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TOP 10 TONED THIGH EXERCISES (14 day results) | 5 min Workout


This is your top 10 best at-home thigh exercises. Now it’s just a 5 minute workout challenge. I can guarantee you are going to feel the most incredible burn. You’re going to get workout results. I want you to do this every day, and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. You can get incredible results like these ladies just here. Honestly, your exercise progress is amazing. If you want to make these exercises harder, you can add weights. But if you don’t have weights, this is a home workout.

You can go without, and I’ll get you burning, don’t you worry. This beautiful number is from Gymshark, of course. It feels so soft. I absolutely love it. Guys, you can shop in the link in my description box. All right, let’s get going. Okay familia, grab ahold of your weights, if you have them. If you don’t, (timer beeps) please don’t worry.

I have 15kg here. Fist distance in between the knees. The weight is on your chest, and we’re starting off coming down and up. Now I want some pace with this, but equally, you want to try and keep that fist distance in between the knees, okay? Breathe, enjoy the music, and just have fun. We’ve got this.

(timer beeps) Okay, hold at the bottom. We are parallel to the floor with our thighs and we’re just going to pulse. Now, this is a combination of Pilates and some weights training here, okay? We can do it. Now you want to keep that fist distance here. Last 10 seconds. Amazing work, guys. (timer beeps).

Incredible. Grab ahold of both weights and we have alternate lunges. We’re coming forward with the lunge to hit the thighs, rather than the glutes. Pace yourself with this and make sure that that knee is tracking over the middle toe. We’re not going too wide here, guys, okay? You’re killing it. (timer beeps).

Incredible! Step one foot forward and we’re going to pulse. Good work, guys, good work. Three, two, one. Step it back, and onto that other side. 10 seconds left. Now you know, guys, I have an injured side. (timer beeping) I don’t have an ACL but I’m pushing through.

Amazing work. Coming down onto the mat now. And we’re going to lift the leg and lower it. Flex that upper foot. Amazing work. Three, two, one. Bring the leg forward, toe down, heel up. And pulse up. (timer beeps) Okay hold it here.

We come back; lift, lower. Forward; lift, lower. Okay drop that knee down, inner thighs. (timer beeps) Amazing. We’re going to change on to the other side. This is super fast-paced, guys. We start off with that lift and lowering, okay? Let’s go. Okay, take that leg forward; toe down, heel up.

Lift and lower. Good, yeah. Come on. Feel that burn. (timer beeping) Don’t give up. Okay, we take it back; lift, lower. Go back forward; lift, lower. Amazing. From here, 10 seconds inner thighs. Let’s go. Then we’re back up into standing. We can do it, guys.

(timer beeps) (hard breathing) Okay, we have speed squats grabbing ahold of that weight. All right guys, let’s go. Down and up. I don’t want you locking those knees out at the top, okay? (heavy breathing).

It’s nice and fast. 15 seconds left, you’re nearly there. 10 seconds, come on guys. (timer beeping) Three, two, one. Now we’re going to hold at the bottom, 30 seconds. You want those thighs parallel to the floor if you can. Keep those knees over the middle toes and breathe. Don’t give up.

Do not give up. Okay, tiny bit higher Hoo! Feel that burn. Feel that burn. Tiny bit lower, core tight. Okay, now a tiny bit higher. Five, four, three, two, and one. (timer beeping) Oh my gosh.

Now that was a tiny five minute workout. If you want longer workouts up to an hour in length, (claps hand) make sure you come over to the Lean app. I really hope you enjoyed that. (blows kiss) Guys, see you tomorrow for another one. Well done.
Lilly Sabri

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