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These are your top 10 Pilates exercises to get abs. The best moves to get results in your core area. You will feel strong and amazing. You can get incredible results like these ladies just here. Honestly, I am blown away. Please, don’t forget to tag me in your Stories. A lot of these results come from the LEAN App. Where the girls are doing longer-form workouts and personalized guides to get results that they want. For today’s workout, you are going to need two pieces of equipment.

A Pilates ball. If you don’t have this, just grab a pillow. But using the ball is going to make it so much harder. And the LEAN Adjustable Band. Depending on how tight you make it, that determines how hard this workout is going to be. You can grab ahold of all of my fitness equipment and all of the LEAN supplements right now at 30% off. Yes, we have a week long summer sale. 30% off, this is our biggest sale we have ever had. You do not want to miss out.

It ends on Monday, the 27th. Please make sure you grab my personal favorites which are the LEAN Snack Protein Bars. High protein, healthy and delicious, and these are going to help you to stay on track with healthy eating. All right, let’s do this. We’re starting off with the band just above our knees. I’ve got it pretty loose, so pretty low resistance to start off with. Coming down onto your back, you want that lower back flat, we’re going to start with a single-leg stretch,.

Lift, lower and bring it back in again. Lift the upper body up if you want to make it harder. Keep looking forward. (workout timer beeping) Amazing, from there, we just have single-leg stretch, so you’re going to straighten the leg out, bring it back in again. Good work, keep that lower back flat, keep breathing. (workout timer beeping).

Amazing, from here, make sure that band’s nice and close to the knees, reverse crunch as you come out, open, close against that band. And if you don’t have the band, you can go without, it’s just going to make it a lot harder, guys. (workout timer beeping) Amazing, take those legs up to the sky, 90 degrees, open, close as you lower down.

Breathe, come on, you’re nearly there. (workout timer beeping) Amazing, keep those legs long across the mat now. Your hands are together, you’re going to come into a full roll up nice and upright and then back down again. To make this harder, place the fingertips by the temples. (workout timer beeping) Amazing, you are now in sitting,.

I want those knees bent, okay? Straighten the legs as you rotate side to side, so it’s like a running bicycle, breathing. Five, four. (workout timer beeping) Amazing work. Okay, take that band off and we’re now going to be using the ball or a pillow, this is where it gets very hard.

Pop it underneath the lower back, lift those legs up for me. Okay, from here, single-leg stretch and bring it back in again. If you’re feeling super strong, try and hover those arms. This is really going to challenge your balance, guys. (workout timer beeping) Okay, we’re now going to reach for the feet, then straighten out.

And you may fall off the ball. This is very hard, I fall off the ball and I’ve got a pretty strong core, but wow, this is challenging. (workout timer beeping) Okay, we’re now going to hover hold. 30 seconds here. If you’re feeling you’re going up on the ball a little bit, I want you to come back down, straighten, hover, hold.

If it’s too hard, keep those fingertips down. Okay, try and lower a little bit, you can do it. (workout timer beeping) Okay, flutter. Last exercise, if that’s too much on the ball, take it out, place the hands underneath your lower back and flutter. I don’t mind what level you’re at, just don’t give up, guys, okay? You can do it.

I’m going with the higher level. I want that challenge. Hover the arms, make it even harder still. Three, two, one. Wow, if you haven’t got the ball, please guys, make sure you grab it and the band. We currently have a sale on, 30% off absolutely everything and it ends on Monday, the 27th. It’s only one week long, so please, don’t miss it.

These are going to be a game changer for you. Plus all the food products, 30% off, please don’t miss them, especially the bars, they’re our best seller. All right, guys. (lips smooching) Love you so much, you killed it, and I’ll see you tomorrow for another one. My core is dying right now.
Lilly Sabri

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