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SWEATY FULL BODY BURNER | 20 minute Home Workout


Hi good boy what’s up you guys welcome to another workout up you come good boy okay that’s the 12 good boy how are you feeling i hope you are ready for an incredible blast i’m so excited for this 20 minutes this is mainly what’s full body.

But we do have an emphasis on upper body and core but it’s definitely full body don’t you worry three minutes on each circuit and what you’re going to be doing is two and a half minutes of work followed by 30 seconds rest now if you feel that you can keep going for the full three minutes.

Please do but during that 30 seconds i’m going to be demonstrating the next exercises that are coming okay make sense all you’re going to need is some heavier weight and some lightweights depending on what you want for upper and lower body and core and if you’ve got it also grab your.

Adjustable resistance band guys we’re going to get started with a nice warm up and then we’re going straight in three minutes and wrap and wrap as many repetitions as you can do okay there’s gonna be two or three exercises that we superset back to back and you do it as many times as you can.

In those two minutes this is you against you it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing this is just you against you going at your own pace for this very moment okay let’s start off with our legs nice and wide feet facing forwards and we’re just gonna shift the body weight from side to side i’m hoping your music.

Is already playing it isn’t for me just yet we’re going to shift side to side guys core nice and tight take the body weight back through the heels good nice and tight.

pushing those out music is okay loud for you okay good i just can’t hear but i don’t mind you guys okay now coming up again and we’re just going to draw some circles with our arms.

Good how cute is it this is the new mercury from gymshark coming soon i can’t tell you the date yet but if you’re on my instagram stories tomorrow you will know the date that it launches and the link is in my biota shop.

Two more and one amazing average rotating side to side i’ve missed you guys we have another huge bit of news we hit three million squad there is something incredible incredible coming to celebrate celebrate three million i hope you’re as excited as i am i’m.

Gonna start off the body okay all right until we get started okay so first exercise as you know this is one of my favorites we’re going with a ben over row pulling that core in nice and tight we’re going to row.

Straight into those triceps and back down again okay next exercise we’re going to be coming up into a front raise then into a lateral raise okay we are going with 10 of each super sexy back to back go as heavy as you feel you can we’re.

Going in 15 seconds you guys all right keeping that core nice and tight throughout 10 seconds ten of each get in that zone find that beat to the music if you’ve got it follow it you’ve got this one let’s go row straighten ben’s lower ten of these hi teddy.

four really squeezed together okay squeeze those shoulder blades two more last one amazing now into standing let’s go front raise into lateral raise that’s one try not to let those weights come all the way down stop them just short of coming all the.

Way down this is number three come on work that upper body halfway five good two more you guys last one you got this okay going straight back in let’s go bent over get into that kickback.

those shoulder one coming forward amazing two three okay you’re already halfway five come on.

Keep going seven eight two more come on two more nine last one okay finish it up strong with no throws let’s go one we’re gonna put five seconds left if you want to you can keep going okay if not have your rest now rest rest rest how you feeling okay.

We are coming down now last one two okay halfway five you guys i messed that one.

Do up hey i hope you have got an incredible boss by going i can’t hear anything right now but i really hope you have got an insane vibe going and this is exactly what it’s like with the app as well you choose your music you guys okay lift that leg up.

Rotate in the opposite direction three four five six seven eight nine and ten amazing we’re gonna go just with a normal roll up now all the way up tap it down and back again that’s one good work excuse me little one two three four come on all the way to ten.

Halfway five hi baby six legs up let’s go one two three all the way to ten six seven eight nine and ten off we go you guys ten nine come on remember this is amrap as many.

As you can you go at your own pace good three two one keep going if you want to go into your 30 second break breathe enjoy this is so funny alex is literally dancing over there i have no idea what he’s listening to.

It doesn’t matter this is just going to make your work out a hell of a lot harder okay we are starting off with this jump in our 10 let’s go nine eight but low seven grab those weights ten total five each side let’s go.

Six good work five you can do it nine last one ten incredible grab those weights alrighty let’s go seven good work six five four oh i have to stop my knees a.

Little bit more three two and one all right let’s go 10 jump if you can nine eight come on seven six this is you this is your body you push as far as you can today my old knee injury is feeling it today.

I’m not going to lie after that ski accident so i’m going down the level this is you against you doesn’t matter what anyone’s doing i just want you to push to your mat all right go back lunges let’s go 10. we’ve got those weights amazing good seven.

Four three two and one straight back in let’s go nine come on eight seven nearly dead come on six five four three finish it off two now if you want to go straight back in.

We’ve still got 15 seconds we are back into upper body let’s say grab your light to weight pull that cord super tight for me we have a combination coming into a bicep cuff over here press over her breasts and back down ten let’s go.

One two three four amazing work pathway five okay baby if you can go with a heavier weight okay you know you’ve got this.

If you have that long band pop the long band underneath your knees and then into your hands i’m gonna make this even harder with the weights if you want seven eight amazing come on nearly there.

Nine 10 9 eight seven come on six three five four three two and one straight back in let’s go one come on keep pushing you’ve got just over a minute left two.

three come on think about sexy upper body four five six amazing one more come on think strong think powerful you are a boss.

You can do this okay 15 seconds we hold out then we’re done let’s go 15 come on hold strong focus do not give up do not give up good five four three two and how you guys feeling i’m actually really really really enjoying this place.

Okay grabbing your heavier weight if you feel you can otherwise you go to that last one otherwise you go without honestly this is you against you it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing we are coming into a side plank position down on the knee if you want to or a full side plank we row up we lift.

Up and over and back down again ten let’s go back seven beginners you are here okay four here nearly that 10.5.

all right you guys let’s go 10. in that whole plank if you can come on don’t give up think strong good just two more last one and one just over a minute left beginning a bit too much in a full plank.

To come into four point kneel okay that’s two three eight two one last one and ten straight back in all right let’s go.

Halfway five eight two more nine go one and ten straight up to that other side all right let’s go 10 finish it off nine i want you even eight seven if it’s too sore stop now for your break six five four.

Three two last one and one amazing work both heavy weights for me punch disguise 10 keep a hold of those weights okay so we come up we punch and back down again.

Let’s go and if that’s too much go like that it really doesn’t matter okay your arms may be feeling it now i wouldn’t be surprised if they are beginners go without pop your feet under the sofa if you want to place your hands behind you if you need to.

It doesn’t matter this is you against you three more two and one okay we now hold at the top and we’re gonna run for 10 each side hold those on there let’s go one two three four five six come on seven eight nine.

And ten all right let’s go nine three come on two more two and one hold at the top run it out one two three four five six seven i toured the time at eight.

Nine and ten the time was paused for very good reason okay we are finishing up with two glass the two glass are about without weights and a burst with weights okay we do 40 seconds we then have a break then we finish off.

All right you guys we’re gonna start off with out no we’ll start off with the weights actually so 40 seconds if you don’t want to use the weights you don’t have to beginners you can step up reach okay advanced hold on to those weights here overhead okay.

We got this 40 seconds alex are you ready yep going in three two one let’s go come on 40 seconds that’s all beginners step okay yes you guys it’s 40 seconds of your life.

That is it okay you have got this just 15 seconds left come on keep pushing let’s go 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 1 4 starting in three forty seconds two one normal left.

30 seconds that yes teddy is going crazy you’re coming up the halfway all right double it double it come on you guys you’ve got this 15 seconds come on five four three one two one.

Line up you guys have a moment reach the arms up and over the head and breathe please do not forget to do a cool down after this okay you can go directly to the app for some cool downs do i have cooldowns yes i do i have some cooldowns on youtube as well oh i am now.

About to do about two hours worth of filming so wish me luck it’s a big day of that filming today we have a lot coming i just want to take a second to say i am so proud of you you absolutely killed it i’ve missed you so much thank you so.

Much for being part of this journey oh my god wild and there’s something incredible coming for our three million celebrations so please keep your eyes peeled my hopes are that that will happen next week on youtube we have a hell of a lot of planning and filming to do before it.

But guys i’m so proud of you this outfit don’t forget mercury gym shark the launch date is coming on my instagram tomorrow i’m sorry i can’t tell you it today but i am allowed to tell you tomorrow and i’m obviously not on youtube tomorrow so come over to instagram lillysabrey to check that out.

Right guys i love you so much i will see you very soon for another one love you guys you smashed it oh didn’t they teddy they smashed it yes yes
Lilly Sabri

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