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TOP 10 SMALLER WAIST EXERCISES (10 day results) | 5 min Workout


This is your top 10 tight waste home workout. It’s just 5 minutes long, I can guarantee you are going to feel the most epic burn in your waist and into your abs. I want you to do this for 10 days and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. You can get incredible results like these ladies just here.

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Right, let’s work out. (workout timer beeping) All right guys, just starting off. Down on our back. Left knee bent. Right leg straight. Come all the way up and back down again. If this is too much?.

Follow those modifications on the screen or use your hand to help you up a little bit. (workout timer beeping) Amazing work. We are going straight onto that other side. Really make sure you’re rotating at the top to hit into those obliques. (workout timer beeping) Amazing.

Next up, you want your fingertips by your temples. Come up and round, and then reverse direction. Don’t forget to breathe with this one, guys. It’s hard. (workout timer beeping) Amazing, bring those feet in a little bit closer. Reach to the left, to the right,.

Center center. If your neck is hurting, please make sure you follow those modifications on the screen. You’re just reaching to one side, okay? (workout timer beeping) Okay, from here, you are taking your left knee across.

Take the left arm out. Crunch up, and lower. 10 seconds guys, that’s all. (workout timer beeping) Okay, straight onto that other side. Take that leg over. Arm out. (workout timer beeping) Wow, that burns.

Okay, you’re now going to take your hands into a diamond shape underneath the lower back, and then from there, rotate and straighten. Alternate the direction that you’re rotating in. My gosh, I can’t get my words out. (workout timer beeping).

Okay, take those legs up to the sky. You’re going to flutter the legs down as you lower and then back up again. This one is more for the abs, guys. (workout timer beeping) Amazing, free those hands up. We now have our bicycles. We want to take this movement slow to make sure that you’re rotating the elbow.

All the way across to the opposite knee. Really breathe with this, guys. Come on, just one exercise left after this one. 10 seconds! (workout timer beeping) Amazing, from there, bring yourself up into sitting. I want you to roll back as far as you feel you can. Rotate side to side.

You want these movements to be nice and fast. Hip joint to hip joint. Okay, last 10 seconds. We’re going to try and lift those legs and straighten them. Let’s go. (workout timer beeping) Three, two, and one. Oh my gosh, guys.

You absolutely smashed it. I hope you enjoyed that burn. Where did my Greens go? Please don’t forget, if you are looking to help decrease your bloating to get that beautiful skin glow and just help with your overall gut health? These babies are for you. You cannot get better, guys,.

And they taste incredible. I’ve been sipping on them. I’ve actually filmed a few workouts today, so this has got me through it. Mm. Right guys, I’ll see you tomorrow for another one. Please don’t forget, check them out in the description box, and I love you very much.

And I hope you enjoyed that burn.
Lilly Sabri

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