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TIGHT TONED WAIST in 14 Days (burn fat) | 5 minute Home Workout


This is your 5 minute toned waist home workout challenge. I want you to do this workout for 20 days, and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. Now, we’re just going to talk results for a second. Take a moment to look right here. You girls are getting incredible results, and I am so, so proud of you. For a chance to be featured just here, all you have to do is tag me in an Instagram Story. Or a Tik Tok, using the hashtag #LillySabri. Or if you want to, you can do a full YouTube review. Thank you so much.

Before we get started, Happy International Women’s Day. As a huge celebration, we are doing a 24 hour sale, plus more. A 24 hour sale of these on my website. These are my LEAN resistance bands. You see, I use them in pretty much all of my workouts. Of course, my workouts are tough without the bands. But if you want to add that extra crazy burn, these are what you want. So make sure you check out my website. The link is down below.

They are on sale for 24 hours only, so don’t miss out. Let’s get ready to burn the waist. 5 minutes on the clock, let’s do this. (timer beeping) All right, we’re coming into a side plank. Lift, crunch, lift, lower. (timer beeping) Good work, coming into a side plank now. Nice and wide with the feet.

As we drop, we draw into the waist. As we come up, we reach. (timer beeping) Good, coming onto your back now. All the way down, we’re going to side reach. One, two. (timer beeping) We’re going to crunch, straighten, lift lower. 10 seconds.

(timer beeping) Straight onto the other side. Let’s go, find the new beat. One, two, three, four. (timer beeping) Good work. All the way down, crunch. And drop, one, two, one, two. Good work, nearly there.

(timer beeping) Good work, I’m moving all the way off the mat. Rotating here, lift, and lower. Good, really crunching across the body. Elbow to opposite knee. You’ve got this. (timer beeping) Three, two, one, straight change. Let’s go.

Good work. (timer beeping) Good work. We’re going to even you out. Coming into that side plank again. All the way onto the hand, bending that underneath leg. Crunch. (timer beeping) Good, bringing the legs nice and wide.

As we come down, we crunch into the waist, and we reach. (timer beeping) Great work, I am so proud of you. You smashed it, fam. Please don’t forget to click the thumbs up button. Also, click subscribe if you haven’t already. I am so proud of you and this incredible journey that you’re going on. Honestly, having you part of this community, means the world to me. I just, I don’t know what I’d do without you girls.

Reading all of your comments, and the support that you show each other. The family we’ve created together is incredible. I love you all so much. Happy International Women’s Day. You are amazing. Thanks for watching. See you tomorrow for another home workout.
Lilly Sabri

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