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TOP 10 INNER THIGHS EXERCISES (14 day results) | 10 min Workout


This workout is the top 10 inner thigh at home workout to get results, just 10 minutes long. And trust me, you are going to feel the most incredible burn. I hope you are ready. Let me know how you get on in the comments down below. You can get incredible results like these ladies just here honestly, your results, your commitment. It blows my mind.

I am so proud of you. Many of these ladies have got these incredible results from the LEAN App. And I want to share something with you right now. The LEAN App just turned one years old. I can’t believe it. Where has the last year gone? Honestly, it is my baby. I am so proud of it.

We have tens of thousands of women changing their lives all around the world on the LEAN App. What does it give you? It gives you personalized meal plans to get results. It also gives you weekly guides. Every single week you get a brand new guide, which is made up of longer form workouts which of course are going to help you get results. Whether that’s fat loss to lose weight,.

Whether it’s to build muscle, tone up, Pilates, we have boxing, we have dance workout. Absolutely everything is on there. And we have longer guides, which are up to six weeks long, which will take you on a journey from where you are right now, all the way through to achieving the results that you’ve dreamt of. There’s so much more on there, guys.

I can’t even get it all out, but honestly if you haven’t joined already, please get yourselves over to the LEAN App. That is how and where you are going to get the most incredible results. These workouts right here are beautiful finishes to add onto the end of your longer workouts. All right, guys, let’s do this. Okay, you are going to need your Pilates ball for this workout.

If you don’t have it you can grab a pillow but this makes it a lot harder. Okay, first exercise. You’re bringing the leg forward flex the foot lift and lower. Really, really simple. If you want to, you can come down and we have 30 seconds each exercise. Good, pull that core in really nice and tight and breathe.

10 seconds left. (Workout timer) Okay, hold it up super high, squeeze that inner thigh. Now tiny little pulses up. I told you this is going to burn, I hope you guys are ready. You’re going to love it. 10 seconds left guys.

Keep that cool, tight, breathe. (Workout timer) Okay, I’m sorry, but you are going to hold it, super strong. Come a little bit higher if you can, hold. Okay, we are halfway, try and come a little bit higher, hold it there. Three. (Workout timer).

Okay next up, you’re drawing some circles with that leg. Okay, we’re halfway, change direction. Oh, my gosh it burns. (Workout timer) Okay, next up we’re taking the leg forward, lift lower, bring it back. So we’re going in that L shape here. Oh my gosh,.

Anyone else absolutely crying with their inner thighs right now. (Workout timer) Okay, next up we’re going to reverse that. We’re going to take the leg back, lift, lower, then bring it back into neutral, back, lift, lower. Oh my gosh. Wow.

(Workout timer) Okay, grab a hold of your Pilates ball now, pop it in between the inner thighs, straighten those legs out, squeeze the ball. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, lift, and lower. Keep squeezing that ball. Amazing work guys.

Keep squeezing. (Workout timer) Okay, hold those legs up if you can. Now tiny little pulses here. If that’s too much, pop the legs onto the floor and pulse it down. Okay, and if you’ve got the pillow, yes, of course you’ll feel it. But by adding the LEAN Pilates ball,.

Trust me the level of burn is ridiculous. (Workout timer) Okay, onto your back guys. We’re now going to come up into sitting, plant those feet, squeeze the ball 100% of your maximum. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze squeeze. Now pump it, just tiny little pulses in, pulse, pulse, pulse.

Good work guys. Keep going. (Workout timer) Okay, now coming down, lift those legs up and I want you to squeeze. Good, exactly the same move. And you should be feeling that one leg is hurting a lot more than the other one. Tiny little pulses,.

Really squeezing those legs in. Come on 100% of your maximum. Then we go onto the other side. (Workout timer) Amazing. Okay straight onto that other side. Swing those legs around. So coming down into line, you want to hook that leg in front, flex the underneath leg, lift and lower.

All right guys, let’s go. (Workout timer) Okay, hold it at the top. Squeeze it there, hold super strong. Now pulse it up. Good work. And don’t forget to keep your core tight, okay guys? It’s tiny little pulses up to the sky. If anyone else’s inner thighs are on fire.

Please let me know in the comments. Okay, hold it there, hold strong. You want to hold super high, as high as you feel you can. At halfway we’re going to lift it a little bit higher. Three, two, one, come higher. (Workout timer) Okay, let’s draw some circles now guys. Good, taking that leg round,.

Nice and smooth if you can. Three, two, change direction, one. I think this is the hardest of them all. Oh my gosh. My circles are not circles. I think they’re more like hexagons. Okay taking the leg forward, lift, lower, bring it back. (Workout timer).

Okay, now we reverse that movement into neutral. Take it back, lift lower, forward, back, lift lower, forward. Okay, we’re so nearly there now. I really want you to give me everything you’ve got. Try and get each move even higher. You can do it. (Workout timer) Great work.

Grabbing a hold of that LEAN Pilates ball again. Pop it in between the inner thighs. Now start off with a squeeze. Squeeze that ball, or the pillow, squeeze the inner thighs together. Okay now we have our lift and lower. (Workout timer) Okay, you have an option of keeping the legs down, squeezing the ball, and then tiny little pulses.

If you want to make that harder lift those legs up and pulse up here. I don’t mind what level you’re at, just keep pushing. Two more exercises left after this okay? Nearly there guys, come on. (Workout timer) Okay, rolling over onto your back. Use that core, bring yourself up.

Okay from here, onto your forearm, Squeeze that ball, pulse in, let’s go. Nice and fast. Oh my gosh. (Workout timer) Oh wow. Okay, it’s coming down into lying. Lift those legs up to 90 degrees and now squeeze. Oh, this one kills.

If you haven’t tried the ball yet, you can actually get it right now, 30% off, because we have a LEAN summer sale. Everything you see here, all of the foods, all the equipment, 30% off and it’s only for a week. So please don’t miss out. Oh my gosh, my inner thighs. Well done. Last three seconds.

One, let’s hold it for luck. Ten, nine, eight, squeeze, seven, six, come on more, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, four, three, two, and one. Wow, that was amazing. Guys the link to the sale is in my description box. So check it out, please don’t miss out.

Everything you need to basically get the best workouts of your life and healthy, delicious food products as well, including our best selling bars. All right guys, mwah, I love you. See you tomorrow for another one.
Lilly Sabri

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