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TONE YOUR LEGS in 12 DAYS πŸ‘ Sculpt Slim Pilates Legs | 8 min Workout


This is your 8 minute at home beautiful Pilates sculpt workout. Now this is going to burn into all of your leg muscles like never before, no equipment needed, and honestly, I can guarantee you are number one, going to love it, and secondly, you are going to get incredible results and feel that epic, epic burn. Now, I’m not going to lie,.

I am obsessing over this Gymshark look. These are the new Legacy Leggings and as Legacy Leggings, little bit of a tongue twister. And as a little special LEANmas giveaway, I am giving one of you the chance to win a $100 Gymshark voucher. Anyone can enter worldwide wherever you are, get involved, stay around to the end of this workout to find out how you could win $100 of this lot,.

Or whatever you fancy. And if you don’t want to wait for that giveaway, you can click to shop right now. Honestly, you’re going to be obsessed with these clothes. All right, let’s workout. All right, guys. We’re starting off on our knees with a nice straight spine, arms out in front of you. You’re going to roll back.

To where you really feel these quads kicking in and then forward again. Hello, puppies. Coming back and forward. Keeping that core nice and tight and breathing. You have 15 seconds left. (timer beeping) Okay, on the next one, you’re going to hold. And then from there, as you come up,.

Lift that arm up and back down again. Good work, coming as low as you feel you can. Come on, really working those quads now, those thigh muscles. Squeeze the booty as well. Incredible, you’re coming down onto your side now. I want a slight bend through this underneath leg. Then from there, you’re going to bring that leg forward and back.

Keep that core nice and tight. (timer beeping) Amazing work. Staying in neutral. Come down from there, point the toe, reach up and lower. Try and keep that gap underneath the waist if you can. (timer beeping) Okay, from there, shoot that arm up to the sky. You’re going to arc it forward and then swoop back.

Really nice strong, smooth movements if you can. Try not to be super jerky. Really control those movements. (timer beeping) Okay, from there, reverse. If you need those hands down, pop it down for a little bit of support. Intermediate, you’re here. Advanced, arm up. You’re nearly there, come on.

(timer beeping) Okay, from there, bend that knee, pop that knee down on the floor, flex the underneath foot up. Pump, lower. Working into those inner thighs. Okay, hold at the top, fast little pumps, let’s go. (timer beeping) Okay, from there, keep it in hover.

Shoot that leg back and forward. Keep it up nice and high. Amazing work. Keep that leg up high. Do not let it drop. Come on, work those inner thighs. Last three, last two, and one. Hold it up high, pump it up, up, up, up. Amazing.

(timer beeping) Okay, drawing some circles now. Really good work. Okay, change direction with those circles. Make them super, super controlled if you can. I know it hurts. Nearly there now. Then we go onto the other side. (timer beeping).

Amazing, we’re going to start off with those inner thigh moves. So turning over. Take that upper leg in front, flex that underneath foot. Up, pump, lower. Let’s go. Good work, guys. Okay, hold it up at the top. Hold it super strong.

Now you’re going to swoop back and forward. Amazing work. Amazing work, guys. Come on, do not give up. Okay, hold it up. Draw those circles. Good work. Amazing. Five, four, three, two,.

Change direction. Isn’t it crazy how one side hurts so much more than the other? Five, four, three, two, hold it up. Tiny little pumps, let’s go. Nice and high. Five, four, three, two, and one. Wow. Okay. Straighten out that upper leg.

Remember, we came forward. Then we’re going to draw that half circle back. Good. Try and get this underneath waist lifted. If you can’t properly lift, it doesn’t matter, okay? As long as you’re trying to take this hip down towards the foot. Okay, you’re now going to reverse that movement. Trying to think what I just did. Okay, I’m doing this now (laughs).

Amazing, you have 15 seconds left. Come on, make those moves super, super strong. You can do it. (timer beeping) Amazing work. The leg is strong, okay? From here, slightly straighter with that underneath leg, we’re going to reach and lower. Good work.

Breathe, you guys. Control that movement. (timer beeping) Okay, from here, you are coming up onto your forearm, okay? I want you to straighten that leg out, and remember, we take that leg forward and back. Super controlled. You want this leg in line with the hip. Amazing work.

This is your last exercise, then you’re done. Make it strong. Do not let that leg drop. Ah, I know it hurts. Trust me, I feel it too. You should be able to get two more in, Last one, guys, last one, finish off strong. Amazing. Oh my gosh, that was brilliant.

Well done, guys. You absolutely smashed that workout. Now don’t forget, we’re doing that little giveaway, $100 Gymshark voucher. Four things to enter. Super, super simple. Number one, subscribe to my YouTube channel. Number two, like this video. Number three, make sure you’re following me on Instagram,.

Lilly Sabri, and fourth, and finally, comment down below Merry LEANmas and include your Instagram handle so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner. Guys, good luck. I am so excited for one of you to win this prize. Please don’t forget, it’s going to be me personally contacting you if you are the winner. Don’t believe any of these scams that are going around. Super, super important.

The DM will come from me personally @lillysabri. No one else if you’re that lucky winner. All right, good luck.
Lilly Sabri

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