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ULTIMATE FAT BURN | 7 Day Summer Shred Challenge | 40 min Workout


Hey guys following about the fact that day of freakin week I am so excited this is so much more than a normal weekly bye guys we are basically doing a seven-day summer stretch all you in will introduce Charlotte in the comment type in if you are doing it so we’ve got 6 days today is called a marathon and you’re going to find out why today is going to be.

Frickin intense I’m a fully stop Monday Monday the horrible write Monday is a toughie but wait it together I don’t know we’re going to be probably are gonna walk out right now by the time you finish you’re gonna thank me you’re going to be like yeah I push right through it so close so like that so you know sexy without them saying it’s the.

New time so I’m hoping you can join in and right I’m going to explain the format you know comment but it’s gonna be intense beginners please don’t worry I’m going to give you beginner modifications so in terms of the format we have a three minute warm-up so it is to warm your body but it’s going to be intense we then have our thirst marathon.

Challenge which is three minutes long we then have circuit number one which is ten minutes we then have our second marathon challenge circuit number two and then we’ll finish up then we finish up with circuit three and that’s gonna be 40 minutes okay so you’re going to be straight back to work well wherever you are in the world okay.

15 seconds until we start those are just warming up the body I am gonna give you a lot of energy you are gonna hate me but you know what I don’t care because you like me afterwards so we’re just fake skipping side to side getting that energy up nice and high 30 seconds on each exercise full three minutes let’s go so I decide called breathe relax.

Those shoulders nah guys Thomas Rhett let’s see what we can achieve in seven days I am gonna push you we love it.

come on you should be warm okay grunting marathon challenge number one and you must believe it that’s how easy it’s going to get nasty.

So we’re doing a pyramid guys is three minutes you have done this with me before if you’re not new to my my workouts okay so basically it’s three minutes long and we’re really working on our endurance we’re burning fat okay so we’re going to be going up the pyramid and to our one minute thirty then we’re coming down the.

Pyramid after one minute thirty okay so we are starting off we’ve done this one squat jump followed by one but a peak half that’d be okay then one two one two you guessed it then three okay beginners who are you just do a normal squat step the feet back and forward then you do two normal squats two workouts okay three minutes on the clock guys as I.

Said it’s a marathon this is designed to challenge you this is designed to kill your body basically okay we’re gonna learn 15 seconds remember this is you against you I’m going to be shouting at you okay but this is literally how many you can complete it okay we’re going in ten seconds guys get ready push it push it push it.

Beginners I’m starting you off they came right in five four three pyramid.

jeez Hey remember what you got to make a note okay three to start to that number seven.

great killer I told you all right that is marathon number one complete couple quick sip water we now go into circuit one so that was kind of the warmup okay like I’m going to show you.

Throughout knee friendly apartment friendly and variations three okay our circuit is 45 seconds on 15 seconds up and this is pure cardio all right we’re still in Batman he’s still gonna hate me okay we’re starting off with our shuffles to the side of the map holding on the dead during the 15 seconds off if you’re super fit wanted to push yourself.

Just fake skip on the side okay get ready guys we’re going in 15 seconds on out there one two three hold I want you to low okay going in ten seconds beginners just step it 3 hold 1 2 3 look at that music up to 1 let’s go hold on.

on the spot if you want to push it further fast be okay like this when I clap you are doing a jump squat so you’ll get your coming down jumping beginners do it almost.

Again skipping on the spot if you want to say okay well this dad shuffle lunch we drop we’re here one to drop on the bed beginners copy me okay skip pink we now have any insight mountain.

Climbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 down and 8 we can accept them let’s go beginners you’re here me okay ski-jump squad speed jobs it’s like two side steps them will begin at M.

you know what we’re doing begin expelling me count go rest up.

I’m dripping with frickin posing this is possibly the most cruel thing I’ve ever done you are doing another step of that piece I’m giving you an attentive rest because I want you to try and beat the number.

You just got I promise often if we’re not doing another setback piece immediately okay guys we’re back in 12 seconds just to recap.

Okay you should be on fire down onto your back okay you will now head for the step depth box this isn’t so much cardio but it’s still fat burning out here okay let’s go I met you I’m glad to be down okay I’ll tell you when to change sides.

standing like fake skipping spot where your closest wall is okay you are going to be doing five jump squat once you can go five we have a 10 second hold make a beginners normal spots let’s go.

okay jump in up squats guys he’s going to finish up your quads okay you’re nice and low jumping in and out if you’ve got band want to make it harder by all means use it let’s get ready beginners step them okay push it all the way.

baby we are officially but bad the way through this one color okay have a breather guy you should be coming up to the diving point okay let me go out ten.

Quickly how you feeling I’m going to have a pre-workout which is bad news for you right we’re into marathon challenge number two we’re back to a free minute stuff okay as you know this is all about climbing that mountain got a marathon Mountain and coming back down again okay guys while you’re waiting well I explained before do skip you on.

The spot okay next up same format skipping I’m watching you save for that for two different exercises first one is a brother you go one brother from there you do one in apps well one two one two one two three one two three beginners step it again I’m going to show you but basically you’re stepping the feet out and did.

With the Frogger one two three four hands and press okay going in 15 seconds how they feeling okay guys this is literally we’re going 15 seconds by the way you should be skipping on the spot this is you against you okay so if you’re not a 10 now that means I want you pushing harder after this we have.

Abs okay we’re going down going on three seconds let’s go beginners step you have one minute left Oh.

remember your number okay remember that number we’re going in five seconds four you’re going back down three two one let go.

guys down on your backs breathe you have made it over halfway okay we now have a 10 minute South care.

45 15 I just want you to breathe okay you have so got this all right ABS ABS up that same applies if you are one of my advanced if you’ve been doing my workouts for a while during your 15 seconds but when u s– 200 ok so during your recovery hold you here or here doing hundreds just think of that as one of my 10 minutes abs burners okay it’s.

Gonna hurt but we’re in it together I’m gonna rip up those ABS this is all about spreading okay beginners always follow me we’re gonna show you must 15 seconds until we go guys we’re rolling back to our fighting Queen well we can really feel that core as we come true cross whoops we lift the opposite leg okay forgiveness follow me okay advanced.

Intermedia whoops obviously if you come around.

we as a breach beginners your heel like crunch articles entitled to be in a tent box okay I get it.

Simples like the down here it’s the whole time okay next up we have a business two levels you even tap the foot down and up or do you want to make it really loud.

Bring the legs up and change another change okay roll back pull that forward Ribbit’s my homie breathe breathe breathe oh right.

you can become in a diamond-shaped underneath the lower back we obtained and the low as we can to cooperate and then to the right.

Poopy cat guys toe breeches these hats we reach reach.



okay we have eight up-downs hate millet trees followed by eight twenty ox okay so what they need to do not to we coming up and down eight of them at your own pace once you’ve done your eight you’re.

Jumping in and out the last exercise okay what I am so proud of you ok we have our last circuit now then you are done then you can go back to work start your day wherever you are in the world ok last circuit is going to be 45 15 again but we’re only doing eight and we are back to fat burn again ok.

Seven and up only eight exercises you have eight minutes left of work the difference this time in your 15 seconds if you can I would give up kicking in your 15 seconds recovery okay because you’ve so got this we are going in 15 seconds I am going to give you one screw out okay start off with curtsied Dominique’s every my sis.

If you are there I know you hate this I love you very much your least favorite exercise standing or jump it what let’s go Tiny’s into 8 oblique mountain climate.

So you run up you come down and across I’ll be right back okay maybe a very slight quote very slight okay count your next ready to fire then your last round okay count your reps start off for the position see will that work we run in six seconds five four.


Hundreds in a bit home relax within pause pause pause pause breathe Alex we’re gonna finish them off one two three minutes then they’re done okay guys last marathon okay instead of.

Doing eight minutes we are finishing you instead of those two myths with a three-minute last smack that your third and final matter okay can you remember the number that you got up to on that first marathon how high did you get okay because you are going to be repeating that one minute 30 going up one minute 30 coming down okay guys.

Jump squat and a burpee so just to recap it’s one jump squat for a normal squat okay then the web part bellies or a step out burpees we’ll hit OK then 2 & 2 3 & 3 4 & 4 guys we’re going in 10 seconds this is your last exercise then you’re done we got this three minutes at work and you’re not okay come on guys 5 4 3 2 1 let’s go.

nice breathe breathe guys grab you got to.

Remember that number you’re going to get all the way down and you don’t stop until you make it down going five four three two you’ve got oh wow hey I want to know why it looks.

Like right now okay breathe squad you’ve made it day one you’re gonna do your finishing out there is a finish that is in the guide it’s right here and I’m not gonna lie it really burns then you are done for the day and then I’ll see you tomorrow for a prerecorded okay tomorrow’s workout is at 5:30 p.m. as.

You can see in your guide I am so proud of you please don’t forget to tag me in your stories on instagram hashtag 7 days flemish red okay who writes it in the comments me now hashtag 7 days summer trench guys I love you so much and I’ll see you tomorrow for another one well done honestly I know that was tough.

I’m proud of you guys what Teddy you do I don’t have to say hi to everyone no is it because you’ve got your bone is it his bones in there with lemon is very protective are you by the boy what well done
Lilly Sabri

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