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TIGHT LOWER BELLY in 14 days (strong & beautiful) | 7 minute Workout


This is your 7 minute lose lower abs fat workout challenge. You can get incredible results like these ladies just here. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram and also on TikTok for a chance to be featured. Now you can do this workout on its own, or I highly recommend you do it as part of this workout program here. Which I have made for you for free. It is 14 days long, and you can access it on my website. Now don’t forget to get incredible results. You want to be changing up the type of training that you’re doing, which will be part of this guide here. But also, don’t forget about nutrition.

Abs are made in the kitchen. It is super important that you’re considering your nutrition. That’s why we’ve included a free recipe in this guide. To get a personalized meal plan, plus hundreds of healthy, delicious recipes, you can access them on my app if you’re a premium user. During this workout, we’re going to be targeting all of the core muscles to build a beautiful, strong core, but mainly focusing on those lower abs. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for two new workout every single week. Enjoy this. Release those endorphins.

Enjoy the music. I’m so proud of you. Let’s do this. (workout timer beeping) We’re starting off with the hands underneath the lower back, imprinting the spine. The core is really nice and tight. We’re going to sweep those legs out, up, round, in, and back out again. Find that music beat. Enjoy the vibe, you guys. It’s going to burn, but we’re going to love it.

Good. Try and keep that rib cage down, core engaged, lower back flat, and breathe. Good work. We’re nearly there. No breaks in this workout. (workout timer beeping) Okay, straighten those legs out. Come on up into a crunch. Take the legs to the left, center, right, center. Find that beat. So it’s rights and lefts, and rights.

Halfway through this exercise. Good work, you guys. We’re really hitting the obliques here. Lower the head down if you want to, but don’t give up. Come on, 10 seconds. (workout timer beeping) Amazing. From there, we’re going to reverse that first move.

Hands in the same position. We take the legs up, in, through all the way. (giggles) Good work, guys. Trying to keep that core really tight. Belly button back to the spine. Breathe. Control that. Nice and slow, you guys. (workout timer beeping) Whoo! Okay, keep those legs up. Cross it.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Now we go up to eight. Nearly there, you guys, come on. Breathe. (workout timer beeping) Reverse crunch up. Next, we come in, we go halfway. We come in, then we straighten the legs out. Really thinking about that core.

Pulling it in nice and tight. Come on, mind-body connection. You are a boss. You are killing this workout. Next up, we have a full roll up to work all of that core. Okay, place the hands in an arrow position. You’re going to take them up and over the head, come all the way up, and back down again. If you want to, straighten those legs out, make it harder,.

Fingertips by temples. (workout timer beeping) Good work. Okay, coming with the knees up now. Single leg, straighten it out, come up, reach, and back down again. And we’re going to change over this single-leg crunch at halfway. Three, two, one. Okay, let’s go.

(workout timer beeping) Okay, it gets a little bit nasty now. Place the hands back, underneath that lower back for some support. Hover the legs. Okay, from there, drive in, straight in. 10 seconds left, you guys. Oh, wow, that burn. (workout timer beeping).

Okay, amazing. We are ready to do our plank now. Just 30 seconds each exercise. Come down to those forearm. Tuck that tailbone under. Hold nice and tight. Straighten the arm up, and lower. We’re nearly there. Come on. Think of that sexy, strong core.

Okay, now we hold. 30 seconds. Don’t let that back arch, okay? Tuck that tailbone under. Pull that core in. Imagine you’re going to get punched in your core. Nice and strong. Come on. 15 seconds. Whoo! The burn is real! 10!.

Oh! (workout timer beeping) Oh. Wow. Okay. That was tough. You smashed it. I am so proud of you. ♪ Thought you really loved me ♪ ♪ Guess I was wrong ♪.
Lilly Sabri

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