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Hey it’s Tracy and welcome back to my channel and today I want to show you a really quick and super effective standing abs workout. Now this is a perfect workout if you do not like getting down on the floor to do abdominal work sometimes we just don’t feel like doing that so if you want it and learn these moves make sure to keep watching if you’re new here hello I’m Tracy and I put out brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel and for everyone make sure that you click on that little bell icon so that you know every single time of a brand new video that goes what so let’s get started with.

These moves the first thing that you want to do start with your legs about hip width apart hands go behind your head and you’re just gonna crunch forward here now I know this doesn’t look like I’m doing much right but it’s all about the intention are you squeezing in the abdominals imagine you’re lying on the ground but you’re really activating the deepest layer of muscles that’s your transverse abdominis next up we want to work on your court so we’re gonna add a knee lift here so lifting one knee as you crunch forward and bring it down you can bring that foot to the floor or if you want to up the challenge keep that foot just.

Hovering off the ground which will also increase that core work here because you’re absolutely working your balance here then we want to repeat that on the other leg so same thing here next up we want to work our ribs this is some of the Transformers favorite favorite exercises and total body transformation so watch this keep your hips still and you just want to move those ribs side to side here okay so you can do this like you’re dancing here make it nice and easy and then we want to do double so two to one side two to the other side two to one side to the other side.

Moving into the obliques hands go behind your head you’re gonna inhale and lift that knee as you twist try to keep the elbows really wide here and then we repeat that on the other side then we’re gonna bring it down a little bit lower so what I want you to do it’s crunch so you lift your heel and you’re crunching the side of your body here so crunch crunch and then we’re gonna add doubles here so double it up and last up you want to bring your arms up into the air here so you’re like a big letter X and just lift and alternating legs here try to keep the legs straight if you can and you’re.

Lifting that leg so it’s really gonna work with those lower abdominals so those are my best moves for your standing abs to work out now if you’re really ready to take your fitness to the next level and you’re ready to get amazing results you want to listen up I created a completely free ultimate cheat sheet for you I will leave that link down below in the description box here and this is for you if you’re tired of being inconsistent with your workouts you’re tired of having information overload because everyone’s giving you conflicting information of what you need to do and you are really ready to create good amazing and lasting results the ultimate cheat sheet is for you this.

Honestly is all of the secrets that I’ve learned in my twenty years as a personal trainer that other trainers do not want you to know so you want to make sure that you grab that right away it’s absolutely awesome and when you do make sure to leave me a comment down below let me know that you’ve got your cheat sheet and I can give you a high five alright guys I’ll see you next week
Tracy Campoli

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