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TONE YOUR ARMS with Weights (burn fat & sculpt) | 10 min Workout


We are sculpting into those beautiful lean toned arms with this home workout, just 10 minutes long, minimal equipment needed. If you have them, I want you to grab some dumbbells and weights. If you don’t have them you can just grab water bottles. Just look at these results. Honestly you girls are getting amazing workout results. Please let me know how you get on in the comments down below. Don’t forget to like this video and for a chance to be featured, tag me on Instagram or TikTok. Look how cute this is. This Gymshark outfit launches on the 10th.

That’s just a couple of days’ time. 10th of February at 7:00 PM GMT. Check out the description box to shop via my link and basically happy shopping. Because it’s so cute. Okay, you could be using dumbbells, or I’ve gone with my weights. Arm up. It’s lift, lower, lift, lower. Good work.

This is going to burn arm fat. Amazing. Core nice and tight. Breathe! (timer beeping) And straight onto that other side. Amazing work. Feel that beat. Enjoy the song.

Okay, half the pace now in three. (timer beeping) All right. So it’s up and lower, up and lower. Good. Control it on the way down, nice and slow. (timer beeping) Incredible. Arms up.

Punch, punch, punch, punch, punch with meaning. (timer beeping) Good work you. Lateral arm raise now. So it’s lift, lower halfway down. Good. Lift, halfway down. No breaks in this workout. 30 seconds each.

Nearly there, nearly there! Okay, front raise. Repeat what you just did but to the front. Lift, halfway down. Lift, halfway down. Good, keep those shoulders away from the ears. Breathe and smile. You’re getting there. (timer beeping).

Okay, back to those punches but this time up. Punch, punch, punch, punch, punch. Come on, keep it moving. We’re about to go into that next song and trust me, it is amazing. Come on. Good work guys. Nearly there. Nearly there!.

(timer beeping) Okay, bend over. Bend from the hips. Row, lower, row, lower. Good work. Squeeze those shoulder blades. We’re working into the back. Good, really squeeze guys! 10 seconds.

(timer beeping) Okay, hold them up, squeeze. Now straighten, back, straighten, back. Hit those triceps. (singing) Halfway! Keep squeezing those shoulder blades guys. Come on, push it, push it. (timer beeping).

Amazing. Lower those arms down. Keeping that bend position 45 degrees. Up and lower. Up and lower. Good work. Amazing. (timer beeping) Incredible.

Back to those rows. Now squeeze, straighten one arm followed by the other. One, two, one, two. Good work. Come on, guys. Come on. Halfway we change it up. In three, in two, in one. Combine that movement now.

It’s row, straighten, bend, lower. Come on, I want those arms on fire. (timer beeping) Incredible. Sticking with a little bit of tricep, we lift, we bend, straighten and lower. Go your own pace with this one. Nearly there guys, nearly there. (timer beeping).

Okay, back to shoulders. We’re going to take the arms up into a bicep curl. Press and lower. (timer beeping) Incredible! Take it up into that press position, okay. Rotate and up. Press, press, lower. (timer beeping).

Good work guys. How much does it burn, by the way? Wow, okay, taking both arms out in front, just hold. And hold. Enjoy that beat. And hold. And hold. And hold. In four, in three, in two.

One arm down and up. Lower, up, lower, up. (timer beeping) Okay, right arm out to the side. Shoot it out. Lift and lower. Lift and lower. Keep it strong. Come on guys, just enjoy this workout.

You’re so nearly there now. Don’t give up, enjoy that beat. (timer beeping) Hold it up other side. Lift and lower. This is where we really have to dig deep, you guys. We’re down onto the mat next guys, okay, get ready. It’s going to burn. Just four exercises left, okay.

(timer beeping) Down onto the mat. Take those arms up, take that body up. Pull the core in tight. Push and up. Remember, we’re working on the way down as well! Okay, keep those arms up. Press, lower, press, lower. Come on, work that chest.

You got this! Last two exercises of body weight, guys. (timer beeping) Amazing. Come on up now onto your hands and your heels. Tricep dips. Dip and up. Good work. Come on, you can do it.

This is your last exercise! Okay, double the pace. Dip, up. (timer beeping) Okay, hold. Hold. Hold. Lower halfway down. Hold.

Hold. Hold. And you are done! (upbeat music)
Lilly Sabri

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