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Okay girl I know you’re a busy babe so let’s start working all the things in just a few minutes flat let’s go hello gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel you are going to love today’s workout it’s gonna work all the things so who can we work your arms your back your core your legs all the things so if you’re new here hello I’m Tracy I put up.

For a new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel and for everyone just make sure you click on that Bell icon so that you always know when I ride a brand new video that goes live so this is one of my little sneak peak workouts for you this is a tiny piece of a full-length.

Workout that you’ll find inside of total body transformation and the transformer tribe absolutely loves this workout so all you’re going to me is a pair of two pound weights for this workout so let’s get started and start working you know all the things this is one of my favorites so what we’re gonna do you can keep the other weight just resting here.

On your thigh you’re gonna go into a lunge position here bring your arm down and call this the lawnmower lunge you’re gonna hear from here here and then extend the arm out so we pull it through bend at the elbow extent okay pull extend that’s it pull extend now let’s make sure your legs are really active so what does that mean it means think of.

Pushing the floor down a level push it really yeah lengthen good and squeeze that’s in and squeeze so your legs are really active here I’m feeling that booty and that straight leg working good squeeze and keep going and squeeze a few more here we can do it together good we’re transforming feeling the love okay good so now let’s come here pull.

That elbow back just to kick back and kick back that’s it stay in that nice low lunge here squeeze it and squeeze good so there’s a pool way down there and I can see people just aimlessly floating while we are here working girl but that’s okay cuz guess what when we go to the beach preggos or not we’re.

Gonna feel confident we’re gonna feel strong because we know that we did the work we’re transport we’re good keep going to squeeze it yes squeeze oh yes oh yes good let’s see if you can go a little bit lower into that lunge that’s it you’ve got it squeeze it squeeze good perfect mm-hmm.

Excellent good that’s it last one come on okay good whoo that arm is feeling love let’s go to the other side so go into your nice lunge position here lean forward lawn mower and lawn mower we got it squeeze it good really feel the strength in those legs.

You’ve got his squeeze keep going good that’s it breathe excellent pull that lawn mower yes yes and squeeze it that’s it squeeze good breathe we’ve got it work together here we can do anything squeeze good squeeze it perfect that’s it good a couple more seconds here keep those legs strong good now.

Pull that elbow back pull it back here extend keep that shoulder down your back okay we are not scrunching that shoulder up this is not what we do squeeze it that’s it squeeze mm-hmm elbows high yes yes yes beautiful work squeeze good mm-hmm let’s go a little low in that lunge activating those legs squeeze yes just feel that.

Burn this is the transformation in action so you know it’s good that it feels challenging is what I’m trying to say to you and squeeze good that’s it that’s it a few more seconds we can do it ten more five three two okay good this one I like to call the ski arm squat so start with your arms forward.

Here you’re gonna get that booty going back behind you press up squeeze the booty and bring it down other side squeeze that’s it really press that arm behind you and feel that booty feel that squeeze squeeze it good really activating those arms no marking it no kind of half you know letting it okay give it your full you know what it’s.

Going good and squeeze beautiful squeeze it that’s a squeeze really good 20 more seconds come on come on Louise it perfect good so I’ve got some great news for you because guess what we’re gonna do all of this again oh my goodness keep breathing and excellent okay good well I hope that you enjoyed that and.

You really felt all of those parts working like I said that was a little snippet that you’ll find inside of total body transformation where every single month you’ll get brand new full length of workouts you’re also gonna get a monthly done before you workout calendar you’re gonna have a heck of a lot of fun transforming your body and you will be.

Connected to the best fitness community out there hey the transformer tribe so I’ll leave a link to join us just below in the description box or you can click on the little bell icon no here’s the deal with TBT we open and close the doors at certain times so I can’t guarantee when you’re watching this so the doors might.

Be open but they might be closed but even if they are closed please do put your name on the waitlist because I promise you we give you some really sweet goodies while you wait so that’s what I’ve got for you today I hope that you really really enjoyed about workout you are also please give the video a thumbs up make sure to leave me a.

Comment down below and I will see you next time
Tracy Campoli

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