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SNATCHED WAIST & ABS in 10 Days | 5 minute Home Workout


If you are looking to get a smaller waist and lose belly fat this is the 5 minute home workout for you. Yes, it’s just five minutes long. No equipment needed. I can guarantee you are going to feel an incredible burn. Your abs and waist are going to be on fire. I want you to do this work out for 10 days. Let me know how you get on in the comments down below. Honestly, the support that you girls show each other is phenomenal. Reading through the comment section just puts the biggest smile on my face.

You can get incredible results like these ladies just here. Don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram stories for chance to be featured. Follow me on Instagram for more workouts. This is what you’ve all been waiting for. The LEAN app reveal date. We have been working on this app for one year. If you have been part of the familia, you will know that I announced this project a year ago in a live workout. Just to re-enact, ladies, I’m thinking of making an app. What do you think? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

That dream has now become a reality. 12 months of work to make the most incredible, fitness and wellness app, that I think we could all possibly dream of. It’s going to change your life. It’s going to have everything you could possibly need in one place to live your healthiest and happiest lifestyle. I hope every single time you open this app, you will have the biggest smile on your face. It has personalized meal plans, personalized fitness guides to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Also look after your mental health, help you feel amazing unlikethe boss woman that you are. There is a habit tracker where you can pick the habits that you want to stick to as best as possible. We’re going to be helping you along that journey.

There’s also a journal where you can upload your progress pictures. You can look back even six months ago to see how far you’ve come. Honestly, there is so much. And don’t even get me started on the recipes. We cater to your needs. We cater to exactly what you want. How many meals a day you want. Do you want to see the calories, the macros and the micros? If you don’t, that’s fine, you can turn it off.

Are you vegan? Are you vegetarian? Are you pescatarian? Are you a meat-eater? Everything is on there. I’m getting very excited. So, the launch date is going to come on the screen. In three, in two, that was quite good, and one. There it is! That is the launch day of the LEAN app. Put it in your diary. Literally save it right now.

Set a million alarms, whatever works for you, but do not forget that launch date. So much more details is going to be coming. We’re going to be doing lives, actually showing you the app a little bit of behind the scenes. We’re also going to be revealing the exact time that it’s going to be going live, but you don’t have long. So get it saved in the diary, and I feel like I’ve already had a workout. Let’s do this. (timer beeping) Let’s start all the way down in line. Nice and simple, take those legs wide.

We come up into an arrow rotation and back down again. Find that beat feel the music and enjoy this. It’s just five minutes of work, but your core is going to be on fire. (timer beeping) Amazing, bending those knees in now, we come into a rotation. We lift, lower, and change sides. Really rotate that body to hit into the waist. (timer beeping).

Good work, we stay here. One, two, three, and hold. One, two, three, and hold. (timer beeping) Great work, drop those legs down, come on high into a crunch for me. Reach, reach, center, center. 10 seconds nearly that. Come on, keep pushing.

(timer beeping) Okay, this gets hard now. We’re going to straighten those legs out. Come up, rotate. If that’s too much, just drop those legs down, and come here. You can do it. Ten seconds. (timer beeping).

Up into sitting. Pull that core in really nice and tight. Roll back, open the legs out. Rotate, punch. So, Russian twist by opening those legs out. Hopefully we’re preventing hip pain. Come on, really push for me. Keep that core really tight for a while. Nearly that.

(timer beeping) Great, we’re coming now into a plank position for your last exercise. Down onto those forearms, pull that core in nice and tight. Deep, come forward. Come on, nearly there. Pull that core in tight. Last few seconds. (timer beeping) You smashed it familia. Please don’t forget to click the like button.

Also click subscribe for more workouts like this. Don’t forget the LEAN app launch date. Here it is. Love you fam. See you tomorrow for another home workout.

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