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Super Fluffy Souffle Omelette ! Very Delicious ! Incredibly Easy


This is a very delicious pan-baked egg tart recipe Please click LIKES, Leave a comment and subscribe to my support channel. Thank you for watching . I use 3 eggs Separate the egg yolk Stir well Extra Corn Flour 35g After mixing well, set aside Next I will whip the egg whites 1/2 tsp lemonade.

Salt 1g Vanilla 1/2tsp Use an egg beater to beat the whites When the egg white is fluffy, add sugar I use 35g sugar to make 2 times Divided into 2 times The whites are whipped so this is fine Take 1/4 of the cream and mix it with the egg yolk Then pour the whole yolk into the cream and mix well.

Mix I will bake the cake on very low heat 1tsp cooking oil to spread the pan evenly Put the egg cream in the baking pan Cover and bake for 10 minutes Fold the egg tart Cut into small pieces Sprinkle some powdered sugar This dish is delicious and easy to make.

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