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TOP 5 BEGINNER ABS EXERCISES to get a flat stomach | 5 min Workout


This is your abs at home workout for beginners. For anyone who is starting their fitness journey or has had a break from exercise. and now ready to start exercising again. this workout is going to have your abs on fire, but also be at a beautiful pace where it’s not too overwhelming. We’re going to have breaks in between but during those periods where we’re working we are working hard.

To get results, you want to have a structured guide and structured meal plan personalized to you and you can get a hold of that on the LEAN App. (upbeat music) Check out the description box to sign up now. Okay, no equipment for this workout. Five minutes on the clock, let’s do this. (workout timer beeping).

Okay guys, we’re starting off, down in line. We’re actually starting off with hundreds. So bending the knees for me, peel your way up into a crunch, support the head, and you’re going to pump the arms up and down. Breath in for five and breath out for five. Really thinking about those core muscles. Keep the lower back flat in the mat.

If you want to make it harder, lift those legs up. (workout timer beeping) Good, 20 seconds rest. We’re now going with single leg stretch. So you’re lifting the leg up to 90 degrees at the knees in the hip. Peel your way up into a crunch, nice and high, straighten and bring it back in again.

Keep that lower back flat in the mat. (workout timer beeping) Let’s go breath out and breath in. One, changing sides. (workout timer beeping) Amazing work. Next up is bicycles. So we’re staying in that crunch position. If you want to lower down in between,.

Crunch across elbow to opposite knee and back down again. (workout timer beeping) Good, keep it super slow and controlled. Elbow to opposite knee, breath out as you come up breath in as you lower, well done, guys, you’re killing it. Try and keep those elbows nice and wide.

And use the core to bring you up rather than your arms. (workout timer beeping) Amazing work, next up is scissors. Again, 90 degrees at the knee, 90 degrees at the hip. Nice and high. Take the eye gaze towards the thighs. You tap the toe down, back up. If that’s a little too easy,.

Bring both legs up, put that lower back flat in the mat and alternate sides. All right, let’s go. Beginners, you are here. And if your neck’s sore, lower it down. Okay, changing sides for me. And again, if this is too easy, both legs are up but keep that lower back flat. (workout timer beeping).

Amazing work. From here you come all the way up into sitting. Use your arms to help you up. You’re going to lengthen the legs out in front of you. Place your hands behind you with your fingertips facing forward. Take a deep breath in on the breath out come back to where you feel that core kicking in, reach forward, reach forward, back, back and up.

Let’s go. Good and only go as low as you feel comfortable, okay? As you get stronger you’ll be able to come all the way down but take it at your own pace. Nearly there now. Well done. (workout timer beeping) Amazing work.

Now, please don’t forget as you repeat this workout you’re going to get stronger and stronger. So stick with me. I’m so proud of you for starting your journey, your core journey as a beginner and yeah, I’m backing you all the way.
Lilly Sabri

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