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TANK TOP READY WITH TRACY, arm exercises without weights


Winter, a time when you get to hide your body under layers of sweaters and coats not letting the sun see your skin at all. But wait. Soon, just around the corner is Spring. Time to shed those layers and get you ready for Spring. So here’s a quick workout to get you Tank Top Ready! So let’s get started. Wohoo! Bring your arms out to the side keep your arms straightand just smack down here, this is an excellent exercise because if your doing it with really straight arms, you should feel right around your shoulder blades, your scapula those muscles working, alright so you don’t even need weights here to feel this alright, so keep going like this, just smacking down and notice that I’m keeping my wrists really really straight here, also very important. I’ve been torturing my clients all week making.

Them do this because Spring is almost here. So, its really important that your going into Spring feeling your absolute best, right? and then I want you to round your arms here so its a little ballerina shape here, ok? You’r gonna not move from the elbows, so its not like a saw thru, but rather from the pack of your chest here, just push forward here with your arms. Just a small movement there pushing forward, alright and you’re definitely gonna to feel your chest here. This is one of the areas that you ask me about alot around the tank top and the bra line ok, so these moves are going to definitely help you there. Alright, you should feel that, keep going. I would do about 30 seconds like that. I usually do sets of 8, so I will do like two or three sets of 8. (counting) Then I want you to just have your.

Arms straight here and press backwards. Back, Back, Back, good, ok. So your going definitely feel the shoulders, your arms should start to get a little bit tired because you are pressing it on back there. Good, keep on going. Excellent and now add a little flip with your wrist. You can’t see him right now, but my cat is here. He is visiting. My shoulders are on fire. Are yours? Ok good, so now your going to have your arms out to the side with your palms up and squeeze in, close open, open, elbows close open, good so your straightening and bending. So keep going like that. You can do about 30 seconds to 1 minute of this, You’ll feel it for sure. Then just out and in like this. (counting) Ok good, so now your gonna just do a shrug up, ok, so it’s like your trying to touch your armpits and allow your.

Shoulders to raise a little bit. Shrug up, it’s a rare moment when I actually let you raise your shoulders. Then do another set about halfway up but dont raise your shoulders. So you’re really focusing on the deltoids here, squeeze. (Counting) So now your going to go thumbs up and then pinkies up, thumbs up and then pinkies up, so notice how I’m just pressing straight back and keeping the height of my arms here. Just give your shoulders some roll, so this is really really going to tone this area especially and I promise you when those layers are coming off and this is really tone you are gonna feel awesome, people are going to think you look great, most importantly your going to feel really beautiful and confident. So I hope you enjoyed the workout. Incorporate some of these moves into your workout and.

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Tracy Campoli

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