m going to briefly go through everything that’s included in the app because i think your mind is going to be blown um okay how much how much how much how much does it cost we really need to get this confirmed price to you guys and.

The burn is real where are the shoes from these are from puma um okay all right she’s coming up she’s coming up okay so will there be workout plans in the app so basically in the app you are going to have everything you could possibly want and need in my opinion from a fitness.

Wellness health app in one space so when you first log on to the app it’s going to take you through what to expect then it’s going to ask you for some of your baseline measurements and where you’re at and what you want to achieve so some examples of what it will ask you ask for your height it will ask you for what your goals are and whether you want to.

Grow a booty or fat burn all over your body or get toned abs or whatever whatever your goal is and that you’ll be selecting then it will ask you there’s way more than this by the way it’s also going to ask you for your dietary requirements pescetarian vegetarian vegan or samples of meat eaters and what else is it it’s.

Going to ask you how many times a week you want to work out as well so whether you know that you are studying or you are working certain days or working longer hours than normal and you can only work out four times a week or three times a week that’s absolutely fine it varies from three days a week four days a week five days a week all the way up.

To six days a week with just one rest day a week then depending on your goal you are gonna be given a guide that will help you achieve that goal so the guides that are there at the moment are 28 days so they’re four week guides okay they involve progressive overload so they get harder as you go along throughout the.

Guide all of the workouts are in real time format all of them can be screened onto your tv i know that’s something that you guys have been asking and and on top of that you’re also going to be given up to five things per day from an exercise point of view now you can toggle on and off those five things depending on if you don’t have enough.

Time okay so the first thing you’ll be given as a warm-up you’re then going to be given an optional activation which you can toggle on or off you’re then going to be which complements the whole day all of these have been designed specifically to for you to help you achieve your goals then you’re going to be given your main workout so that.

Ranges from 30 minutes up to 45 minutes you’re then going to be given an optional finisher which again you can toggle on and off you’re then going to be given a cooldown specific to that day and they’ll be 48 at 28 days okay the different guides on top of that and this is huge absolutely huge to help you achieve your goals you’re.

Not only going to have a recipe library of all of my yummy recipes you are going to be given a personalized meal plan now we’ve invested we’ve brought on board a nutritionist a sports nutritionist he is incredible and he has been spending the last six months designing these personalized meal plans so depending on what your goal is you are.

Going to be given all of your meals per day every day to help you achieve those goals now you might be thinking but what if i want to eat my own food and i don’t fancy eating gluten food which you’re crazy by the way for the lumpy yummy but if you wanted to go out for a meal with friends or whatever of course you can.

This is a fitness this is a health this is a lifestyle app this is about you living your life your best life and loving it and enjoying it so we’ve also inbuilt a system whereby you can um put your own meal in there so if you’ve gone out for a meal and you want to put that meal into the system and then it’s basically um.

In your personalised meal plan and you don’t want to i don’t want to say fall off track for progress because the meal’s not going to do that but you know what i mean you can enter that into your personalized meal plan as well on top of that we also have a journaling section so in the journaling section it’s dual at the.

Moment so the journaling section i see is something where you can track your progress but also a good way of describing this like when i was working at the football clubs when we used to work with professional athletes or i used to we used to ask them every single morning even to like a tick box system or just how they were feeling and it.

Would be a few different measurements one would be sleep how well have they slept how well have they eaten the day before um are they feeling tired or they feel and energized on what’s their mood and then we track those things against their performance at the weekend with a football game or whatever it might be soccer for those of.

You guys in the us and then we’d look and say okay this player didn’t perform very well on this saturday but two days before he only had four hours sleep because of that he felt sick and he wasn’t eating very well then his mood was low etcetera etcetera so this is a really nice way of you tracking putting your thoughts and feelings down onto.

Paper taking pictures showing those pictures to yourself only okay in the future we may well have you sharing it with other people if you want to but this is a private space where you can put all of your thoughts all of your feelings and track your progress and then you’ll be able to scroll and you’ll see okay two months ago i wasn’t feeling.

Great this is what i looked like this is where i was at and now two months later look at the progress i have made and you might not feel like you’ve made that progress on that particular day and you might need to scroll back through so i think this is a really really nice way a safe space of you tracking your progress your thoughts your feelings and just.

Basically yeah enjoying letting your mind on two not even paper onto an app on top of that we are gonna have a habit tracker so this is beautiful and we’ve been um working on this a lot uh basically getting your feedback so this is gonna work on a streak system so with the streak system you’re gonna get stars.

Like in school like a gold star okay might not be gold it’ll be lean brown colors and you’re gonna get um a streak tracking system now based on research one of my favorite authors james clear he says that if you miss is it james clear atomic habits yeah if you missed two days of habits in a row you go back to square one if you miss just one day.

In a row that sounds cruel i know if you miss just one day in a row that’s cool it doesn’t matter that you missed that day just pick it back up again the next day so what we’ve done with inbuilt i’ll give you an example say your goal your habit goal is to walk a minimum of 10 000 steps a day all right.

You can set that up in the app i want to walk 10 000 steps a day you’re then going to be given a star streak basis so if you achieve it on day one call that star has turned gold day two cool that’s daryl’s day for ten gold day three stars turn gold then on day four you miss it you’re left with an empty star there’s not gold.

Okay but that’s fine day five you do it again cool we’re back we can keep going if you miss two stars in a row it automatically starts again and you can put in any habit you want to we’ve given you i think there’s like over a hundred um examples so say for example you typed in.

W all of the things that we are thought of as examples that begin with w and come up walk five thousand steps today walk eight thousand steps a day uh think of another w drink water water consumption two liters a day um that was off the top of our heads but great.

Um so yeah that’s all gonna be there guys there is so much on this app like this is unbelievable isn’t it snacker it isn’t listening isn’t it thank you goodness gracious no wonder this is taking time it sounds freaking amazing okay yeah so to give you here and laurie.

Was here a year ago when we were first talking about this and a lot of you would have been but some of you will be more new we first came up with the idea of building an app 12 months ago it’s 12 i think so 12 months ago and we came up with the idea and we were.

Like okay yeah alex let’s let’s do this let’s make it work and we called it a app but it would have been a website and basically just a website where you could tune in and do workouts with me and there would be recipes there as well but it wouldn’t be actually.

On an app number one that you can then screen onto your tv or whatever you want to do number two it wouldn’t have personalized meal plans it was just going to be like a um a library i’d say of all of my recipes that you could pick and choose from it wasn’t going to have our journaling system it wasn’t going to have the habit.

Tracker it wasn’t gonna have an in-app store which i haven’t even spoken to about so we have an in-app freaking store so okay on the app one thing that we have noticed rewind one thing that we’ve noticed is that you girls and rightly so are sometimes getting a.

Little bit frustrated because things are selling out so quickly and i get it it’s happened to us with one of my favorite youtubers well one of your favorite youtubers is guys but anyway you know when you’re like okay i set a million alarms and then it sells out in like three minutes i get it i get it’s frustrating and we’re not.

Doing this to annoy you we’re doing it because we are a startup business and we only have like certain amounts of savings that we then invest into the business so i think i’ve told you this before but i’ve spoken to my mom and i come from a very like normal family in the uk my mom’s a nurse i’m a physio my brother’s.

A teacher like we basically the way that we followed it is like save up some money put it into a pension like try and get your own property one day you know like get a nice two-bedroom house and then happiness so when i told my mum like we were investing all of my savings into the business so you know.

Smiling she was like my mom was literally like but that was for a property that was for a mortgage and i was like i know um but my point is we’re not doing this we are a startup business we’re not doing this to annoy you and we’ve literally everything we earn we put straight back into the business to.

Order more stocks so that you guys can get your hands on what you want so the same with the app the exact same thing happened 12 months ago we had the idea things have changed we’re obviously now bigger on youtube and we’re one of the biggest in the world on youtube or what we do which is crazy and you deserve the very best so that is.

Why this has taken 12 months on the store part we are get to the point lily gonna be giving you early access on some of the products so we don’t know exactly how early alex is looking at me because we don’t have it confirmed but that’s really really really really important to me that those of you who are on the app who are doing.

The workouts who are making my recipes on a daily daily daily basis you get your hands on our products okay so we are going to be doing early access on the app soon after the app launching and i can tell you this very soon after that launching the new lean food nourishing glow range is going to be launching we.

Are initially launching with the chocolate superfood protein the vanilla superfood protein and the raspberry sorry strawberry flavored pre-workout i said raspberry because the packet color is raspberry well we’re calling it lean raspberry we have our new brand colors as well by the way lavender raspberry i’m not going to.

Tell you anyway and so you’re going to get early access to that we are currently working on 42 products 42 loom products and all of them are going to be launched this year to be honest the majority of them are going to be launched in the next three months loads of them are going to be launched in the next six weeks if not sooner but.

Yeah the lean food range is coming very soon after the app launch you will get early access we then have the lean uh protein bars that we’re currently coming to the closing stages obviously they’re nearly done uh the lean pancakes will be coming quite soon as well after the protein and the pre-workout so there’s so much coming if you are a member of.

The app you’re going to get early access and then the other thing i haven’t even answered any questions i’m just telling you sorry and i’m so excited the other thing is um basically with the app it’s not just you buy it you spend that money for a year if you’re signing up to the year which i do recommend you guys do by the way.

Because you will save so much money but if you do do that um that’s not it it’s not like the eight week lean transformation guideway that’s all you have basically it will be upgraded every single month there will be certain things that could be less frequent there’ll be certain things that could be.

More frequent depending on like if i want to chuck in an extra challenge like a summer shred or an abstract or i like really like a new recipe that i’ve generated these things are going to keep evolving we’re going to keep adding new things in for you so that is pretty special isn’t it okay he’s finally listening.

That you weren’t listening we’re going to be getting all your feedback and upgrading the app itself enough of you answering your feature that’s very interesting yeah yeah so this is like with everything this app is designed with you for you so all of you who are in the private.

Facebook group you’ll be like yeah i know what she’s talking about which i think most of you are like every single part of this app you’ll look at it and be like ah i remember when i voted on that because you have been involved in everything all of the polls that we’ve done all of the times we’ve asked questions and asked.

You to comment like all of that has been taken into consideration after the lot over the last women 12 months and that is in this app so that is why it’s taking so long i want this to be something that you roll out of bed in the morning you may well be in not the best mood like this morning after the longest day of.

Shooting ever i was so tired and that’s normal right you have days where you don’t wake up that well but i wake up feeling that great but i want you to open the app and instantly feel happy instantly feel like okay i wasn’t feeling that good but lily has given me a solution lily is here for me and we.

Are in this day together and we are going to conquer and we are going to feel amazing which is what you deserve so i want you to every time you open that app smile even if even if there is three minutes worth of burpees in that day’s workout so guys i think is that is that.

Asking will it be available in all countries yes that’s more alex’s question so any like that just yeah yeah put towards that available on all app stores yeah android and iphone that’s something that comes up a lot yeah any others well yeah there’s loads okay.

Will you be making workout plans all of that was covered in what i said before i think well i know because yeah there’s gonna be loads of workout plans for you guys um laurie lifetime membership i’m ready we haven’t done a lifetime everybody but laurie it sounds like you’re gonna be signed up to that annual membership.

Like that the good thing is there’s not like other lean products where it’s gonna run out you know what i mean um so yeah i i just i would recommend it those of you well all of you you know there’s a lot of you here still with me so thank you and you know what my workouts are all about you know what my weekly guides are all about.

To be honest this app is going to be the weekly guides are blooming great right that the app is going to be all the way up there because it is everything you need in one place and so yeah i it’s entirely up to you guys but you will save some money by doing the annual if you want to but there’s obviously the.

Monthly as well oh there’s going to be a beginner guide this keeps coming up a lot at the moment there’s a lot of you girls who are doing and you’re like getting other people involved which by the way thank you so much and so a lot of you guys have been saying that you’re now working out with your mum which i think is incredible.

A lot of you are like bringing new friends in to try my workouts who haven’t worked out before there is a beginner guide for them if they want to they can also obviously get the personalized meal plans everything is just if they are brand new to exercise or have had a break and are coming back to exercise that is all there as well um.

I need to film tomorrow’s workout don’t know yeah okay right guys i think i’m gonna have to go because i need to film right now a little abs workout but thank you for sticking around so many of you have stuck around i love you so much and thank you so much for being part of this incredible journey like i can’t yeah.

I can’t believe he’s fast sleep like i could cry at yeah i will cry as soon as we have a launch date revealed which i think could potentially we could even give you a launch date okay alex is saying no but the launch date is there like i can see it yeah i’m ready.

I love you so much and i’ll see you tomorrow for another workout and yeah just thank you for everything guys and i just can’t wait for you to get it in your hands it’s gonna be crazy isn’t it snekka i love you bye
Lilly Sabri

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