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TONED & TIGHT Thighs (no jumping) | 7 minute Workout


Toned tight thighs, 7 minute home workout. Your legs are going to be set on fire. No equipment needed, no jumping and trust me, that burn is going to be so real. I want you to do this for 14 days and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. The way that you girls encourage each other, the way that you support each other. Honestly, it just makes me so happy.

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Also in my description box is my unique link for you guys to shop. Okay, seven minutes on the clock. Let’s fricken feel the burn. (alarm beeping) Okay guys, we’re starting off with a fist distance in between the knees, coming nice and low,.

From there we’re going to pulse, just keeping that rip cage down, keeping that core nice and tight, breathing and relaxing the shoulders. Good. This is one of those exercises that just gets harder and harder. 30 seconds each exercise, 14 exercises. (alarm beeping).

Incredible. You’re going to hold here, try and raise onto the toes and come back down again. Good, a nice little calf raise, we’re working the calves but we’re also working those thighs even harder now. Breathe, you guys, you can do it. (alarm beeping) Okay, no coming up,.

Step your feet out and back in again, good. One, two, three, four, keep that butt low, keep that core tight, keep that burn on the thighs. (alarm beeping) Amazing, from there, take the legs nice and wide, come down, track the knees over the middle toes, raise up onto the toes and lower down. (alarm beeping).

Okay, flatten those heels down and we’re now going to pulse. Oh yes, oh my gosh, I love a pulse. 10 seconds, try and go a little bit lower. Come on. You know you can do it. A little bit lower. (alarm beeping) Amazing. From there, right, left, double.

The lower your booty is to the floor, the harder this is. Try and come a little bit lower now. 15 seconds. Five, four, squeeze that butt as well- (alarm beeping) Squeeze that core. (alarm beeping) Oh my gosh.

Down onto the mat, kneeling and from there you’re going to drop your body weight back and come forward, good. Squeeze that core nice and tight. Amazing work you guys. (alarm beeping) Good, a little bit lower. Little bit lower (alarm beeping) and up, coming down onto your side,.

The underneath leg is bent, flex that upper foot, you’re going to arc forward, then bring it back. Good work. Keep that core nice and tight you guys. Okay, we’ve done this one before, hold it forward, turn that toe down to the floor and pump it up. Good work, if you want to, take that arm up to the sky, try and take that leg further forward, don’t give up now.

Come on, you can do it. (alarm beeping) Amazing. From there, try and keep it forward and draw some circles. Oh wow, I know it burns. If you have an ankle weight on by the way, back there, this is like fricken fire. In one change of direction, don’t give up now, come on, you can do it.

(alarm beeping) Oh my gosh, amazing, straight onto that other side. All right, we’re going to arc forwards and backwards. Let’s go. Flex that foot for me. (alarm beeping) Amazing work, now remember, we take it all the way forward, we turn the toe down, heel up and we pump it. Good, if you feel can, take that arm up to the sky.

Oh my gosh, it’s like cramping. And if you’re struggling at any point, take that leg further back, place the hand down on the floor but do not stop, okay? (alarm beeping) Okay, we got those beautiful circles now. 15 seconds in each direction. We’re nearly there, then just one exercise left. Change direction for me,.

Try and come further forward if you can. Come on, 10 seconds. Do not give up. (alarm beeping) Ah wow, we are finishing off with a hold, we’re taking our body weight back and we’re just going to hold, pull that core in nice and tight, work those thighs, relax those shoulders, breathe. Breathe, breathe, breathe,.

You’re as far back as you feel you can go. (alarm beeping) Oh my gosh. Seven minutes, isn’t it crazy what you can achieve in seven minutes? You smashed it. Ah, wow, I’m going to have one of them babies now. (laps smacking) Guys you smashed it, well done.

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Lilly Sabri

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