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WAIST and ABS BURN (7 Day Flat Belly Challenge) | 30 minute Workout


Piper welcome back to another life this week welcome back to your seven-day ABS flat belly challenge I don’t know what’s going on with my eyes I don’t you can see up close but they’re literally streaming I think it’s the light anyway but why it’s the point today’s session is going to be a 30 minute little waist we’re going to be working into the.

Obliques lower abs mainly low house we’re going to be going up into the upper abs as well to be honest there’s a full court firm you’re going to need some light weights if you don’t have light weights lips you just grab water bottles and we’ve got three circuits that night and it’s each 45 seconds on 15 seconds up but before we get started.

Quickly type in where you’re from around the world I want to see let me know I know Lori and alia I’ve already been asking you does if you won’t mind smashing thumbs up I don’t I would massively appreciate it also Thank You girls fast enough and yeah let’s have some fun with this one so it’s gonna be so much dreaming hi.

What is going on and also what nearly 700 K can’t believe it cannot believe it okay we’re gonna get started in ten seconds this is gonna be more of a Pilates session you’re coming all the way up and then rolling down by to spreading the butt cheeks pulling the start ups with in nice and tight I may be blinking a lot throughout this.

Okay we’re going in three two oh sorry Tara are you ready let me do the countdown again guys this is so unprofessional but you know I’m keeping it real okay we got some tissues all right so thick nice with upright it’s just one eye thank God I don’t have makeup on okay right.

Tense look after that for mummy okay nice and upright on those bones those arms out in front of you take a deep breath in on the rest out roll back for me the quicker you really feel those stomach muscles kicking it relax three like the patient.

hi superpower thing on your dear life and are you a drink afterwards and I’m watching you keep missing male 3 all the way down grab a hold of your weight we’re going to the full roll-up.

Watch I’m back down again do that cool free.



No the end of that flathead I personally think that was quite nice though it’s horrible right so this next step that we’re going to be doing a lot.

More into the waste the bathtub which is kind of to warm up your apps there case they should be feeling like okay that’s where they are at the end I’m going to stick around just for a few mins to go through any quick questions on form because I know a lots been coming through as a private Facebook group just making sure you’re hitting the right.

Muscles and we’re helping to pull into that waste okay right let’s go with a side plank section I have anything coming through turret we’re gonna go ten seconds ten another delay okay so coming into a modified side plank guys so you’re basically on your knee hold that arm up pull the stomach up a bit nice and tight breathe three two.


again one foot in front of the other or one on top of the other to make it harder beginners you’re here okay so it’s.



amazing we are gonna combine Chris practice with that is done three it’s gonna be a double leg dead okay great crunch it and strengthen it it’s gonna be my.

Father hottest five-second you want to grab your weights to make the harder three let’s go if you’re struggling keep going who you knew to drop down someone left to like people with college up the lower down the legs are the harder it is to just bring the legs up and go single leg you still have 15 seconds left.

Don’t give up crotch straighten with sticking with that double leg of it sticking up what’s the wrong boy we just came online Oh.

Looking around we we’re coming back we’re gonna touch okay then 9.

This is that man’s favorite stuff right I think everyone seems to love this so normally I can’t what’s it called again I really love Russian twister needs doing what you do press the toes justly I can block to the same side right we’re going to even you out where.

You pull this down then tie off with both feet down he looks so cute you look so cute okay pull three to the right now let’s go laughing you got me not gonna like that cafe they came back and survived because but this time we are using the weights.

Okay wait wait why temples because my temples whatever works being right like that Oh three two let’s go like that double leg tabletop we were gonna walk into those lower abs now oh wow at 90 degrees okay as we drop the arms back we’re gonna stress him once right.

Now okay find the beat oh poor fool me fool for all right.

with that single leg stretch as the arms drop back grab a hold of your weight we are going ten-second size and we have a quote hope to finish off with okay all the way down arms out 90 degrees.

Legs up maybe three straight but hope to finish that bed come on up all the way up okay take this arms out in front of you but.

Wow I keep saying this guys I don’t know if it’s because I’m filming for the app as well but my body at the moment is.

Feeling these slow move sir yeah basically the app is launching very soon we’re just kind of finishing up with the content at the moment and and last week I was feeling done I was filming heavy on the but like a really really really intense booty program which killed by the way and now I’m filming an ABS program which is like probably the most.

Intense arts program I’ve ever filmed so yeah my body’s broken but in a good way how did you find it please let me know please don’t forget this is just a very small amount of the seven-day program there is so many other parts to it so every single day in the playlist we’re basically entering what other workouts you have to do but don’t have.

To that’s not a really bad thought I would recommend you do with these blackouts okay so everything’s the single day or two workouts to do so combination of cool waste and fat burn and the fat bad ones are freaking intense I’m not gonna lie you already know that okay playlist is going in place is there any questions that we.

Track through Oh alex is already in there it is that’s the one that I recommend please guys don’t forget to tag me in Instagram so I literally love seeing your story and I’m going to quickly tune into my own alive so I can see the many questions are coming through and yeah I really hope you enjoy that I hope you.

Smashed it slow and controlled does not mean that it’s easy as you know No okay coming up I’m waiting are here I am I’m looking at my phone great just waiting on the track to come through oh and we said I’m gonna be doing a giveaway today guys 700k giveaway Teddy White’s so chilled today okay why are you so relaxed okay what is.

This thing if you’re watching hit oh we hit the light for Lily so she can reach others that’s so cute Thank You Sofia that’s so kind of you thank you thank you and how much does the wait I think that’s how much is the make that was just 1kg so super super light today do we have to pay for the app yes it’s a paid app it’s super super affordable.

Though we’ve made it really really nice and cheap so that as many people as possible can afford it and there’s gonna be lives in there physio tips form tips q and a’s guides full-on guides for different body parts and all different types and depending on what your goal is and also nutrition so it’s literally everything under one roof trying to oh.

My gosh is so much coming through Amanda do you drink protein shakes before or after the workouts after for protein I mean it doesn’t have to be but that’s kind of more recommended I would say and try and have it within 20 minutes of a workout if you have can you see any turret oh how much is the app gonna cost it isn’t a hundred percent finalized yet.

But we think per month it’s gonna be around ten pounds per month so that’s like twelve dollars a month and roughly need to look at conversions and if you were to do it per quarter it would be cheaper and if you were to buy annually would be even cheaper still and so yeah it will all be and if you’re wanting like more information and if you want to.

Be like involved in the development of it which is the really exciting part make sure you join my facebook group if you haven’t already because that’s where I like get you girls involved I’m going to be getting you a lot more over the next couple of weeks just cuz I need more feedback from you in terms of what you want like honestly this app is.

For you it’s all about you it needs to be everything that you want so we’re designing it so that it’s exactly what you want and then obviously we will be doing updates throughout like the actors there forever so we’ll keep updating based on what you guys are like can you see any other questions have so many coming through.

Keep up with the scroll to the bottom and Amandine I published my quarantine progress pictures in the Facebook group if you want to have a look I haven’t seen them yet okay now we have a look so I’m trying to keep up with the Facebook group oh wow that Facebook group is like amazingly going crazy right now in a very good way.

Like I’ve been loving it so I’m spending about half an hour a day in the Facebook group and that still isn’t even enough to keep up and so I also got Porsche in there now who’s helping me out and because we’re gonna need a group of you guys who already have the balance to be getting involved and joining the lean team support is going to be reaching out.

Which I posted about in the Facebook group and I know a lot of you don’t have the budget you’ve ordered them they are on their way and hopefully you’ll be able to join the lead team once you have the fans as well which is very exciting can’t wait for the app from Laurie so excited thank you so much Laurie I’m so excited – I literally yeah how can I get.

My resistance band err Alice so you can order on my website three or four are actually sold out now but the black adjustable is still available and I actually have no idea how many are left Alec so we low on stock high on stock low on the on the back as well you’ve gone so quickly is is obviously amazing but Wow well well I lost 3kg last week.

Last week doing your workouts Congrats a debtor far out wowzers and mid mid or Midori Amaya what can I do if my hip flexors click when I do certain movements is not a painful kind of clip but kind of uncomfortable greetings from Mexico or laughs and it’s totally normal for your hip flexors to click with certain.

Movements my left one always does my right doesn’t you just can’t hear it because of the music and as long as it’s not painful general rule of thumb as it’s nothing to worry about however mine gets better when I do lots of hip flexor stretches particularly before the workouts you want movement stretches active stretches before and.

Then dynamic stretches after it’s ones where you really the hold so if you check out just literally type in Lily Sudbury stretches I’ve got quite a few like stretch outs fully that you that you can check out I’m speaking too fast that I’m losing my words and but yeah I hope that answers that question and if it’s something that is painful always.

Just go to a physio they’ll be able to give you a diagnosis because obviously it’s really hard for me when I’m not actually treating you hands-on oh wow so many of you sticking around okay I’m trying to catch up how can I stop my hips from cracking that’s Hannay so exactly the same this is good so lots of stretches and every time I do crosses me.

Too and when I lower my leg all the way down as well that’s when it really goes and it’s only the left it’s so weird but yeah when I stretch it makes it a lot better and can you please do an upper thigh workout how much will the app cost it already covered that that’s from random rora and upper thigh workout there’s so many all of my fat burning.

Workouts and all of my thigh workouts will work all four of the quad muscles and obviously the different quad muscles run in different places but there’s four of them hence they put and they run on the front of your leg but any of them will be focusing on the upper thighs if you want more than outer thighs literally just type in Lily Sudbury.

Outer thighs or outer booty or hips and I’ve got loathe that outer thighs as well so yeah I think now we’ve got like nearly 500 videos on here is absolutely mental and Alice I ordered four weeks ago and it still hasn’t come through so Allison anyone else who’s already ordered the band’s that was on pre-order so and all of the details are.

On the website but literally it has the date on the website when you ordered it it would have had a bit underneath in the description that told you it was pre-order and it also has the dates of dispatch on there as well so all of the info is still on my website so you can check that out and if you need any more clarification just literally contact at.

Linwood Lillie calm and that’s our customer service so that’s that for you and then not long now Alice no long you go Victoria banza due to come to us this month Lori hi Alex and Sweet Pea Tony thank you office through your hard work we love you Lori we love you and – Alex in the background I certainly smashed.

That that was Joan well job Teddy looks – so cute today even though he slept through the whole work of his ridiculous guys I missed him so much we went away from i/o you know on Monday we were away for my birthday for two nights and my heart I kinda missed him so much it’s not normal and Louisa mauling us on the mouth and pay for the next one yes so.

Everything stays up literally everything stays on the app yeah do you want to watch it okay so just to give you a brief idea of what it’s going to be we’re calling it that if the Netflix of fitness right fitness and health I should say so you know I’m pretty much sure most of you have Netflix you know how Netflix you’ll have.

Series and episodes right so you’ll have Breaking Bad and then you’ll have series and episodes within it it will be incest seasons and episodes er so it’d be exactly the same with the guide so say for example we have a 28-day full body fat burn challenge right or guide I should say there will be week one and then day one.

Two three four five six seven week two day one two three four five six seven and then basically there’ll be different guides for different body parts and different forms of training so definitely full body fat burner I don’t want to give everything away there’ll be a building program they’ll be a shredded absurd literally define your.

Abs program and so much more because I don’t want to give more and then basically all of those guides stay on there for good so they’re literally there forever so you can come back to them at any point but then every single month you’re going to be getting new guides uploaded to the app so you’re going to end up with hundreds of 100s of.

Workouts probably hundreds upon hundreds of guides that you can pick and choose from depending on what your physical goal is if you want to slim down your legs double you guys are slimming your legs and fat there and if you want to build your butt that be one for that and also there’ll be a nutrition section which will give you all of your recipes.

In there that I recommend breakfast lunch dinner snacks there will also be a physio section we’re calling it physio fool so it’s me like basically teaching you through the exercises so say for example you don’t know how to do hundreds and actually feel that it’s working your abs on you’re doing hundred I break that down for you I show you.

Different levels and I tell you what the correct form is to enable you to feel that your abs are actually working during that exercise so on and so forth there’s going to be lives the live stay up as well they don’t get deleted so if you can’t do it because of the time zone you’re in no worries the live stay there as well and Alex OH in the future we’re.

Hoping we’re going to be bringing on some other people as well it would be very exciting and honestly it’s all about you guys it’s exactly what you want so this is going to be a feedback loop getting new content through every single months you’re dictating what you want and I’m doing this for you this is.

Actually your app and we’ve never done anything like this before I know I’ve noticed like a lot of the other apps that are out there are very specific to one body part right so it would be like an app that’s helping you to build a lot of muscles so if you’re wanting to like body builder style build a lot of like mass basically so a lot of muscle.

There’ll be a guide that’s very much Jim based and it’s all about lifting heavier weights and helping you really grow muscle but I want my actor involved so many different things because not everyone has the same aesthetic goal so some of you will want to be building mass some of you want to be burning fat and building lean muscle some of you.

Will be want to be slimming your legs some of you will want to be building your legs some of you will be wanting to get abs some of you’ll be wanting to just get a flat stomach so there’s gonna be different guides for different people and you pick and choose depending on what you want and you can also mix and match which I think’s the best part and.

Also what you eat so this involves food as well so did that explain it leave it in a very long-winded way and the app is is lean literally my branding name and it isn’t launched yet so if you’re searching for it it’s not there sounds awesome how much will it costs it will be around ten pounds a month which is around $10 a month and will you guys.

Create a Pinterest page for those of us who don’t use Facebook and Instagram hmm I mean I would love to we’d have to guess on for us to do that we just don’t have the time at the moment we’re really struggling and so yeah hopefully one day I mean actually next on the to-do list is to get my Facebook page up and.

Running a bit more again because we really don’t post on the back we post in our group my facebook group loads but the Facebook page and all that much also tik-tok kept on telling that should be on tick-tock we’re trying to have like five times a week on YouTube try to upload seven times a week on Instagram like we need to clone ourselves Terra I.

Mean by far the most time consuming is YouTube as you know but you girls are like everything in that group and when will it launch very soon to keep your eyes peeled I just wanted to say thank you because when I started working out on my abs I wasn’t getting any results from someone’s workout I’m gonna mention who and other youtubers but when I.

Started doing your workouts they burned and I couldn’t see the results thank you so much and I’m sure those other people are amazing as well I’m sure they’re incredible and but I’m really really happy that you’re seeing results of mine and yeah like each to their own right but I’m so thankful that you’re seeing results and for sticking with their and.

I’m proud of you and don’t give up honestly always here for you guys literally always I love Pinterest love okay I think we’re done Alex is this I’ve got a film now god he’s like never ending so it’s coming up to 5 o’clock I’ve got another hours worth of filming until 6 o’clock and then I’m heading out for another birth little birthday dinner.

With some of my friends because I didn’t get to see them on my birthday so yeah I want to leave you there’s a competition giveaway going on on my Instagram page tonight so please make sure you keep your eyes peeled it’s my 700k giveaway and we’re giving away two one hundred pounds about $120 vouchers of Jim shark and also.

Big big giveaways with lean liver Lily company right bye guys I love you so much pity teddy hey you okay
Lilly Sabri

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