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TONE YOUR FULL BODY πŸ”₯ Sculpt Pilates Body Exercises | 12 min Workout


This is your 12 minute at-home Pilates body, full body sculpt and burn. No equipment needed and I can guarantee you are going to feel the most incredible burn and you’re going to fall in love with Pilates. Now you can shop this outfit right here really, really easily guys, all you got to do is click. Before we get started, take a deep breath. Enjoy.

Set your intention for this workout and let’s do this. Okay. (timer beeping) You’re going to start off by coming down to your forearm. Core, nice and tight. Shoulders relaxed. Your leg is hip height. You’re going to take it forward and then slow and controlled back into neutral. Amazing, you have 30 seconds on each exercise.

This is full body. It is going to sculpt, it is going to burn. You are going to feel strong, you’re going to feel amazing. (timer beeping) Great work. Pointing that toe. You’re now going to arc the leg forward and back. Keeping the core engaged, okay. So you’re feeling this definitely on that outer thigh.

Into the glute muscles but you want to work on that core as well. Always have it engaged. Belly button back to the spine, ribcage down and breathe. (timer beeping) Amazing. From there, you’re going to take the foot behind the knees, slight bend in that underneath leg. You are going to come down and up.

Good work. Really nice controlled breath work. (timer beeping) Okay, hold at the top, straighten, bend, tap down and up. (timer beeping) Amazing work. From there, coming all the way down into line, take the feet up onto a pretend stool.

You’re going to open, flick, touch the feet, touch the knees. It’s a little flick movement that comes from that hip joint. (timer beeping) Amazing. Keep that underneath leg in hover, take that upper leg forward, flex the foot toe down, lift and lower. Oh, wow. This one burns.

A little bit further forward, if you can. This is your last exercise here. Then we go onto that other side. Arm up, if you’re feeling super strong. Under 10 seconds left. Further forward, come on. (timer beeping) Amazing. Going onto that other side now,.

We just swinging those legs around. Okay, hover that upper leg, take it forward and back. (timer beeping) Amazing. From there, point the toe. You’re going to arc forward and back. Really control this movement, okay. Beginners hands are down, intermediate on your hip,.

Advanced if you want to, take that arm up. Try and keep those hips nice and stable. (timer beeping) Amazing. That underneath leg is going to be slightly bent, you’re hooking behind, open and close. Remember, go with the level that suits you, okay? Beginners, keep that hand down for a bit of support. (timer beeping).

Okay, remember, we have that open, straighten, bend, close. Your legs, your glutes should be feeling awake now, okay? If they weren’t a few minutes ago, five minutes ago, they should be awake now. (timer beeping) Amazing. From there, lying down again,.

You’re going to take that leg forward, toe downhill up. Can’t get my words out. Lift and lower. Amazing. You want this leg as far forward as you feel you can, okay? Amazing. It’s just a 12 minute workout. If you can, come further forward. Come on, you know what you’re capable of.

(timer beeping) Great work. Both feet come up now. We’re going to open, remember that little flick. Touch the feet, touch the knees. And you really want to try and control these movements, okay? I know it isn’t easy but try and make them as smooth as possible. (timer beeping).

Amazing, we are sticking with the glutes. We’re now going to come up. We’re going to come into what we call mermaid position. So that underneath leg is going to come forward. The upper leg is slightly back. You’re now going to flex that foot. You’re going to lift and push back. Amazing. Now, this is going to really isolate the glutes.

It is incredible for working those glute muscles. (timer beeping) Amazing, keep it in hover. Now tap down, up, push back, forward. Down, up, push back, forward. Amazing work. Try not to fall down onto your side here, okay? You’re staying up. 10 seconds left.

Nearly there. (timer beeping) Amazing. Changing onto that other side. Take those legs round, into that mermaid position, okay? All right. Nice and upright. Take that leg back and it’s just a push back. Flex the foot.

Amazing. Keep breathing. I know how much this hurts. This is like isolating those glute muscles. Those booty muscles, like honestly, this is one of my favorite exercises for it. (timer beeping) Okay. From there, tap it down, up, push back, forward, down,.

Let’s go. Push back, forward, down, up. Good work. Amazing. Try and keep those movements nice and smooth. You’ve got this, guys. (timer beeping) Incredible. You’re now going to come down into lying, okay?.

We’re doing a little bit of ab work, some of my favorite Pilates exercises. We’re going to go with a controlled roll down. Take a deep breath in, on the breath out one vertebrae at a time, lower on down, okay? From there, double leg tabletop and we’re just going to start off with a hold. Bringing yourself up into a crunch. Now, just while these 30 seconds end,.

You’re going to take (timer beeping) your legs out bit and in a bit. Amazing. Now, while you are doing this, I want to make sure that your lower back stays flat in the mat. It isn’t leaving the floor, okay? Come back to 90 degrees, hover at those arms, pump them up and down. Pilates hundreds.

Breath in for five and breath out for five pumps. Okay? Breath in, 2, 3, 4, 5 and out. And in, 2, 3, 4, 5, and out. Amazing work. (timer beeping) Take those fingertips by the temples. Single leg stretch, lift, lower and in onto that other side.

Okay, if your neck is sore, lower your head down but don’t let your lower back leave the mat, okay? Try and keep these knees at 90 degrees, no closer. (timer beeping) Amazing. Keeping both legs up, if you feel you can or drop one down. From here, the right leg is going to straighten out. Lift, like in a reverse bicycle.

Beginners, you are here and down if it feels too much, okay. Control the movement. Breathe. (timer beeping) Okay, straight onto that other side. Try and keep this leg at 90 degrees. As soon as it comes closer, it makes it easier. You want to challenge yourself, keep it at 90 degrees, knee and hip.

(timer beeping) Great, knees into your chest. Just have a little moment before we go into scissors. Okay, same again. Double leg tabletop, 90 degrees at the knees and the hips. Okay, tap the toe down and back in. Breath out, tap down. Breath in, come back up again. Exactly the same principles.

You want that lower back flat on the mat, you are in imprint. That core is engaged. The rib cage is down. (timer beeping) Okay, we’re going to take it up a level, if you want to. Straighten the legs out, pull in, one, two, change leg. If you want to stay with that last level,.

You can, just tapping the toes down. Great work, guys. (timer beeping) Amazing, bring yourselves up into sitting now. I want you to spread the fingertips. I want you to tuck your toes under and we’re going to start off just with a little hover. One inch from the floor. Lift those knees.

Okay, from there, you’re going to try and take your left knee to your right hand and tap. Then right to left. Under 10 seconds left. You can do this. (timer beeping) Now we’re going to hold, just a tiny little hold. Pull that core in tight.

Two, one, and done. Well done, guys. You made it. That was amazing.
Lilly Sabri

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