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THE BEST LOWER ABS 🔥Get Results in 2 WEEKS | 6 minute Workout


This is your 6 minute, the best lower abs workout. This is going to get you results. It is just six minutes long, I challenge you to do this workout for 14 days. Let me know how you get on in the comments down below. You can get incredible results like these ladies just here. Please don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram stories, Also TikTok, for a chance to be featured right here. Honestly, you girls are amazing, wow.

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(timer beeps) So we’re starting off with our spine in imprint, coming on up into a crunch, straighten the leg out, and bring it back in again. Find that beat. One, two, one, two, core tight, amazing work. Good, keep that lower back flat, and keep breathing. Good work, you guys. Good work, Teddy!.

(timer beeps) Amazing, take those hands underneath the lower back. Reverse crunch, straighten out, flutter up, down. Come on, you guys, 30 seconds each exercise. Let’s burn these abs. (timer beeps) Hold those legs out, and hover now. Lift a few inches, and back down again. This one burns.

Hey Teddy, does it burn? Twenty seconds, core tight, come on. (timer beeps) Amazing, bring those knees in towards the chest. Straighten the legs out, and lower them down. Control that movement. Don’t let the ribcage flare. You are killing it. (timer beeps).

And reverse now, you guys, bend them down, straighten them out. Breathe and lift. Come on, you can do it. Hi, Teddy. Oh, it burns! It burns, it burns! Oh, lower down from there. Dead bugs.

Lift both hands up, straighten out the opposite arm to leg. If that’s too much, follow those modifications on the screen, okay? You’re here, but don’t give up. You’ve got this. (timer beeps) Oh my gosh. Okay, from there, hover up, support the head, reach to the left ankle and back.

Give me that five seconds, come on. (timer beeps) Really pull that core in tight. Okay, I’m changing direction. Is this exhausting, Teds? Hey? (laughs) Twenty seconds. (timer beeps).

Oh my gosh. Amazing work. Take those legs a bit further out. Arms up and over the head. We’re going to come all the way up, reach for the toes, and control it back down again. Hi, muffin! (timer beeps) Okay, hold it. Hold it there.

Pull that core in really nice and tight. Breathe. Relax those shoulders. Drive the knee into the chest and back down again. Now we are working full abs throughout this workout with a focus on lower abs, but we’re working all of that core. Ten seconds! (timer beeps).

Lower down, and set up hundreds. Your core should be on fire. Double-leg tabletop, coming up into a crunch. Pump the arms up and down. Good work. I gaze forward, looking between the thighs. Ten seconds, nearly there. (timer beeps) Okay. One of my favorite exercises now,.

Rolling like a bull. You’re going to roll back, then from there, come up into sitting. If you can, try and hold at the top without the feet dropping. (timer beeps) Wooh! Guys, we made it! Teddy, come here!.

Hi, lovey! Hi, hi, hi, hi, I love you, too! I love you, too! Thank you for joining me! Thank you for joining me! I love you, baby.
Lilly Sabri

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