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TIGHTEN YOUR WAIST in 12 DAYS πŸ”₯ Slim Pilates Waist | 6 min Workout


This is your 6 minutetight waist home workout, no equipment needed. I want you to do this for 12 days and let me know how you geton in the comments down below. Now, this is not going to be easy. It is going to burn, but you are going to get the most incredible, incredible results. Don’t forget this is part.

Of your full 12 day LEANmas challenge, and this is day number 12, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. You can repeat it asmany times as you like. This is the full guide right here that you can get a hold ofon the LEAN app for free for 7 days in our free trial. Now, because it’s the last day, we have our biggest ever prize.

All of this back here plus a year membership to the LEAN app. This is worth $400, you guys, all of that, including our top sellingsellout de-bloating greens. You do not want to miss out on this. I will see you in 6 minutesat the end of this workout to find out how to enter. Okay, so we’re starting offwith our hands together.

From there, I want youto come all the way up and rotate at the top. 30 seconds each exercise. Use your breathing. Breath out as you come up. Breath in as you lower. (alarm beeping) Amazing, staying up in sitting. Roll back to where youfeel that core kicking in,.

And you’re just goingto rotate side to side. It’s a tiny little movement. Keeping your eye gaze on your hands. Try and keep those knees nice and still, belly button back towards the spine. Shoulders relaxed (alarm beeping) Amazing, relax your shoulders, your palms are facing up.

Straighten out theright leg, the left leg, and if you can, both. (alarm beeping) Great work, all the waydown into lying now. We’re going to come into Pilates 100s now. Double leg tabletop 90 degrees, glue those thighs togetherand pump up and down. Keep your belly buttonback towards your spine and your lower back flat.

Support your head if you have to. (alarm beeping) Okay, from here, you’re going to straightenthe leg out towards the floor, lift up and bring it back in again. It’s like a reverse cycle. If your neck is sore, support your head. And if it’s still sore,.

Lower the head down. (alarm beeping) Okay, changing onto that other side. And if this feels too much, drop this leg down, okay? You can do it. No more than 90 degrees here. Breathe. (alarm beeping).

Amazing work, bring the head down. You’re now going to take your arms out by the side of your body. Palms facing upwards. Both legs are up. Glue the thighs together. You have a slight roll to the side, and breathe it back to neutral. Really, really slow and controlled.

This is Pilates, okay? We’re controlling those movements. (alarm beeping) Incredible. From here, keep the legs where they are. Keep the lower back flat. Tap the toes down, bring them back up again. This one burns.

Do not let that lower backlose contact with the mat. Okay, if you want to make it harder, come on up. Try and tap the feetfurther away from the body. (alarm beeping) Okay, keep those legs up, single leg, tap down and up. Use that breathing control. Breath out, breath in.

Breath out as you tap down. Breath in as you lower. Keep looking forward. You can do this. (alarm beeping) Amazing, from there, you arecoming up onto your side. I want you on your forearm. You’re going to straightenout that upper leg, okay? Dip down, crunch in.

(alarm beeping) From there, I want you to come straightinto a full plank for me. Walk the feet in and back out again. Keep that core really, really tight. Breathe. You’re going to be going ontothat other side plank now. (alarm beeping) Okay, bring yourself round,.

Underneath leg bent, upper leg straight. From there, crunch in and lift. Oh, sorry, dip and crunch in, giving you the wrong exercise there. 15 seconds. Should be able to get fourmore reps in, that’s one. That’s two. (alarm beeping) Three, one more.

Really crunch, and we made it. Familia, you absolutely smashed it. I am so proud of you. That is the end of LEANmas. And our last giveaway, which is all of this plus the year membership to the LEAN app could be in your hands. All you got to do, four things.

Number one, like this video. Secondly, subscribe to my YouTube channel. Third, make sure you’refollowing me on Instagram, Lilly Sabri. And then the last thing, really simple, comment “Merry LEANmas” down below with your Instagram handle so that I can contact youif you are the winner. Last thing, I am so proud of you guys.

You smashed it this LEANmas. I really hope you enjoyed it. And I want to wish you Merry Christmas to you and your family. Bye, guys.

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