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STRONGER BACK & SHOULDERS (7 Day Hourglass Shape Plan) | Workout


This is day 3 of your prep guide which means you are now officially halfway to starting the Feel Good Fit Factory, a 6 week transformation boot camp to get you in the best mindset and shape of your life. We have been designing the Feel Good Fit Factory for the last few months which means it is going to get you the most incredible results. This guide includes different styles of training,.

Different lengths of training, intensities, and all of this is designed to get you the results that you deserve. We have Pilates to help you sculpt and tone into your body. Hit training for pure fat burn and to release those incredible happy hormones and strength training, which by the way, is one of the most effective ways to burn fat and of course, build lean muscle. Now don’t forget guys,.

I am a physiotherapist, so I’m going to be guiding you through some active recovery as well. And we are going to be focusing on our mental health, habit tracking, journaling, everything to just make you feel incredible. This guide is going to transform all of our lives. Absolutely everyone is welcome to join because it’s customizable. So regardless of what fitness level you’re at,.

You can come on over. You can pick the amount of days that you want to work out, how long you want the workouts to be, and you can get a personalized meal plan as well. So you’re going to be putting in your weight, your height, your fitness levels and your preferences and a personalized meal plan will be generated to help you get the results that you want. It starts this Monday the 5th of September,.

But please don’t worry if you’re joining us later than that, you can do it at any time. Now stick around to the end of this video ’cause I’m going to be talking to you about a huge giveaway involved in this challenge. And it may or may not involve a flight across the world for you and a friend. Now let’s get stuck in with this shoulders and back hour glass sculpting, workout, PS it’s going to burn.

Okay, we are starting off down on our stomach for some Pilates reverse hundreds. You want to take your forehead to the mat. Roll those shoulders back, pop the arms down by the side. Now lift your upper body up and pump those arms up and down. Nice and fast. Squeezing the shoulder blades and you’re super high. Squeeze those shoulder blades, keep breathing. (beeping).

Okay, next up you’re shooting those arms forward. Now you’re going to lift one arm up at a time for some Pilates swimming. If you want to make it harder, lift the legs up and go opposite arm to leg. Keep looking down for me guys. Protect that neck. Okay, lower the legs down. Keep the arms up.

Draw those elbows into the side, then shoot them forward again. Really squeeze the shoulder blades. Keep squeezing, nice and high with that upper body. Keep squeezing. Now we are going to hold here. Hold, hold. Amazing, coming up into a plank position.

Tuck that tailbone under. From here, belly button back towards the spine, drop down, minimal sway through the hips and back up again, this is working your core. To be honest, this is working full body. Control it. We going nice and slow, minimal sway. Okay, you are now grabbing your lean long band. If you don’t have this,.

You can use a water bottle or a weight. Rest yourself, your knee onto the band. And we’re going with a lat raise. Good work. You want to be in the scapular plane, so 45 degree angle. Good burns. One more for me ’cause we started a little bit late. Amazing, straight onto that other side, kneeling onto the band, great work.

10 seconds left. Amazing, right into a shoulder press now, can’t get my words out today. Kneeling on that band. Okay, from here, going to take the arms up and back down again into the chest. Try not to flare that rib cage. Okay, keep the core nice and tight, tailbone tucked. You don’t want to over arch.

One more, amazing. We’re coming into standing now, we’re going to be stepping onto the band okay, for our bent over row sequence, from here, we’re going to come both feet onto the band. We’re starting off with our double. Okay, from here, you’re going to straighten that back up, row the right, row the left and then double, hold it and back down again.

(beeping) And that was like your warm up ’cause we’re now going single arm, right arm, grow, squeeze the shoulder blades and back down. Good, nice straight back, core tight. Two more, straight onto that other side, row up, squeeze and slowly back down. Remember, you are working on the way down as well. Control it.

Halfway. Two more, last one. And we made it. If you’ve made it this far, you get to be the first to know that we are giving away our biggest and coolest if I’m honest, ever, ever prize. I’ve already given you one hint in the introduction, which is the fact that you and a friend may be flying across the world.

The second hint I’m going to give you is that you will be meeting me and you may be visiting the hype house. All right, you got to tune in tomorrow guys. We have a live workout. It’s going to be epic, it’s going to be fun. And I’m going to be revealing the full prize and more about this challenge. So you don’t want to miss it, tune into that live.

And if you can’t tune in live, it’ll be posted anyway. All right guys, see you tomorrow.
Lilly Sabri

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