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SWEATY CARDIO BOX | 30 minute Home Workout (Linda Sun Challenge)


Yes guys right okay cardio box i can’t believe how close we are to the end of this guide i genuinely i feel really sad and also please excuse this i don’t even know what this is but i know i’m gonna get very sweaty so i was like what’s the point in even trying to do my hair nicely so.

If you have one i want you to grab a skipping rope if you don’t have a skipping rope you can just air skip no worries today’s gonna be fun i always do a little disclaimer at the beginning of boxing to say i am not a boxer in fact boxers are here i’m at the other end of the spectrum but hey ho we have fun we just go with it.

And the whole purpose of this workout is to number one nearly complete your ls times ls guide shout out to linda i know you are there all the way in canada honestly i’m so proud of this guide i think we’ve absolutely smashed it i’m so proud of all of you who have been taken.

Apart and you’ve made it today number six like this was not easy so today is just about having fun it’s about sweating it’s about smiling you can curse me if you want i won’t hear you while i will but yeah just have fun with it basically um so equipment wise you’re going to need um.

A set of light weights only alex i’m actually going to grab the 1kgs as well so between 1 and 2 kgs we’re going to be doing quite a bit of upper body today because i know i’ve absolutely annihilated your legs everyone’s legs are dead and then if you’ve got one a.

Skipping rope and your hip band oh my gosh and have some pre-workout we’ve got it you guys know i have optimal nutrition thank you baby um a lot of you are asking which one i use because i know how brutal i am when i’ve had pre-workout okay let’s just warm up the body then.

So we’ll actually start off nice and low taking your elbows into your inner thighs and then pushing out and you’re just going to sway side to side where are you guys from around the world let me know how are you feeling i’m gutted this guide is coming to an end haven’t i loved it tara yeah this has.

Been my favorite like i have loved it oh hello where are you going teddy excuse me not interested oh oh okay that looks comfy you have to go on the chair and then from there i want you to just step the legs nice and wide okay we’re just going to let you take the.

Body weight down towards the floor and just sway side to side just warming up the body out of interest oh and a downward facing dog as demonstrated by teddy with these was this my little windscreen wiper tail oh hello hello did you miss me while i was at the beach.

Okay guys we’re just gonna go side to side now just gonna this is gonna be interesting okay then we’re gonna take our body weight from one side to the other.

Hello bring those feet in for me now guys because we are going to go with the squat okay so just come in nice and low take your arms up and over your head and back down literally just warming up the body okay so you have a few options you guys.

Hello you little wiggly worm i missed you today yes i did four more it’s so crazy three i’ve got to get you off the sleep test okay you can’t be doing this it’ll work out all right go to your daddy okay side to side.

oh i just got rid of that i just saw the mosquitoes teddy you have one mission and your mission is to get the mosquito if i am bitten i’m gonna be so annoyed okay four left they love me and you actually ready two last one you guys.

Okay right you should be feeling nice and warm have those weights close by we’re actually starting off with our skipping rope before we do get going would you mind letting me know if you do have skipping ropes just so i have a rough idea so just say yes if you have a skipping rope say no if you don’t just so i have.

A rough idea of how many of you are air skipping okay 45 seconds on you guys 15 seconds recovery same as normal but more than another what same as normal for the cardio box before we get started we’re just going to practice our positions like we normally do with our cardio box.

So i want you to go with whatever foot feels natural coming forward for me natural forward is my left so for the mirror image it won’t be here but i’m not good enough to show you that so i’m going to come here at a slight angle okay you want to bring your fists up towards your nose okay you are protecting.

That beautiful face of yours from there we’re going to go with our number one which is a jab okay it’s fast you rotate the hand downwards and you breathe out as you do it that is your number one when i say number one you are doing that move out in out in okay number two we’re coming across the body and we are.

Rotating like we’re stepping into it for some power okay so watch this back left two and back one two okay just practice that a few times you guys one two okay one two rotate okay people have just kidding okay that’s.

Fine next up same starting position we did this last time okay alex was correcting me you’re using your full body to hook around okay so from here hook and back okay so your elbows are in hook with the body then come back your left or whatever hand you start off with.

First is going to be your number three and back and back okay it’s a full body spin that foot round to rotate okay you want to think power let’s freak out one two three four okay one two three four today we’re gonna uppercut okay no kicking or saving kicking for another day.

We’re uppercutting so from here think of someone you really don’t like and i know it’s mainly ladies and you’re trying to get them in the ghoulies okay but they would have to be pretty tall for that otherwise think of here okay so we’re coming up up ah five six five.

Six that back first five six let’s recap okay one two three four five six once more let’s go okay you got it one two three four five six i am not professional we’re just gonna have fun that is your numbers you will need to.

Remember your numbers screw out we’re gonna get started in 15 seconds you guys this is going to be heavily upper body and some cardio okay there is going to be legs i’d love to lie and say there’s no legs 45 seconds of skipping if you don’t have a skipping rope you.

Just go like this side to side pretend i don’t have a skipping break okay just literally fake skipping we’ve started side to side annoyingly loud 20 seconds you guys.

Try and keep it moving okay you can single leg but it’s up to you 10 seconds keep moving one foot forward two and up and down let’s go one two three nice nearly halfway over halfway.

15 you guys okay just keep your body moving if you need to drop these down at any point and you’re too sore eight seconds just wait skip that is enough okay three two one keep a hold of your weights if you.

Want to otherwise drop them down we are gonna do one two one two one two three four okay let’s go one two one two one two three four let’s go have a slight break in between one two.

One two one two three four good work work you guys how you feeling you should be feeling like you’re kind of awake okay now you have the option of putting the band around your knees.

We have four jump jacks four punch jacks let’s go good work guys okay come on i want you 20. good work together literally step it that is all i want okay just keep moving you got this 20 seconds guys we’re on day number six this is your workout.

You may well be exhausted you may be full of energy whatever your body is saying honor it okay three two one three good work we’re going back to our skipping you can use the rope if you’ve got it you’ve got fake skipping you guys.

Then we have our shuffle and punch one of my favorites four three two let’s go if you can run it it feels so weird on my knee i used to be so good dude yeah i was like a pro skipper one side like this changing onto the other side but when i had my knee injury.

Basically like the sensory tendons in my knee it’s completely wet so it takes a while to get back but that’s okay let’s speed it up over here up to you if you want to grab your weight.

Okay we rotate we don’t rotate we shift okay we got this four three two one shift one two fatty package you guys okay you got it.

You do a little jog okay if you can one two three four five six jog it out jog it out let’s go one two three four yes guys come on you’re over halfway you’re killing it 15 10 seconds.

One more you guys one more let’s go okay let’s go beginners follow me step alex can we speed this up a little bit okay beginners you are stepping you’re pushing out against that band okay everyone else push out and jump.

Come on work it whack it you guys but 20 seconds then we’re into um 15 12 11 10. second one complete take that band off okay if you got rid of your mat like me bring it back and another one sounds.

Like color bring it back okay arms this is when you’re going to be like okay let’s get some music on so you can’t hear me very heavily breathing i’m just gonna have some water now grab your two kgs one kgs whatever you want you’re on the mountain.

yeah okay you guys got me nasty this is not cardio slowing it down you can do this down or up it’s entirely up to you okay we’re going at 15 seconds you guys then we go back to cardio okay what is he doing okay shoulder press up.

And lower halfway through we’re gonna mix it up three two four tight left guys lower go away don’t worry we’ll go without five four three two one without long bands.

Tricep phrases here you have your long back i want you to pop them underneath your knees okay they’re coming behind you okay hey do not doubt me and you want to make it even harder you can hold both.

The weights and the bands okay alex is right this is is six four three two and one oh press ups you guys okay if you have your long band you can use your long bands to make it even harder.

I would recommend going with the lightest then working your way up here comes through hands like so on the knees or a full press up bending down equally you don’t want to sickle through the back okay that’s going to hurt your back so think.

About aligning your spine pulling those stomach muscles in almost rounding the back okay really breathe with this you guys if you need to come down for a break then take yourself back up and just do the lowering part good work you guys you are killing it three.

Two and one back up into kneeling or standing we’re going with one of my favorite back exercises okay we’ve got our row into our extension you can use the weights or the bands i’ll see you two one let’s go one two three four really squeeze those shoulder.

Blades okay squeeze one and three and she was like her core really hurt and um so i’d love to know how yours is feeling 12 seconds nearly there you guys eight seven six five.

Two and one okay you’ve got the option of standing or kneeling it’s entirely up to you we are gonna punch fast then we’re gonna punch up to the side going in six kill that fan you guys feel that bad.

You got it do not give up eight seven six five you’re right there four oh three two three now punch up let’s go come on keep those arms moving twelve seconds back on nearly down eight seven five four three.

Two and one whoa hello okay coming up into our lat raise coming forward lower into our front raise then we reverse it okay two one let’s go one two three four.

Uh nine eight just you wait for that last second six five four three two and one a weird crazy burn that’s the best way of describing it okay we’re now going around the world so your parts are facing forward.

You’re taking your arms all the way up and over and then slowly lowering them back down again okay so gonna work into the front of your body okay into that chest breathe shoulders as well especially on the way down believe it or not the slower you go on the way down.

The harder it is twelve eleven ten six five one more two okay you’re just going to pump at a 45 degree angle beginners go without.

All the lighter weights let’s go up we have 45 degrees you know what when you’ve done this enough even just with your arms actually hurts that sounds ridiculous and i remember looking at that and i was like huh but when you’ve done a solid eight.

Minutes of arms trust me let’s go four three i’m so sorry for what’s about to happen oh my gosh wow hello four three two how i can’t believe i’m saying this but doing those throws at the beach.

Today i just finished my arm all we were doing was practicing throwing and catching we sound like five-year-olds but it was so much fun and see and they’re physically hot like these hustles are hot anyway lily stop talking back to cardio all right guys all right so.

My brother-in-law had a strict word with me the other day and said lil i just don’t like burpees and every time you tell me to do about me i literally shut the laptop light by little and so i’m going to give you an option and i’m also going to tell you there are two sets of burpees in this last section.

Okay you have the option i’ve told you and i never tell you but i’m telling you because you have an option of not doing them but i’m watching you okay if you don’t want to do the back piece you can go with either a jump squat.

Or a jump jack depending on what level you are okay instead of the back piece you can go with a jump squat like so or you can go with the junk jack i am giving you that option there are two sets of burpees okay your first exercise is not about 15 seconds until.

We go guys grab your skipping rope if you’ve got it this is going to get us ready for cardio again we’re going in 10 seconds i might have to air skip actually i’m going to air skip just because of the mat five four three two let’s go 45 guys okay this is your last circuit.

Now i want you to focus i want you to think about what your goal is okay how amazing you want to feel after this workout and in this tiny little section i want you to give me everything okay think about god visualize that goal now i’m with you great that was evil the arms.

Help me why do i do this to all of us what is wrong with me okay 15 seconds seven six five three two three let’s go if you can you’re jumping there come on you guys last circuit i know you’ve got this okay 30 seconds.

come on you guys come on guys all i want you to know is wherever you are around the world i literally have these eyes peering through your screen watching you okay and i know what you are capable of ten seconds do not give up on me five four.

And done breathe you guys breathe back to boxing one two one two one two three four five six okay so have a little break have a little break one two three four five six let’s go yes.

20 seconds yes 10 9 is coming in 15 seconds okay pick the level that suits you everyone knows what a bear is if not jump squat.

You’ve not jumped jack it will start them off two keep up with me for the birthday let’s die i want you to double it okay double it let’s go take that number put it in the blender turn it around okay double it yes guys alex is laughing at my analogy.

10 seconds nine eight seven come on five four three two and one gets nasty okay jump across beginners follow me i’ll show you a mud okay five four three begin a squat step let’s go step.

30 seconds you guys okay then you are over halfway through this circuit come on if you are jumping it i freaking salute you but i’m with you send me back six 10 9 8 7 6 5.

3 i want you to grab your life to weights and your band if you’ve got it okay we come back to our biting point we feel that burn before we punch makes such a difference holy poop why.

you have an option of a squat jump or a half fair key so we’re here when i clap half burpee or squat jump let’s go okay beginners follow me advanced i want a half left p let’s go yes it’s amelia follow me.

Come on hey boss follow me yes guys and keep that going okay when i clap let’s go on you guys beginners keep copying me keep your eyes on me and do not stop come on faster do not stop do not stop 12 11 10 nine.

Six five four three two pounds how you guys going okay ski jumpers then we have one left okay ski jump as you step or you jump side to side here okay beginning let’s go let’s your go to last exercise.

Keep it moving okay do not stop trying this split second hold on 15 time is stopping you guys okay all right okay all right i don’t know i keep saying that i promised you.

Two rounds of their keys okay this is your last little i say last exercise but it’s made up of two exercises okay we are doing one minute 30 of work which drops down 13 minutes the first 30 seconds is going to be a first p the second 30 seconds there’s gonna be a.

Squat jump or a squat hold and the third 30 seconds is going to be burpees then you are done just to recap you guys if you don’t want a burpee you can go with the jump jack i wouldn’t recommend a squat jump you’re gonna be doing that in the middle section.

Okay get ready guys to recap 30 seconds of burpies 30 seconds of squats four squat jumps 30 seconds of that piece one round we got this we’re going 15 seconds you guys count your reps on those burpees okay we’re going in ten nine eight.

Seven six beginners jump back i’ll show you in a second three two one you’re literally here stepping or jumping i don’t mind okay we’ll fake skipping you have 15 seconds left come on guys 15 seconds that is all this is your last pound.

10 9 8 7 6 3 two and one squat nice and fast oh squat jumps okay guys it is up to you it’s only 30 seconds oh hold this one i don’t mind okay hold a squat if you want me 15 seconds come on you guys even hoping.

You’re gonna hurt get four ready three okay five four three two one breathe i know baby was that too loud i’m sure i’m sorry are you okay guys i’m sorry to you.

As well oh my gosh day six complete that felt bloody great i actually loved that is this really weird that i’m very excited about the finisher i know i’ve got issues but i just love a shoulder band so please please please don’t forget.

You do have a finisher go to the playlist section on our youtube for those of you who don’t know what that is i will show you now and also before we do that guys you have just one day left on linda nai’s giveaway and most of you now don’t know linda a.

Lot of you knew her from before because she’s bloody brilliant um but yeah basically we have a giveaway we’re giving away to five people full sets of lean bands so every single lean band is worth like a hundred and thirty dollars per set and there’s five winners so you can enter that.

It’s on our instagram pages mine’s a louis fabry exactly the same oh gosh and linda is linda sun whitey so l-i-n-d-a s-u-n like the beautiful sun yt for youtube so please please head over to our instagrams that closes tomorrow and the winners will be announced and basically all.

You’ve got to do is follow our instagrams follow our youtubes and tag a friend in the instagram post and that is literally it and a lot of you have been saying i don’t have instagram um but honestly to set up an instagram account takes.

Seconds and i post a lot of content on there as well extra workouts so only if you want to and you want to enter the giveaway it’s worth setting up an account and playlists all my legs oh my legs okay this is playlists right here so you go to this top section it has home videos.

Playlists where do you need the alex there yeah is that right yeah and then you’ll see it says ls times ls workout challenge dash six and six refers to day six which is today and then you click on there and it has the finisher in there as well so yeah that is that is anyone still with me oh.

Oh my gosh oh there’s still loads of you you guys are amazing how many burpees did you get by the way for everyone who did burpees in that last 30 seconds oh no what does it mean okay i love linda and lily.

They are my something what’s midoris and i don’t know if i pronounced it right either but please tell me oh my gosh i’m crying or sweating i’m sweating and crying and um celebrating i’m going to miss you so much i’m going to miss this guy this is the last live.

Linda have you been typing in i know you weren’t during but um obviously i i can’t properly thank you on linda’s behalf but like i’ve been speaking to her every day and we’re just we’re blown away with the response and i know linda will say the same thing like we’re so thankful this has been such an.

Incredible experience for both of us like on so many levels like from a friendship point of view between linda and i like it’s just been amazing and i know she said in her last vlog like i’m kind of like an older sister to her and i feel like that’s really really really like in the other direction as well you are like my little.

Sister and i’m just so proud of you and i’m so proud of everyone who has nearly completed this guide you have one more day left and i’m going to feel a little bit lost if i’m totally honest um we do have something planned that’s going to be going out on friday on sunday.

Uh for the next couple of weeks on the run after christmas but i have to say i’m going to miss this aren’t i alex i’ve been so excited for every single live so yeah just thank you thank you everyone who’s joined in thank you for making it like as amazing as it has been because without you guys doing it with linda and.

I it yeah it would be it wouldn’t be this incredible it would still be incredible but yeah reaching you know hundreds of thousands millions of people all around the world just kind of feels crazy and we’re so grateful um and yeah bring on a part two hey linda.

Um but yeah keep your eyes peeled on instagram we’ll kind of be revealing more there that’s the first place where we tend to reveal um and my private facebook group as well we kind of have like little chats in there of what you girls want it’s quite intimate which is nice but yeah.

Certainly um keep your eyes peeled on instagram and stuff and linda and i will be having discussions over the next couple of months but this feels like the end of an era it’s sad i do feel lost anyways okay guys i love you so much i will see.

You there’s no upload tomorrow is there i don’t think no no upload tomorrow so i’ll see you next week it is the last day though so you are not getting out of it i still want you to do those workouts all right guys i love you so much and i will see you very soon and i think that’s everything and yeah i feel quite.

Sad i actually do so just tense look at them like they’re calm after the storm oh baby let’s leave here saying goodbye because you’re the cute one oh hello my little burrito bye guys hey my little burrito
Lilly Sabri

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