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SMALLER WAIST in 14 Days (& round hips) | 15 min Home Workout


Today’s home workout is an hourglass sculpting smaller waist and round hips workout. It’s just 15 minutes long, but i can guarantee, it is going to burn! I want you to do this workout for 14 days in a row. You’ve got this! You can get epic results, like these girls here. No equipment needed. Let’s get ready to burn. We’re starting off with a bridge exercise. Really squeezing the butt and then peeling up into a crunch. 45 seconds on each exercise. Squeezing the booty. 15 seconds recovery. We’ve got this. Side crunch is next. Come up into a high crunch and reach side to side. Keeping the chin tucked to the chest and breathing.

Bring your feet together and knees apart. We are doing a frog raise. From there, lower down and touch the inner thighs together, then come up. Hold at the top. Knees wide and pump there. Really squeezing the booty. Right leg straight. Left knee bent. Crunch across the body. Straighten, lift and lower. We are going with a set of bicycles. on the fifth, we hold. Reverse crunch, but at an angle. As you lift up, rotate your body. Then straighten your legs.

Your ankles are in line with your butt. From here, you’re going to open, straighten, lift and close. Really working your outer booty. Still working that outer booty. The underneath leg is nice and low. Drawing small circles. We change direction at halfway. Change direction. Feel that burn. Last 30 seconds of work. You’ve got this! Then you’re done. You smashed it! Please don’t forget to smash the thumbs up button. It really helps my channel. It really helps me reach more people, just like you!.

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Lilly Sabri

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