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WARM UP BEFORE YOUR WORKOUT (full body routine) | 5 minutes


This is your 5 minute full body warm up routine. You have been asking for this. This has been one of the most requested videos on my channel.= So, please enjoy it! We’ve got some beautiful music. This is going to help to prepare your body to work out. And also lessen the risk of injury. It’s 30 seconds on each exercise. Let the music take you.

Please click the thumbs up button before you get started. It really helps me reach more people like you. Also, click the subscribe button and tag me in your Instagram stories for a chance to be featured. Last thing, we have our LEAN Resistance Band restock at 6:00 PM GMT, on Monday the 8th of February. Just put that into Google to find out what time that is wherever you are in the world. Please, please, please, don’t miss out. These sell like absolute hot cakes and this is our biggest restock. But trust me, we think that every single time andthen they just sell out… like that. So please be ready.

Set your alarms. We have worldwide shipping. We’ve got the long bands that come in a set of three. We also have the two adjustable bands which come in aqua or black. And then the two HIIT bands. This is extra strong in purple rose and strong in black. There’s bundles. You can save so much money, by buying the bundles.

If you’re buying these in the set of three, you actually get access to some exclusive videos using the long bands. Teaching you how to use them, and making sure you get an epic burn. Those are real time follow along videos using these bands for everyone who’s bought them. Be ready and let’s warm up. Starting off with your feet nice and wide, slightly pivoted outward. Find the beat of the music. Reach to the center and reach. Good work. (timer beeping).

Keeping those legs there slightly pivoted in. We’re now going to do our wind mills. (timer beeping) Good work. Bring the feet in now. I want you to take your chin down towards the chest. Half circle, ear to shoulder. Breathing. Breathe. Core tight. (timer beeping) Good, take those arms behind you.

Now reach forward and back. Open the chest out. I love this song. (timer beeping) Waist now. We’re going to rotate. (timer beeping) Now find a wall. If you feel you need it. You’re going to swing the leg back, and forward. Onto that other side.

Don’t force it too much. Just let momentum take that leg. Core tight. (timer beeping) Amazing work. To the back of your mat now, you’re going to reach those arms up over your head. Walk the hands forward, put those hips down and back. (timer beeping) Good, keeping in a plank.

Step the left foot forward and open the arm out. And back down. And changing sides (timer beeping) Walk those hands back. Peel up the spine. Good work, we have butt kicks now. (timer beeping) You smashed it.

Please don’t forget to click the thumbs up button. Also, do not forget, 6:00 PM GMT UK time, worldwide shipping on Monday 8th February. That’s just a few days away. Put it in your diary. Do not miss out. I don’t want any of you disappointed. Thanks again and I’ll see you soon for another home workout.

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