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Good morning beautiful people how are we oh it’s Lenny sorry here welcome back to my channel and today I’m with you from the beautiful Beaverbrook estate in Surrey I’ve been here on a trip with one of my best friends Molly viola and the lovely Hubble essences and we’ve just finished.

Up on the trip I’ve just done some morning yoga so I’m feeling incredibly relaxed and supple which is amazing but today for you guys we are going in on a five minute intense butt and hamstrings that is it this is for people who want to work their posterior chain so the backs of the legs the but rather than working the quad if you haven’t already.

Subscribed make sure you hit that subscribe link below give this video a thumbs up because you guys giving me your feedback literally is what keeps me going so please do let me know if you like it okay let’s do this Oh a little bit of background anatomy for you guys I know a lot of people message me and say that.

You’re squatting all day long and you’re not getting the results you want in your glutes we have loads of muscular chains in the body those chains are made up of different muscle groups which basically work together to initiate movement and to stabilize the skeletal system but the ones that we’re gonna be talking about today are the posterior chain so some of.

The muscles in the back of the legs into the butt and the anterior chain some of the muscles down the front of the body what we’re gonna try and do is activate the posterior chain now I’m going to show you a diagram now of what’s involved in the posterior chain it’s loads and loads of muscles but the ones we’re going to be concentrating on today.

Are the hamstring muscles which is made up of three different muscles which you can see here the glute muscles which again is made up of three different muscles which you might not actually know about there is the glute max the big butt muscle there is the glute meet and the glute min which is a really deep gluteus muscle and all of them are.

Equally as important so the goal of this workout is to try and help you guys burn the back of your thighs your booty without burning the quads I do this every day sometimes they load up with a weight today we are gonna be using bands I have two bands with me and my timer five minutes non-stop 30 seconds on each exercise straight into the next one.

Without a break so guys as you can see I have double banded today I put two bands on one is a heavy load one one is medium-low because I really want to burn into these legs I have my timer and we’re gonna get going in ten seconds so I want you to start off lying on your back palms facing downwards take that body from anterior pelvic tilt so an.

Arch in the lower back into posterior pelvic tilt so flatten the back into the mat pull the stomach muscles in squeeze the bar and then peel your way up into a bridge I really want you to squeeze those butt muscles slightly lift the toes off the floor just slightly pull the stomach muscles in and soften the rib cage down and hold there we’re gonna.

Start the timer in three two okay 30 seconds we’re nice and high and we’re just holding if you want to make it harder lift those arms up to 90 degrees soften that rib cage what I mean by that that is a flared ribcage and arched back we’re not working anything there I want you to soften that rib cage down by drawing it.

Down towards the pelvis so from here to here pull the core in squeeze the bar at 100% arms are up hold we have ten seconds left eight seven keep squeezing six five make sure the resistance is against the band three two now hold up and push out against that bad breath out as you push out breath in as you come back in so.

Good really pushing we can do it we have 30 seconds here really pushing against that band and you’re going as far as you can and slow and controlled on the way in breath out push breath in slow and controlled now what I don’t want to see is the pelvis dropping as you push out let’s keep going guys I’m gonna check my timer we’ve got this we’ve got 15.

Seconds left come on keep going nice and strong last ten nine eight seven fast on the way out slow on the way in five four three two and one now hold at the edge hold wide hold wide squeeze the butt and pump good keep pumping guys we’ve got 30 seconds of pucks house keep that ribcage soft keep the butt squeezed of the back.

Hurts support for me guys but it shouldn’t if you’re engaging your core and squeezing your butt we can do it guys we can’t do it keep pushing gonna check my timer if you need to put the hands down do we have 15 seconds stay high we can do it last 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 now hold high 30 seconds hold the butt should be slightly cramping now no I.

Don’t want those knees buckling inwards keep the white keep squeezing the bar 100% guys really squeeze for me if you need to pop those hands down do but keep holding keep squeezing keep that ribcage soft pull those stomach muscles in 50 seconds nice and high last 10 9 8 keep that resistance out on the band 5 keep pushing out for 3 to 30 seconds pump ups.

Let’s go 30 seconds you should be feeling a slight cramp in the butt now if these are buckling in push them out and keep puffing up come on we’ve got this guys 15 seconds come on we can do it again I don’t want to see the ribcage flaring in the lower back arch soften let’s go for 10 more keep those knees wide eight seven six.

Five keep pushing keep squeezing the bar four three two I’m one thirty-second hold nice and tight okay I want you to bring the feet in closer I want you to lift the toes up the heel should be digging in keep squeezing those back muscles 15 seconds left higher squeeze squeeze squeeze keep those heels up keep squeezing ten nine eight seven keep.

Squeezing six five four three two keep the heels up push out let’s go 30 seconds come on all the way guys oh the way we’ve got this we have so got this push out nice and fast with this come on keep that tension on 15 seconds left we can do it come on guys we’ve got this last ten nine push it come on seven six pelvis hive it’s dropping bring it up.

Four three two hold feet are flat now guys feet are flat and we’re holding at the top we’re squeezing those back muscles at 100% we have a 30 second hold come on nice and high nice and high we’re coming up to half women nearly 15 seconds we are 15 seconds come on we’ve only got one left after this 15 seconds squeeze squeeze.

Squeeze if you feel yourself dropping come higher last 10 squeeze 9 and 7 pull their stomach muscles in four three two we’re gonna combine those movements okay we’re gonna come down up open close down up open close down up 30 seconds close down up open close come on down pitch up really open against that band up are you pin close coming up.

Way up oh you put clothes down up over half way ten seconds left down ah I put clothes last eight seven six five four three two and one lower down for just a second lift the heels up digging the toes in now I want you to come up nice and high again okay lift that pelvis up soften the ribcage squeeze the bar home straight let’s pump.

Out we’re gonna do 100 that’s eight no ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty now we’re gonna pop up for 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 come on pips 8 7 6 5 squeeze that butt 3 2 now flatten the feet down that’s 40 down push out let’s go one two three four come on.

5 6 7 8 9 halfway last 10 now I keep pushing 8 7 cannot really purchase five four three two and one push up one to the read for the but should be feeling pretty sore right now come on guys keep us in 10 9 8 7 we’ve got this 6 5 4 3 2 20 left come back onto the toes 20 push-ups 1c3 fuck’em I’m really pissed.

6 7 8 9 10 last 10 9 lift that pelvis hike 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 knees into the chest your bar should be burning guys oh my god whoa – huh okay I’m gonna get you to take one and just to finish you off we’re coming on to our side okay we’re lying on our side head down I want you to lift the side of the body up make sure that the.

Ankles are in line with the bottom line yourself on down bring your feet up onto what I call an imaginary store fingertips down and we’re gonna open and close for twenty two breath out as you open breath in as you close three four five you want to make it harder lift the arm up seven eight nine don’t forget about that core ten really pulling the.

Stomach muscles in ten good nine keep pushing you should be feeling it here eight seven six five now hold up pump four three two ah one Wow amazing we’re gonna even you out onto the other side guys straight over bring yourself down again all the way into lying ankles in line with bottom waist off the side of the mat bring those feet up on to an.

Imaginary stool arm up if you want to otherwise fingers down 20 let’s go right now it is your open breath in as you low you want to really try it open against that band but don’t roll back guys if I see this happening that means you’re going out of neutral spine you’re not working the core and you’re.

Not working the gluts the posterior chain come on guys ten left nine good eight think about form the core is engaged the gap is off the side the waist I should say is off the side of the map you’ve got six left five left now hold up and pop four three two and one ow Wow amazing guys we made it pop the.

Band of hook one ankle over the other hug behind the back of the thigh feel the deep stretch in the glute if you want to increase it push against the opposite knee breathe it out good and changing legs for me hugging and tight I feel a deep stretch well done guys pushing again step oh and weaker we made it I am so proud of you.

Guys might bath is on fire right now so I’m hoping yours is too literally under 10 minutes you have just achieved so much with your glutes guys I’m so proud of you make sure you just incorporate this into your normal routine it’s a really good activation so it’s a good thing to do before doing weights in the gym wanna make it harder load a weight.

On here please do let me know guys how you got on let me know what you want to see in the comments below because these workouts are for you to help you achieve your goals other than that I’m so proud of you guys I will see you back here next week on Wednesday and let’s keep getting live with Lily sending you later love.
Lilly Sabri

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