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Hi it’s tracy and welcome back to my channel and today I’ve got a really great arm workout for you this is the holiday hottie arm workout so you’re going to absolutely love this I know and if you’re new to my channel I’m Tracy I put out new videos every single week so make sure that you subscribe to my channel so that you.

Never miss a workout so guess what this is the first workout in our hot for the holidays challenge this is an awesome three-week challenge and girl if you are not part of that challenge you waiting for click on the link down below this video and join is totally free three-week challenge i’m gonna teach you how to be slim and sexy all season and.

Long beyond it’s gonna be so much fun it’s like your own personal holiday party with a great group of incredible women from all over the world so three girls so what are you waiting for make sure to click on that link down below and be a part of this challenge so much so let’s get started with this awesome holiday honey arm workout so I.

Want to use three pound weights today you know me that’s really weird haha let’s be crazy it is 35 way let’s start with your arms down by your side you’re going to lift the arms up my armpits make sure you’re not scrunching your shoulders keep them down your back and then down and up and and i’m also pulling in.

My belly here and I do this ok that’s it you’ve got perfect two more and excellent keep the weights for go up and and really keep those shoulders going down your back that’s it this is a great workout to do right before party that your arms are feeling nice and sleek and take that jacket off.

Girlfriend show your arms stay here i want you just pull the elbows out to the side and bring for it and pull that and three good run going you should go back and kill your arms anything working tomorrow ok good stay here you just send arms out so I’m keeping my elbows high oh my goodness you should really feel.

This in your shoulders not where I don’t want you feeling is on top of your shoulders ok.let meeting that you’re scrunching up not do that keep those shoulders down your back two more ok good let’s just with one arm bring your elbow last twist your upper body do not twist your hips hips for and.

And really rotating here good that’s awesome you should do that waste working getting a little hello phone x here because i love ya that’s it two more good last stay here do a little punch but I wait up pop that hip up because i like to make it look silly no I’m just kidding i’m.

Having to do this because it also is going to get the obliques working so you know we’re busy during the holidays I want you to feel awesome and amazing ok good let’s do that on the other side to know k arms up twist and so it’s really important that you’re drawing in that belly and good that’s it two more two more.

A little punch with that hip-hop good so let’s start here with your hands by your side anyhow exhale twist kind of just close that arm and open and close and three got good and for me a few more good two more like that do that on the other side little twist.

And hope it and twit two more go to stay here you’re going to go up and so I just at shoulder it’s not really narrow it’s a little bit wider up you got excellent two more and now one of my personal favorites bring the signs up going to dip down and down really squeeze your way we’re going to waste.

Your arms your shoulders more bang for your buck makes you more ok lets you got any other side squeeze it and squeeze oh yes and very good going too good to not answer up like this kind of the wake up and I want to use press press press looks like you’re doing a.

Little punch here go to keep your shoulders down your back and we’re twisting the waist not your hips hips are not looking good now i want to go under under this is like you look really cool doing this right good excellent so now you can fly and fly and three that we’re trying to get at my page you can you need to go a little slower that’s.

Can’t do this three pounds lighter a big deal to more so in four and four three and five got it 79 ok pull the elbows back keep those elbows alternating kickbacks squeeze it squeeze through that back arm tightening up here squeeze got it oh yeah thats we got it almost just you.

More and getting up both elbows and press and press really squeeze those triceps got oh yeah good eight ABS in tight okay last thing here alternating arms forward and for the background is lifting high you’re still getting that tricep going keep going aight awesome good for all their two.

More and excellent kickstand not just from here for your arms out bend the elbows straight and then straight 30 yeah we’re doing nothing what you do this you’re like oh my gosh seven and their two more world last one final one here pop-up calms down oh my god oh that extra pounds i really feel it you should too and good.

Come on keep going oh yes to watch last one holding your arm straight up palms porthole shoulders neck is easy let it go yeah girl you should be feeling those arms burning so i hope that you love this holiday hottie arm workouts and like i said if you’re not part of the hot for the holiday challenge you’ve got to be a part of.

This so all you have to do any part of this totally free three-week challenge is click on this link down below and girl you are in we are going to have so much fun together the party really is happening over there you definitely want to be a part of it because i’m going to teach you exactly how to be slim and sexy this holiday.

Season and long beyond so i will see you there you holiday hottie see you next week
Tracy Campoli

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