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SNATCHED WAIST & FAT BURN πŸ”₯ Hourglass Slim Waist | 10 min Workout


Qualities what’s up guys welcome to your 10 minute super freaking intense ABS waste and fat burn just 10 minutes that is it we’re going to be going in you guys are gonna follow along with me and you are not gonna give up no equipment needed we’re following a structure of 45 seconds or 15 seconds off however I may push you a.

Little bit more during some of those 15 seconds off I can’t guarantee I won’t okay it’s going to be a nice little mix of really killing into the waist mine is already so sore because I was practicing some of these moves yesterday and fat burn as well all right I recommend popping trainers on if you’ve got them because this isn’t pure Pilates we do.

Have that little bit of fat burn in there as well and guys we are going to get started 15 seconds until we go FYI how freaking beautiful is this band oh this is a new one you guys know I’m sponsored by gymshark I absolutely freaking love them I also love this because these hold you in place especially when you’re doing cardio okay.

First move foreign then straighten out the left leg we come up rotate one two and back down again so it’s left right left and back if you can fingertips by temples amazing 45 seconds let’s go second push it push it push it if you can’t get all the way up.

Keep this hand down just come as tight as you can foreign during your break I want you to hold in that C position relax the shoulders work the core we are going in five four other side three two one all right let’s go.

I don’t know Mommy pass now go as high as you can lift lower guys 20 seconds thank you come on guys you can do it.

Three two one more amazing life you actually get a break now okay bring those feet in you guys know how much I love this move it’s a nice little combo you’re going to reach to the left ankle then rotate across okay let’s go nice and fast nice and high in that Crunch and if you are watching this and.

Not doing it what is going on get out on the floor and join me guys five four two change the size oh wow that got me okay we are now coming up into the full roll-up reaching.

For the left foot you better crunch across okay you can do it guys let’s go if you’re struggling here just reach and lower wow two same size.

Thank you oh my gosh 37 dogs up and over your core should be burning okay mine certainly is we have a bicycle hold on the fish both legs up okay let’s go one two three four five and hold one two three four five at home right you are silly man.

That’s too much your hair fingertips by your temples it’s crunch crunch go back you’re getting there guys you’re getting there don’t give up one two three four five and hold yeah yeah yeah three four five at home.

well done guys oh my gosh I want them to legs out now in front of you sitting high on those buttons okay slight Bend in the knees in five four three two roll back pull that four in tight okay hover the right leg Feel The Beat lift lower rotate flowers.

changing side left I know it hurts I’m with you rainbow and we made it oh my gosh okay next up this is tough we’re going with a really high reverse crunch push it up from there bring yourself up into standing.

Into a deadlift okay so I’ll keep standing you can smooth this out of the way gently and backwards come on kingfishing this is your Batman section I know you’ve got this message.

yeah for you guys amazing okay next up is the squat into a little side crunch again to hit into that waist okay going into the ring in two we’re down and we crunch let’s go 45 seconds pace yourself and this is what I meant these leggings for cardio for booty for Waste they’re so.

Supportive I literally love them you can get a hold of them by the way description box on YouTube foreign make sure you rotate.

one six one two yes I felt that guys I felt that just one.

Exercise left down on your lap okay remember the dancing client number four then jump in let’s go one two three four advice.

foreign don’t forget to add this into other workouts 10 minutes it’s small okay you have the full guide for free here on YouTube so if you’re on Tick Tock come.

On over what are you waiting for this guide right here is free you can download it in the description box right I hope you enjoyed that I think that’s everything how did everyone find it Alex they’re loving it yeah oh it makes me so happy it’s crazy that was 10 minutes it is crazy what you can achieve in 10 minutes.

Honestly I’m so proud you can do that again straight away if you want to so then there’s a 20 minute workout or do it as part of the full guide there’s another work out there waiting for you I think it’s around five minutes long and then you have a 30 minute workout today if you want to access it it’s on the lead app okay we’ve done a little poll.

In the comment section as I always said is this your first line workout 64 of people have said yes what Welcome to The Familiar that is crazy live there’s like I think how we first like got found on YouTube right so during covert during lockdown we were doing live I’m so sorry guys I haven’t stopped talking it’s just like I.

Need to hydrate we were doing live for like five six times a week maybe even seven Alex or no was it yeah so honestly that’s how a lot of people found us so if you’re enjoying the lives please let us know and we’ll do more also now on YouTube there’s different sections you’ll see there’s videos I think playlists stool no better than me.

And shorts and then there’s lives there’s a live section so you can find all of my lives on there you can repeat them you can request things make sure you’re always checking out the community section that’s where we post like our polls our conversations so if there’s ever anything you want that’s what you’ve got to ask for because that’s.

Where I tend to see it most and obviously the comments as well I always drop a comment if you have a request if you’ve enjoyed it please drop a comment please give it a thumbs up please subscribe like honestly it really really helps um so guys I think that’s everything as I said the links are down below for the.

Gym shark outfit as well this is one of my favorites it’s the Bandos I wouldn’t recommend it always for cardio but for Pilates for weights it’s amazing it’s supported for that but for cardio it’s going to get a lot of junk in there and these babies is a vital collection as you know my absolute favorite the way they mold around your body the way they.

Make you feel make you feel so confident and supported um so yeah that’s everything well done hey that was a banner my God
Lilly Sabri

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