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TONED LOWER ABS in 14 Days (lose fat) | 6 minute Home Workout


Today’s home workout is a 6 minute lower abs fat burn. All of these exercises are targeting the core. Specifically into the lower core. 30 seconds each exercise, no breaks. Trust me, you’re going to feel the burn, but it’s going to be beautiful. You can tag me in your Instagram stories, like these ladies have here, for a chance to be featured. To get abs results, you want to combine this home workout with my other full body workouts. We have resistance training with weights and resistance bands. We also have full body fat burns.

There is so much available on my YouTube workout channel. I recommend doing this workout three to four times a week for 14 days. Before we get started, I have an announcement. My LEAN resistance bands are finally being restocked. They’ve been out of stock for quite a while. Last time, I don’t even know how quickly they sold out, but I know it was fast. So, please save the date. Monday the 8th February, at 6:00 PM GMT, UK time. Just put it into Google, that will tell you what time it is, wherever you are in the world. All products are being restocked.

There’s bundle deals available. Just please, please, please be ready. Last time they sold out so quickly, And obviously, our family is so much bigger than the last time we restocked them. There is the long bands, the two adjustable bands in the aqua and the black. The HIIT bands. This is extra strong purple rose, and this is strong in black. These come in a set of three. Be ready for these. They went like blooming hotcakes, last time. There is worldwide shipping.

You can order them absolutely anywhere in the world and these right here, I’m actually offering some exclusive workouts for everyone who buys these. So, you’re going to have access to some exclusive real-time workouts to teach you how to use them. How to get the most out of them, and then everything that you learn from those workouts, you can bring back to the YouTube videos as well. That’s totally for free when you buy this set. Mark that date in your diary. Let’s work out. (timer beeping) You’re coming all the way down.

Going up into double-leg table top, arms up, find that beat, and straighten. Pull that core really tight. Keep the lower back flat on the mat. We got this, it’s only 6 minutes (timer beeping) Both legs down now. Bend the left leg. It’s reach and lower.

Straight 10s, let’s go and lift and lower. Good work, hands go down in a diamond shape underneath the small of the back. We’re just going to hold those legs and hover. Breathe. Core tight. Nearly there. Reverse crunch, straighten, tap, tap. (timer beeping) Keep those legs in hover.

Flex and kick, down, up. One, two, one, two. Woo, 15 seconds. (timer beeps) Good, coming all the way down now. I want the knees bent, and you’re going to reach in between, then to the knees. (timer beeps) Lift those legs up and those arms up, straighten, straighten.

Three. (timer beeps) Up into sitting now. Roll back to place the hands gently onto the floor. From here, lift, lift, tap, tap. (timer beeps) Okay, changing sides, find that beat, one, two, three, four. Tap your hands (timer beeps).

Down we come into lying It wouldn’t be an abs workout without hundreds. Lift those legs up, find that beat and pump. Now only if you’re able, we’re going to straighten and bend the legs. Let’s go. (timer beeps) Pull that core in really tightly. Relax the shoulders, lift, lift, hold. 15 seconds, can you straighten?.

Bend, bend. (timer beeps) You smashed it, fam. Please don’t forget to click the thumbs up button. Also, click subscribe, we’re approaching 2 million subscribers! I’m so grateful. Once again, mark the date in your diary. 6PM GMT, UK time, on Monday 8th of February for restock. I really, really, really hope you get what you want because it can get a little bit crazy.

I love you and see you soon for another home workout.
Lilly Sabri

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