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SNATCHED WAIST in 14 Days | 6 minute Home Workout Challenge


This is your 14 day, slimmer waist home workout challenge. It’s just 6 minutes long. I want you to do this workout for 14 days in a row. Let me know how you get on in the comments down below. You can even literally day it out. So day one, day two, day three all the way through to 14 days, letting us know your results. Also, if you want to be featured right here tag me in your Instagram stories.

The girls are getting phenomenal results. And if you want to, you can do a full YouTube review. Look at that, unbelievable. Literally it blows my mind you guys. Okay, no more talking. No equipment needed 14 days in a row. Let’s do this. Starting off with one knee bent one leg straight coming up and across and back down.

We have 30 seconds on each exercise. And of course, if you need a little bit of help just follow the modification in the corner of the screen, guys. Breathe, you have got this. Straight onto the other side. come on guys push it, you are half way. All the way down into lying now. The knees of the bent and we’re going to reach.

From ankle to ankle. Staying really high in that crunch, guys. Keep looking forward, breathe, you’ve got this. I want those abs on fire. Amazing work here to come into a crutch, lift lower. Keep that lower back flat and keep the core engaged. Amazing straight onto the other side. Come on guys, feel that burn. Up into sitting now.

I want you just sit high on that backbone. Roll back to where you really feel that core kicking in and we’re going to tap like so. Coming really low for me, feeling that pull. Now lift both legs up and we’re going to bicycle. Come on guys, 15 seconds, control it. Pop those legs down, now. You roll back to where you really feel that core kicking in twist, twist, up and lower.

Amazing lift those legs up. And we’re guys for Russian twist. Side to side, control the movements. We’re nearly there now guys, just a few minutes left. 15 seconds. Down into lying. We have a side crunch into an oblique twist. Straight onto the other side. Your core should be on fire.

Up into sitting. Our last exercise roll back, lift the legs up. If you can straighten them. Russian twist to the end. Otherwise keep them bent, okay? Oh, keep going guys! You smashed it fam! But please don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button. Also hit subscribe.

We’re nearly at 1.5 million subscribers! See you tomorrow for another workout.
Lilly Sabri

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