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TONED PILATES ABS in 14 DAYS πŸ”₯ Lean Abs & Flat Stomach | 6 min Workout


If you are looking toget results in your abs, this 6 minute, at home Pilates workout is the workout for you. Trust me, when I say Pilates is amazing for working all layers of your core and you are going to feelthe most incredible burn. I want you to do this workout for 14 days and let me know how you get on in the comments down below.

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Once they’re gone, they’re gone. So you’ve got to be there. You’ve got to be ready. 5:00 PM tomorrow, the 10thof November, GMT UK time. That’s 1:00 PM EDT, New York time. All right guys, we ship worldwide. Let’s do this workout. (countdown timer beeping) Okay, down onto the mat,.

Your hands are in that diamondshape underneath the back. One knee bent, one leg straight, pike up to the sky and change over. Really pull that core and tight as you take those legs up to the sky. You have 50 seconds each exercise and then a ten second changeover. Just six exercises. (countdown timer beeping).

Amazing work. From there, you’re going to tuck in, reaching the hands towards the ankles. Then straighten out. (countdown timer beeping) Let’s go. Try and keep your lowerback flat in the mat throughout this entire movement. If your neck is sore, lower it down.

Okay, last 10 seconds hold it. Hold it, hold it. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing, next up is Pilates Hundreds, single leg table top 90 degreesat the knee and the hip. We mirror that with the other leg. Come on up into a crunch. Pump those arms up and down. Breathe in for five.

Breathe out for five. Try and keep your lowerback flat in the mat belly button back towards the spine. Breathe, don’t give up. If you’re feeling super strong, last 15 seconds,straighten those legs out. Nearly there, come on. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing work.

From there, bend and knees,your hands are together. You’re going with a full situp touch in between the feet. Roll back, single leg. Let’s go. Nearly there, come on. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing one strong movementall the way up into sitting. Just a few exercises left. I want you to spread those butt cheeks,.

Roll back to where you reallyfeel that core kicking in. Now we’re going to crunch forward, lift and across, changing sides, crunching, lift, across. I know it burns, trust me, I feel it too. Nearly there. Five, four, one more round. (countdown timer beeping).

Amazing. Coming now into a plankfor your last exercise. Full plank. (countdown timer beeping) I really want you to push with this, holding in that plank position. Hip dip, hip dip, one two,shoulder tap, shoulder tap. Only of you feel able try speeding up a little bit.

This is your last exercise. Pull that core in tight. Don’t give up. Good, try not to sway those hips. Keep super, super strong. 20 seconds, that’s all. Nearly there now, one more round. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing work.

Oh my gosh, 6 minutes. It is crazy what you can achieve.

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