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Thigh fat burn in 11 days | 11 minute workout (Linda Sun challenge)


This is your 11-minute thigh burn challenge. I want you to do this workout for 11 days in a row and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. Hey, it’s Linda. Some of you may already know me, but for those of you who don’t, this is day three of the Lilly Sabri and Linda Sun workout challenge and I’m Linda Sun. Hello.

I just wanted to say we are seeing all of your sweaty pictures on Instagram and you guys are absolutely killing it. We got this. This is our challenge, this is your challenge. I’m going to be right here with you. You guys are doing so amazing and hopefully feeling the burn because right now, I literally can’t feel my legs from yesterday’s workout.

Literally everything (laughs) hurts, but you know, that’s what we like, so that’s why today we’re killing your legs even more. Okay, Lilly, take it away. – While I’ve got you here, we’ve also got an epic giveaway going on as part of the Lilly Sabri X Linda Sun seven day challenge, which is going on right now and you could win the full range of my bands. Yes, the full frickin’ range.

Check out the description box for how to get involved but basically all you got to do is follow me on Instagram, YouTube, follow Linda on Instagram, YouTube, and then you’ve pretty much entered. A lot of you have been asking about Monday’s outfit, which I know is so beautiful! It’s the same as this one right here, this is just the blue version, and I am so frickin’ obsessed, you guys.

It’s brand new Gymshark. The shorts are as well. It’s not yet launched, but if you are wanting to have a sneaky little shop, please check out the description box. My link is there and I’d hugely, hugely appreciate you using it. Okay, no more talking. Let’s get ready for this burn, ’cause trust me,.

It’s going to burn. So we’re starting off coming up into the bridge. We push out and in again. Really feeling that burn on the outer thighs. Push against that band. If you don’t have the band, no worries, but trust me, the band makes it so much harder. Core tightly, guys. Now, keeping your knees wide,.

You’re going to come up onto your toes and lower back down. 30 seconds each exercise. No break. Keep pushing out against that band, you guys. Core tight. Amazing, now taking the feet together, knees apart, we just pump up. Lower and lift. You’re really going to feel this burn, you guys.

Come on, you’re nearly there! Changing legs, onto that toe. Down and drive up. Oh, the burn! Amazing, onto your side now, all the way down. The underneath leg is bent. We’re going to lift and lower. Keep that leg up and we’re now going to draw some big circles.

Good work, now up, pump, lower. Up, pump, lower. This should be burning, you guys, especially if you’ve got this adjustable band on, you will know exactly what I mean. 10 seconds left. Perfect, you’re going to take that band off now and we’re coming into inner thighs. So hooking the upper leg over the top of the underneath one.

And lift and lower. Hold it up and pump it. Pump really nice and fast, you guys. Good, you are killing it. Okay, you’re not going to like me now. You’re just going to hold. Hold it there, hold strong. Really thinking about those inner thighs, okay? Pulling that core in tight and every time you feel.

Your leg dropping, push it up a little bit higher. Little bit higher, you guys. Oh, wow. We now have a clam, so your knees are in line… Well, sorry, your ankles are in line with your butt. You’re going to open and close. The core is really tight, you guys. Really focusing on that outer thigh, outer booty. Keep the underneath leg where it is.

You’re going to straighten, pump, and close. Last exercise here. Drop that leg down, move this leg forward, and we’re just going to draw some circles. This hurts. (laughs) Come on, keep pushing. Think of those outer thighs. 10 seconds, you guys. Amazing.

So you have to pop that band back on now, ’cause we got to even you up. So popping the band on. Onto the other side. Okay, we’re starting off just with that lift and lower. Good, nice and strong. We have those circles now. Good, try not to sway on the hips, okay? Really nice and strong.

Okay, up, pump, and lower. Come on, really use that strength to push up. Ah, I’m not done! Amazing. The band is now coming off and we have our inner thighs. Good work, okay. Up and lower. Come on, really nice and strong. You got this.

Hold it high. Pump it. Come on, pump, pump, pump. Oh my gosh! Keep pumping, guys. Nice and high. Come on, you’re nearly there! Okay, now you hold and you hold strong, you guys. Feel that burn.

Every time you feel that leg dropping, use that will power to push higher. Come on, 15 seconds. So popping one foot on top of the other, your ankles are in line with your butt. Open and closed. Good work, you’re going to open and close, and in between that open close, pump up, okay? Really working into that outer butt,.

Outer thigh, outer booty. Amazing, drop that underneath leg down. The upper leg is forward and we’re just going to draw those circles. Guys, this is your last one on your side, then we’re finishing up. Just a little 30-second mini finisher which is going to end your thighs, okay? (laughs) Good work.

Come on, all the way. Five seconds. Okay, up into kneeling. This is your last exercise, and my gosh, it’s going to burn. So you’re going to drop back, hold, and back up again. Now for the last 10 seconds, just hold and go as low as you can. The core is really tight.

Come on, you guys! Woo! You smashed it, fam! Please don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button. Also hit subscribe. We’re kind of on our way to two million. It’s very far away still, but you know, we’re heading there. We’re heading there slowly but surely. So if you are watching this video, if you are doing this video and you are not yet subscribed,.

I’m going to find you and I’m going to take your finger and hit that subscribe button for you. But yeah, basically that was awkward. Please just subscribe. I’d really appreciate it and I will see you tomorrow for another live workout. Love you.
Lilly Sabri

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