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TOP 10 BEST EXERCISES to grow your BUTT | 10 minute Workout


– Try these top 10 athome booty exercises. To get results, we are goingto lift, we’re going to sculpt, and we’re going to roundinto that perky booty. This workout is just 10 minutes long. No equipment needed, and I can guarantee you are going to feelthe most incredible burn. I hope you’re ready. Also, mark this date in your diary, 26th of May, 9:00 am BST,the Gymshark sale starts.

You can get discounts on gorgeous styles. Click the link in thedescription box to get involved. (workout timer beeps)All right, guys, coming on down onto the forearms, starting off with a bent leg, and then pushing that heel up to the sky. I want fast reps here. 30 seconds each exercise, really push and feel that booty.

Pull that corner in nice and tight, ribcage down and breathe.(workout timer beeps) Straighten that leg outnow, guys, and pump up here. We have 10 exercises on each side. No breaks. Good, try not to jerk that lower back. Control the movement andkeep the core nice and tight. Hi, baby.(workout timer beeps) Okay, bend the knee.

Tap the knee behind you. Then straighten it out. So you’re crossing it over. (laughs) Hello. (workout timer beeps) Okay, straight leg now. The leg comes up a diagonal,swooping it across. Good luck.

(workout timer beeps) Okay, taking the leg behind you, and swooping it roundin a circle shape now, so behind, out to the side, and down. Good, drawing a nice bigcircle with that leg. (workout timer beeps) And now you’re going to reverse that set. We’re taking it out tothe side and behind. Good work, keep it moving.

Come on, nice and fast. Let’s go. Oh, my gosh, my booty’s on fire. Good, taking it high when you go behind. (workout timer beeps) Okay, next up is a fire hydrant, straight out to the side and lower. Good work, guys. 15 seconds left, keep pushing.

Okay, this is the hard one now, coming up. You’re going to straighten that leg out. Oh, my gosh, and tryand lift and lower here. Good luck. Out to the side, guys. 15 seconds. (workout timer beeps) Okay, next up, we arecoming onto our backs. We’re going to go with bridge.

30 seconds, dig those heelsin, drive up, and lower. Good, nice and fast. We’re pumping out these reps, and after this, we’re goingto place the heels together, and continue with those frog bridges. Keep squeezing the booty.(workout timer beeps) Good, place those feettogether, knees apart, let’s go. Come on, really squeezing the booty. (workout timer beeps).

Okay, we are officially halfway. Come on up and we’re back into thosedonkey kicks on the other side. Flex the foot, up we come. (workout timer beeps) Okay, straighten that legout now, and pump it up. Really squeeze that booty. Come on, feel that burn. Four minutes left of work, that’s it.

Come on, you’re nearly there, guys. Keep pushing.(workout timer beeps) Okay, bend that knee. Tap it behind. Then straighten it out. (workout timer beeps) Okay, straight leg now. Take it behind and across. If you aren’t feeling theburn, you must be superwoman.

Honestly, my booty is on fire right now. 10 seconds left. Can always make it harder by adding ankle weight or a band. (workout timer beeps) Okay, create the circles. Take it out to the side, behind, and down. Breathe, keep it moving. Come on, you’re killing it.

I’m killing the booty. (laughs) (workout timer beeps) Okay, we reverse now. We have the height, outto the side and down. Good, keep thinking aboutthose booty muscles. My body connection,squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. You’re nearly there. 10 seconds. Come on, nice and high.

(workout timer beeps) Okay, fire hydrant, takingit out to the side and lower. Keep that core nice and tight, breathe. Don’t give up now. Last couple of minutes. (workout timer beeps) Okay, straight leg. This is where we make the difference. Keep pushing.

Come on, don’t give up. 20 seconds. You can do it. Feel that burn. Kick up the booty. 10 seconds. (workout timer beeps) Okay, straight onto yourback for those bridges. Dig those heels in.

Up we come. Really squeeze the booty at the top. If you can, take those arms up to the sky. Squeeze that booty, come on. (workout timer beeps) Okay, heels together, knees apart. Let’s go. Really squeeze that booty, guys. Come on, last exercise.

Okay, we are going to hold at the top, squeeze, and pump. Tiny little pumps all the way home. Six, five, higher, four, higher, three, two, and one.(workout timer beeps) I got cramp in my butt. Well done, guys.

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