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TONE YOUR ARMS with this Home Workout | Get Results in 7 minutes


What’s up guys, today’s workout is gonna be a seven-minute shoulders and arms tone up. We’re gonna be building a lean beautiful feminine toned shape. I hope you girls are ready! Seven minutes only! All you need is a set of weights if you have them. Please don’t worry if you don’t! You can just use water bottles. To be honest you can even do it without weights! This is part of your 40 day summer shred program. But you can totally do this workout on its own. Okay let’s get started! Keeping the core tight at all times. You want to try and keep the ribcage down. We’re gonna start off with a shoulder press. Into an internal rotation. Follow me you’re gonna roll the shoulders forward.

Set those shoulder blades back and then punch up. Good work! we’ve got 50 seconds on each exercise. Keeping that core nice and tight. Ten seconds recovery. Good work guys! Relax those shoulders. Next up we’re going to be going for reach up. Our hands are like this and we’re just pumping up a nice and fast. This one burns! Okay let’s go! Reaching, punching. Nice sharp movements. Keep it moving! Fifty seconds you can do it! already halfway you guys keep going don’t give up Next up is for our triceps. We are going to bend our body slightly forwards at the hips.

Squeeze the shoulder blades together. Punch the arm back to work the triceps. Come on guys! 50 seconds that is all! We’re nearly halfway through the workout. Squeeze the shoulder blades together. Hold and lower. Next side. Hold. Keep going with those. Quickly change sides. Good work guys! Keep the tension on the triceps By doing some tricep dips. we’ve done these before. Fingers facing forward and lift your body weight up. I don’t mind about the pelvis if you can take it higher amazing if not hover here. We are going to bend through the elbows.

Good work guys back up onto our knees we’re now going to Co with some shoulder pops okay relax those shoulders give them a good shake core tight 45 degree angle we’re coming up we pump two three four five we then take the arms to the side pump two three four five and lower repeat 45-degree angle two three four five back five four three two one and lower keep going with those we watch amazing work we are both chuckling won that chest exercise in here so we’re going to be working in two different hit line all the way down for me guys the arm up coming up into a bridge what kind of chance pressed so I want you to concentrate on a nice slow.

Movement on the way down breath out power it back up again good luck guys last exercise is a front raise so I want you up and I want underneath where I thought you’re gonna lift up slowly lower down right out up slowly lower down Hold strong if one followed by the other all the way to the end five seconds come on oh my gosh my arms and shoulders are on fire I don’t know about you guys I really hope you enjoyed that please do smash that thumbs up button also do not forget to hit subscribe and the bell icon because that means you’re gonna get a notification of every time I upload a.

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Lilly Sabri

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