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Want to get a flat tummy really fast and I bet you you could do this right in your room before you even get up let’s get started hello gorgeous girls and welcome back to my channel so today I’ve got a little sneak peak workout for you this is wake up Pilates this is a snippet of a full-length work out from inside of total body transformation so.

This is something that you can do literally as soon as you wake up in the morning it’s gonna get you moving and grooving but it’s also gonna get those deep abdominal muscles so that you get that flat tummy that you know we all want so if you’re new here hello I’m Tracy I put our brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every.

Single week so I would love it if you would click on the subscribe button and for every one make sure that you click on that little Bell icon so that you always know whenever I have a brand new video that goes live so for this workout you just need a mat or even a thick towel literally it can be like okay the alarm went off drop to the floor and.

Let’s do this so let’s do this so we’re gonna bring our legs back into that tabletop position okay let’s flex our feet so our shins is the table on our shins here I want you to go as low as you can without feeling any pain in your back very important we’re gonna inhale lower the heels down towards the floor without arching your back keep the belly.

Tight and then exhale attractive bringing it back up use the abdominals to produce that movement inhale lower and then exhale drawing it in as deep as you can do that again and inhale down and exhale bringing it back up good let’s do two more times soon and he’ll lower exhale lifting it up good one last time.

Here and help down and that’s Helen bringing it back up good so I want you to stay here curl lift up your head place those hands behind your head let’s do that again inhale down exhale drawing it in good scoop I’m done inhale Weller and X challenge draw get in those abdominals are really working here inhale hear my.

Voice shaking exhale pulling it in work as deep as possible last time here inhale and exhale and hold it here just hold stay hold abs are tight or deeper to hold it hold it hold it three and excellent excellent work okay so let’s extend the legs back we’re gonna start into some rolling ok arms are up above your head here flex the feet that helps.

To really ground the lower body here I want you to inhale take a deep breath in exhale just lift the head up so it’s just a slight lift your shoulders feel down inhale take a deep breath exhale lift up just a little bit higher pulling in the belly in half X so you can use your hands on your thighs or you can keep your hands forward reach forward.

Into that beautiful stretch notice I still have opposition I’m still drawing in that belly okay start rounding back here inhale and exhale and slowly slowly lower it down bring those arms up okay so if you can’t roll all the way up there’s always something you can do stop here and that’s completely fun you can put your hands on your thighs to help.

You so remember just work where you are alright let’s do that again inhale deep breath exhale just the head inhale deep breath exhale lifting to the base of the shoulders inhale this is the hardest one exhale round pull in the belly drawing it in so the reason why I do it in three bits like that is because if you just do it in one little movement a lot of times.

When I was teaching Pilates I would see people using momentum and we do lose momentum here let’s do that again inhale exhale drawing in the abdominals good in healthier access to the base of those shoulders inhale exhale round they got scooping the belly such a good stretch to feel that opposition great stretching the hamstrings in the back.

Start rolling back pull in the abdominals everybody very good one last time here and we go again inhale fingers up exhale just the head lips inhale exhale go a little bit farther good last time you inhale all the way up good and I want you to just stay forward in your stretch your stretch so I’m sure I can touch my toes if you’re taller or.

You’re less flexible maybe your shins your knees your thighs it really doesn’t matter here but what I do want you to think of is just keep that belly lifted up and in that’s important okay deep deep breath here feel that all opening up and excellent okay you did great and I really hope that you’re feeling that deepest layer of muscle working you know.

That’s what’s really key in order to create a flat tummy is that you’re working that deepest layer of muscles and unfortunately most women don’t really understand that and they work all those surface muscles trying to get that six-pack there’s so many mistakes that women make when it comes to fitness and that’s just one of them so if you.

Haven’t already I’d love for you to click on the link down below it’s totally free it’s my ultimate transformation cheat sheet this is gonna help you to not make the five most common mistakes that most women make and they don’t even know that they’re making them so I will leave that link down below also here up in the eyes so you.

Can just click on that and that’s what I’ve got for you if you haven’t already do leave me a comment down below and I will see you next time okay
Tracy Campoli

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