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TOP 10 SIDE BUTT EXERCISES for Hourglass Shape Hips | 10 min Workout


This 10 minute at-homeworkout is for the side booty. We’re going to be workinginto those hourglass hips. It is going to burn like never before. No equipment needed. And trust me, you’re going to get themost incredible results. Now, before we get started, the Gymshark sale starts on the 26th of May at 9:00 AM BST.

Check out the description box and use my link to shop to get amazing discounts, guys. All right, I hope you’reready to feel the burn. Let’s do this. (timer beeping) 30 seconds each exercise. Starting off down, we’re going to lift and lower.

Keep that core nice and tight. Gap under your waist if you can, and really squeeze those booty muscles. To make all of these exercises harder, you can pop the band onjust above your knees, and trust me, that burn will be so real. (timer beeping) Okay, hold it up now.

Hip height and we have tiny little pumps. Hello, Teddy. (timer beeping) Okay, now flexing that foot and we’re going to arch itall the way forward and back. Good. Really squeeze those booty muscles. Come on. Work, work, work.

10 seconds left. (timer beeping) Amazing. Place the feet together, come on up onto the forearm, lift the leg away from the underneath one. You’re trying those protein bars, baby? (Lilly chuckling)(timer beeping) Okay, now come back down.

We’re going to open the legs apart. Straighten. Touch the feet. Touch the knees. Oh! Sorry, baby. Are you okay? Oh, I’m sorry, muffin. Keep going, guys. (timer beeping).

Okay, now staying down, you’re going to take thatstraight leg forward. Lift and lower. Oh my gosh, the outer booty. Wow, wow, wow. (timer beeping) Okay, hold it up here. This is where the magic happens. We’re going to draw some circles.

I want it as far forward as possible. Good, bring it further forward. Come on, feel that burn. Nearly there. (timer beeping) Great work. Flex the foot. Take it back now intoextension past neutral, and you’re going to lift and lower.

Really squeezing that booty. (timer beeping) Good, keep that foot flexed, hold it, squeeze that butt, and now tiny little pumps. Keep breathing, keep squeezing. Good, take it further backif you can behind you, and then pump up. (timer beeping).

Okay, bring the leg forward, and now we’re going todraw some circles with it. Last exercise on this side. Come on. Push push, push. Okay, change direction. Come on, nearly there. (timer beeping) Okay, changing onto the other side. Move your puppy over.

Good boy. Starting off with that straight leg lift. So really squeezingthe booty muscles here. (timer beeping) Hold it up at hip height, tiny little pumps. (timer beeping) Flex that foot. We’re going to arch forward and back.

Okay, you should really startto feel this kicking in now. Remember, wear that lean band if you want to make it harder, and you can also shoot the arm up to the sky to make it even harder. 10 seconds left. Come on. (timer beeping) Okay, up now,.

And we’re going to takethat upper leg away from the underneath one. (timer beeping) Come on, a few more. Nice and high. Okay, back down again. Now, we go with that clam. Open. Touch the feet.

Touch the knees. Good. Try not to roll back here. Keep that gap underneath yourwaist as much as possible. (timer beeping) Okay. This is going to hurt. Bring that leg forward. Lift and lower. Now the goal here is to shoot this leg as far forward as possible, okay?.

Come on 15 seconds. (timer beeping) No breaks. We draw some circles. Oh my gosh! Lill Sabri, what are you doing to us? Okay, 15 seconds. Come on. Can you bringit further forward to me? Come on. I can see you.

I can see where that leg is. Don’t give up. Further forward. Come on.(timer beeping) Okay. Flex that foot. Bring the leg back into extension. Lift and lower. We’re working a differentpart of the booty here. (timer beeping).

Okay. Hold that leg up. Squeeze that booty. Tiny little pumps. Let’s go. Nice and fast. Come on. 10 seconds left. Keep squeezing. Keep pumping.

That leg is back in extension. (timer beeping) Okay. Last exercise. Bring that leg forwardand draw some circles. I want this movement niceand fast but also stable. Try and keep yourself from rolling back. Three, two, one, change direction. (timer beeping) Good work, guys!.

Oh my gosh. My butt is on fire. I hope you enjoyed that. Let us know in the comments down below and give this a go again. Let me know how you get on.

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