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THAT GIRL PILATES BODY 🔥 Full Body Fat Burn & Tone | 10 min Workout


Are you wanting to tone and sculpt that lean Pilate’s body? I have a free 7 day guide for you to help you burn fat and tone up. Starting off with this 10 minute intense full body Pilates home workout. Each day, we’ll be workinga different body part to help you tighten and toneinto that Pilates physique. And if you’re a beginner,.

I recommend doing these workouts here. It’s up to just 15 minutes a day. And if you’re advanced, you’ve been working out for a while, you want to be doingthis and all of these, up to 45 minutes a day, averaging 30 minutes. Don’t forget to download this free guide. Hit the link in the description box,.

And please, please,please subscribe, guys, you don’t want to miss any of my workouts. Let’s get going. (timer beeping) Okay, the band is optional, guys. If you want to make it harder, make sure you’ve got thislean adjustable band on. Up, pump, and lower. Good block.

And we want a little bit of pace here, nice and fast. Oh, sorry for keeping you up, Teddy. 15 seconds left. (timer beeping) Okay, we’re now going to drawsome circles with that leg. Taking it up and around. Keep that core nice and tight. Three, two, one, and changing direction.

(timer beeping) Okay, from there, lying all the way down, flex that upper foot, pump up, bring it forward, pump up. If you want to make any ofthese moves harder, guys, again, have that adjustable band on, and you can pop up weightson the outer thigh as well. Okay, you’re going totake that leg forward, turn the toe down, heel up,.

And just tiny little pulses there. Oh my gosh, this band’s core tight. Shoot that arm up to thesky if you’re advanced. Whoo! (timer beeping) Amazing, from there, drive the knee into the chest, take it back, pump up. (timer beeping).

From there, keep it back in extension. Squeeze that booty, and then tiny little pump ups. You want that leg back, okay? squeeze that butt, core tight. Arm up if you can, guys. (timer beeping) All right, log roll onto the other side, nice and fast.

Swing those legs around. Okay, we have that up, pump, lower. You’re on the forearm, guys. (timer beeping) All right, straight into those circles, up round, and back to the center. Ay yai yai. Three, two, one, change direction for me.

Come on now. Feel that burn. 10 seconds left. (timer beeping) Okay, all the way down into lying. From there, straighten that leg out, and we pump up. Squeeze that booty. Okay, from here,.

Bring it forward, up, back. (timer beeping) Amazing, all the way forward now. Turn the toe down, heel up. Lift and lower. Oh my gosh. Feel that burn, come on. 15 seconds left. (timer beeping).

Okay, from there you’regoing to drive the knee into the chest, back, lift lower. Again, keep that core nice and tight. Try and lift that waist off the mat as much as possible. It doesn’t matter how lifted, as long as you’re making that effort to not chill lie, your Pilates is lying, okay?.

(timer beeping)One more rep. Okay, take it back into extension. Back, back, back, back, back. Now, pump it. We have abs coming up next, guys. We’re going to take thatband off in eight seconds. (timer beeping) Okay, We’re starting offwith Pilates hundreds. Take that band off for me,.

We have a few minutes of intense abs. Double leg table top, 90 degrees at the knees and the hips, and pump those arms up and down. You want that lower back flat. Advanced, you are here, and if you can, mini crunches. Beginners, you’re here. (timer beeping).

Okay, if those legs are up, keep them up. Single leg stretch, straighten out, and back in again. Stay nice and high in that crunch. Keep that lower back flat in the mat. 90 degrees, you do not want those legs too close into the chest. That makes it easier.

(timer beeping) Straight into scissors. Hold that knee into the chest, and change sides with a little pulse. One, two. (timer beeping) Okay, from here, it’s about to get harder. Reach for those ankles, straighten out, lift and lower.

(timer beeping) Amazing, from there, handsin that diamond shape. Underneath the lower back, we’re going to flap to lower. Nice and fast, lower them down, and back up again. Do not let that lowerback lift off the mat. (timer beeping) Okay, hold them there and hover,.

And just flutter up and down. Nearly there, guys, nearly there. (timer beeping) Okay, from there, place the feet together, knees apart. Shoot those arms up tothe sky, frog pumps. At the top. Control that move. (timer beeping).

Flatten the feet out. I want you to take those arms down, hover the left leg, drop down, up , lower, and lift. If you feel super strong, lift those arms up. But this is super challenging. Control the movement, no jacking. (timer beeping).

We’re going down, up, lower, and lift. Again, arms down if you need to, guys. This is your last exercise. Come on, nearly there. Two more reps, come on. (timer beeping) Amazing work.

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