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TRACY how to get a better butt in just 6 minutes


So now we are going to move on into your legs and into your glutes so the first exercise you want it have your feet planted onto the floor and again a couple inches apart not too wide your arms are gonna be down by your side again you start off in that neutral pelvis position your going to inhale a deep breath exhale and tuck tailbone under so your pressing your low back and then give a little energy and your heels as you press your pelvis up into the air you gonna feel contraction you’re glutes and also your hamstrings and then just slowly lower it down.

One bone at a time all the way down until you find yourself again back at neutral okay so inhale and exhale and drawing in your belly, press the pelvis up into the air it’s important also that your knees are not winging out to the side keep them really running parallel to each other and slowly slowly lower all the way down one bone at time until your neutral, lets do two more like that.

See you inhale and exhale and draw in the belly and press the hips way way up into the air feel that squeeze that muscle contracting and then lower down that and let’s do one more like that you inhale and exhale drawing in your belly so now moving on you wanna your hips up then be sure that that top of your ribcage is just slightly down okay so it’s kinda like a banana your gonna inhale here.

And do a pulse up really squeezing your glutes and squeeze and squeeze and 5 and really draw on your belly and up and up and good and you should feel this and let’s do another set and so it’s important that you don’t go down to low you wanna really keep the hips up super high so its a really small movement and it should burn if you’re doing it right and now stay here and just squeeze tight tight tight feel that burning feeling should feel good just.

Learn to love that feeling and now slowly slowly roll all the way down until you find yourself at neutral, so now moving on you wanna take the legs together here so that your ankles your knees everything is really pressing together and imagine there’s a rubber ball in between your thighs give yourself a little squeeze, so you’ll inhale here and then exhale drawing in your belly and again lifting the pelvis up so its like your knees are glued together I want you to just release.

You’re right foot only so its not lifting hi it’s just the same height and the other knee, you’re gonna inhale and lower the leg down and then exhale and just left up a little bit as you’re doing this the leg that you’re standing on, push that heel into the floor this is such a good exercise because it gives you a really great definition between your booty and your leg and again inhale and exhale and lift up again being aware that your pelvis is square that you’re not tilting it, lets do two more.

And exhale, this really burns and exhale, now lower that foot down and bring the legs together an extra little push up into the air again being sure that the ribs are down release other leg now so its at knee height pressing this heel down so you fire up these muscles lower it down inhale and then exhale lift up and every exercise is a abdominal exercise to make sure that your really pulling in your belly inhale and exhale keep that pressing up.

Inhale and exhale and four more here and up, 3 exhale up, lets do 2 more and all the way up and last one and good, press the foot down again a little extra squeeze up there feel the inner thigh squeezing and now slowly roll all the way down, so the same idea here but now your gonna rotate your feet to turn out and that just means the heels stay together and the toes are angle out to the side a little bit doesn’t have to be huge.

Again here the knees are about shoulder-width apart if you’re flexible don’t flop them out to the side you wanna keep everything together so inhale a deep breath, exhale and tuck the tailbone under lift your pelvis up into the air here so again your in that bridge position just dropped the top of the ribs down and we’re just gonna pulse up here and squeeze so here we’re really working on feeling that a wrap-around.

Your rear end working so its this way and lets do that again and up and up were gonna do some extras here and up and up and squeeeeze and squeeeeze and up do one more set here and squeezing really feel that works squeeze and five keep going up up and then stay here just feel those muscle really working press.

Energy into your feet feel that burning it feel good energy and now slowly role all the way down until your neutral
Tracy Campoli

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