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SUMMER SHRED FAT BURN in 7 Days | 30 min Home Workout


Hey guys I’m just kind of right up at the camera with these bad boys because they launched yesterday and honestly will relaunch yesterday we have been so overwhelmed with the response I can’t even begin to explain to you like I actually cried last night so thank you thank you so much to all of you who have pre-ordered these babies my adjustable.

Band is returning in this color in aqua and also in black and the lean hip band in black and to be honest I’d say like 98% of you have bought both and you can mix and match color so I just wanted to say thank you if you are want to actually shout yes if you’ve purchased them I would love to see how many of you in this have purchased them just.

Literally shout yes and I am just so thankful honestly like I’m overwhelmed like absolutely overwhelmed they asked them on sale on my website and I’ll let you look at a link right and speaking of which if you have got bad with you right now taking if you’ve got my initial adjustable keep it meeting you because it’s gonna make this even harder okay.

Right today’s session is only half an hour long we only have one live this week hello baby nice because I’m filming for the app this week so that doesn’t mean that you’re getting off lightly you have a full week of workouts and it is so intense you are gonna love it okay alright you’re ready volume 2 of the summer shred you all ready yes thank you.

yeah and if you have any questions about the Bannister’s quickly tuck them in we’re just warming up now let’s so have a little look out so 30 minutes in terms of structure we do have three marathon challenges we start off with marathon one we then have circuit one which is 10 minutes long mask on 2 which is 3.

Minutes long circuit 2 minutes long again and then we finish off on a marathon three minutes again you know you’re going to be sweaty right okay so coming now into your deadlift position and face of it to be hinging from the hips into a squat hinge and up Tara let me know if any questions come through about the balance so just to let.

You guys know in terms of the band the adjustable band right I actually have a cleaner anywhere else I think we’re the only people honestly we designed it from scratch I’m so proud of its productive incredible now the twisting side-to-side guys I have stopped you tight back today and then it’s like that and you’re just gonna Woodinville side-to-side.

gently jogging on the spot fake skipping I want you to keep going but with this okay we’re going to be showing you your first marathon your first marathon is three minutes long and there’s a few new people in this today so we’re starting off with 1 & 1 2 & 2 3 and 3/4 full and you go as high as you can keep fake.

Skipping on the spot I’ll show you at the next round and I can demo ok the best of those days we’re going to be doing a bladder which means that you come like so from there I’m going to be doing one jump squat you’re linking to do one to two jump squats then three three and then three jump squats okay beginners just go with a normal squat.

Like this and step the feet back and forward like so okay so you should have that in the back guys it’s three minutes long we go up for one minute thirty seconds we then pause at the top of the pyramid then we come back down again we’re going in 15 seconds what’s up oh we’re not pausing I tell you to pause okay going.

In eight seconds guys starting off with the Froggers down in a plank position let’s go one Oh the way up that pyramid okay.

she is to.

Complete we’re not going to suck at one okay 45 seconds on each exercise 15 seconds recover it easy hi Ted okay first exercise guys it’s gonna be all fake skipping what we did at the beginning now on your 15 seconds off I want you doing this you do not stop okay during this entire circuit when I am 15 seconds.

What we’ve got it going in ten seconds first one which is that face skip it six by this is what your it stay here okay come on good thank you now I just try to tie keep going next exercise is a jump forward with a.

Walk back here so we walk back even harder run it back Oh.

Killing it he just keep skipping okay literally split to pause if you want to just step them we got this your I get you okay yes your beginner otherwise you’re jumping them okay used to us.

Let’s go technique or you can jump we are sticking with that lunges but we do not shut for lunch we drop on the third one to drop on the third one to drop wasn’t dead begin it if you’re struggling going down guys plunge again okay pour it out you guys.

Frickin push it come on because these pasta sleep while you sleep one out of two black well I’m screaming okay so I express that Bundys if you struggle with burpees go jump jacks – okay I put Italy up to you count your reps then you can go.

Check this all the way down in and up you can struggle with that go with the jump half bare feet or step past burpees we’re going nine seconds Cabarete begin it for those of you who struggle need to just over the jump jack let’s go camera come on guys if you want to guys okay stopped active you’re struggling.

this is my really hate me okay big time we’re going with a heart fat knees into a tough job begin copy Oh Wow.

Yeah that’s what okay you have a curtsy we were stepping or jumping to you three to beginners I’ve got you up okay.

Ten guys I just want to say I’m sorry I’m doing less than normal I’ll show you my back at the end but my back is sort of messed up I’m going straight to the chiropractor after this okay fantastic very done we are back to our three minutes okay this is harder I would love to say you’re well then yes but it is okay we have jumped in our.

Squats then we have jump or reverse lunges it’s up to you okay so 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 then 3 in and out through your vest on tits pour in and out for reverse lunges if you want to beginners step step step back step back does that make sense have a quick practice guys okay you are going in 15 seconds exactly the same you’re working your way up the.

Pyramid okay so just to recap in out back back in out in out back back back back one let go one you gotta know my eyes are on you yeah they’re on you yeah.

Ah oh brain we gotta back down good okay guys just do another ten seconds breathe it out Who am I going down that pyramid we’ve gone up you got 7.7 we’ve got six seven eight whatever you did go back down go go cool three I’m gonna start steppin Wow let’s go.

you’re mad I’ll give me it into your chest and breathe breathe breathe breathe loft suck it so get my foot so we’re done okay this back is that’s like.

Hey guys anyone in between so okay guys it 50 if you’re advanced okay life on this.

Butt cheeks print knees slightly bent roll back to your biting point lift the leg and rotate across the body relax those shoulders start off with a hold find the beat in four three two let’s go usual okay.

here right now right now shakedown to meet the small to the back next up is planks you can’t say how cool G okay so the last one is lying or will the lakes up meeting over the reverse.

Crunch and then lots of the legs down and up yeah Oh into the pipeline let’s roll onto your side I hate to even though on forearm if you need to make it a little bit easier.

With the leg down welcome to the hands to make it harder okay so this is the well this is actually probably the highest level so if you can’t go it that or actually harder to do it here boy Oh.

I’m speechless I need to come up to the colorama okay pressing through down and the fits my teeth are really turning on the course advanced you know what you’re doing Oh.

The guy you killed okay slight pause because now baby I am going to tell you this is your last birth of the whole workout okay so on everything it’s 1 not 1 minute 45 seconds what’s that okay do you know what you’re doing beginning I’m going to do those jump jack.

To show you okay but please count your reps like over this to me is our highest you’ve done a workout getting that mindset count your reps going in five four three two.

how many you got it is it great how exciting to do job I will be watch again slow guitar look at it I can’t jump in else what.

okay you have one marathon left okay love marathon this one has a difference it’s three minutes but halfway we’re going to change the two exercises that you’re doing so please just breathe I’m demoing okay.

The first one is a core marathon for 1 minute 20 seconds actually month 1 minute 25 ok first up you have at orange second up you have a full sit-up touching your hands in the phone your feet next up 1 2 1 2 3 so on so forth beginners crunch here ok I’m just going for the 4 minute 25 seconds the next minute 25 seconds this is going.

To be a jump squat 1 ok from their curtsy curtsy one on each side equals one count okay guys you’ve got this lying on your backs halfway this isn’t going to finish you up it literally is okay let’s go guys onto your back we have 8 seconds until you go by Oh.

what qualifies me each night count this one Red Bull three two let’s go yes Oh.

guys you made it to your back quickly Marine hug your knees into your chest have a moment now you have a 10 minute finish up I want need to go straight on to that finish now don’t breaks a lot of you leaving you but I want you to go straight once that finish out if you have any.

Questions about the bands please just wrap them in the comments okay this gets posted on to you know okay finish up is about to come for you now fight some logging on it to see if there’s any questions I can have you guys so proud of you send help killer right killer okay guys please please please head over to my website.

Give you a warning these before they sell out because I can’t believe how well they sold and I really don’t want you YouTube lot missing out leaders are the ones who actually do the White House with me so please don’t miss out the link is there waiting to see if there’s any okay ten out of ten bloody sweaty I’m proud of you all.

Lori heading my box already to the finish up down to a minute this is what happens when you only do one will I work out with me a week I make a killer my gosh so sweaty don’t forget to tag me in your instagrams as well guys that may have been the hardest workout yeah okay finished with that right there guys honestly I love you so much.

Please don’t give up on this week’s summer shred you are going to get phenomenal results if you follow that shred okay you maybe wanna do one of the workouts the tooth it’s totally fine to your left he’ll throw at your level okay bye guys see you soon oh great I’m so wet.
Lilly Sabri

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