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TONE YOUR ARMS in 14 DAYS πŸ”₯ Lean & Slim Pilates Sculpt | 8 min Workout


This is your 8 minute athome arm tone and sculpt. All you’re going to needare some light weights but if you don’t havethem, please don’t worry. You can grab some light water bottles or whatever you can get your hands on. Cans of baked beans is absolutely fine. This is part of your 14day free Pilates guide. As you can see right here, thisis what you want to be doing if you’re a beginner, and thisis what you want to be doing.

If you’re more advanced. These go up to 45 minutes inlength and they are killer. They are part of theLEAN app, which right now is totally free for 7days for you to try out. All the details are inthe description box. Let’s get started. (machine beeping) Okay, we are starting off working those beautiful triceps, the muscles.

Down the back of the arm. Dig those heels in, lift your body up. From there, you’re goingto bend through the elbows and then drive back up again. Good work, really makingsure that the movement is coming from the elbowsand not just the hips. Okay, keep that core niceand tight and breathe. You’re already halfway. 50 seconds each exercise, 10 seconds rest.

Nearly there guys. For the last 10, I wantyou to hold halfway. Now pulse it, tiny little movements. Five, four, three, two, and one. Your tricep should already be awake. You’re going to grab one or two dumbbells now, take them behindthe back of the head. Draw those elbowsforward all the way down, and push it up, amazing.

If you can, go for both ofthose dumbbells and make sure that core’s tight and thetailbones tucked under. So no overarching. Amazing work, keep pushing. Think of those beautifultoned backs of your arms. Over halfway. Keep it going. 10 seconds left. Now pump it, again tiny little movements.

(machine beeping) Amazing. Drop that down in front of you. We’re now going to go with your biceps, the muscles in front of your arms, okay. Face those palms forward. Take your arms up towards your shoulders and then draw a W shape with those arms. Keep the elbows in by your waist.

Keep your ribcage down,shoulders away from the ears. Amazing work, with this exercise, you may want to go a bitheavier with those weights Or if it’s too hard, youjust drop the weights. You do all of these exercises without any weights atall, or grab water bottles. Whatever you can get your hands on. 15 seconds left. Nearly there.

Amazing, lower it down from there. Okay, we’re going to face now the palms in towards the side of the body. We’re going to lift thosearms up to 90 degrees. Back down again. Bicep curl, let’s go. Good, keep the movementreally nice and controlled. What you don’t want to do, is this okay? Swinging forward.

It’s a super controlled movement, especially on the way down. Amazing work. 20 seconds left. Now hold at the top. Hold there 10 seconds. And give it a tiny little pump. Good work. Nearly there, come on.

(machine beeping) Incredible, we’re going tointo the shoulders even more. I want you to hold one weight only, as you come up into that front raise, rotate, rotate, and back down again. Okay, let’s go. Good, back halfway. We’re going to make this harder. Keep that chest proud and open.

Shoulders away from the ears. You have five seconds left. Three, two, one. Hold at the top. Just rotate. It’s like it’s a steering wheel. Side to side, 20 seconds. Oh my gosh, my arms are on fire. 10 seconds left.

Come on, keep pushing. Your arms are at 90 degreesand you are not giving up. Five, four, three, two and one. Give those arms a little shake out. Give them a hit if you need to. Okay, we’re now going For a shoulder press, so your arms are coming to the side of your body. You’re going to go with asingle, single, double, double.

Let’s go. Good work. Oh my gosh. My arms are on fire today. Full upper body. Amazing, do not give up. 20 seconds left. We can do this. 10 seconds left.

We’re going high rep, low weight. Keep pushing. (machine beeping) Amazing, again, give them a shakeout. Now my arms physicallyfeel hot and shoulders. I don’t know about you, but I know that means they’re working. Okay, one arm is out in front of you with the palm facing upwards.

The other one comes forward,then out to 45 degrees. Now, if this is too much, gowithout the weights, okay? But pretend that the room is full of syrup and you are pushingthrough with meaning, okay? You’re not just flinging the arm. It’s a controlled movement. Five seconds left, four, three, two, no break, straight change, let’s go. Oh my gosh, 20 seconds.

You can do it. 10 seconds. We’re going to finishup with a back exercise. Amazing, okay, no weights. You’re now coming down slow and controlled onto your stomach. Tuck those elbows in. Slowly lower down. Take those arms out in front of you.

Lift the upper body up,squeeze the shoulder blades, drive back, and then shoot forward. Amazing, this is workingyour full back and your core. You also want to turn on those glutes, those butt muscles,squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Keep that core nice and tight. Squeeze the shoulder bladelike you have a sponge in between the shoulder blades and you’re trying tosqueeze the water out of it.

Keep looking down. Good, last 10 seconds, holdthem up high by your side, pumps, six, five, four,three, two and one. You made it, well done. Your arms should be on fire. I hope you enjoyed that guys, we upload loads of new workouts every single week, every single month so make sure yousubscribe to not miss any.

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