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SMALLER PILATES WAIST in 14 DAYS πŸ”₯ Belly Fat Loss | 5 min Workout


This is your 5 minute, smaller Pilates waist at home workout. I want you to do this for 14 days. Let me know how you get in on the comments down below. You can get incredible results, like these ladies just here. I am so proud of you guys. To get long lasting results, you want to be combining this with longer form workouts.

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I want you to wake up in the morning and want to open that app. Want to press play. It is a class in your living room. We have the biggest vibe going on. This app is going to change your life. You can also get a hold of all of the equipment, all of LEAN Foods at up to 60% off and big news guys, Cheeky 10.

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Okay, let’s get working out. (beeping) Okay, coming on down into line, you’re going to hug your left knee into your chest. Pulse, pulse, change. Pulse, pulse, change. Good. Double the pace. One,.

Two. Good. Use that breathing control. Breath out. (beeping) (exhaling) Okay, no breaks. We’re going to straighten those legs out. Straight leg bicycles,.

Two, one. Amazing work guys, if this is too much, always follow those modifications on the screen. One, two. More intermediate you’re here. Nearly there,.

Coming into those last 10 seconds. (beeping) (exhaling) Amazing. Taking those legs out now straight for me. Arms up and over the head. Come all the way up, reach to the sky and slowly back down again. It’s one vertebrae at a time.

Lower back, mid back, upper back. You have 15 seconds left guys. (beeping) Okay, staying at the top, bending those knees for me. Roll back to where you feel your core kicking in. Relax those shoulders.

Pump across, reach. Good luck. Keep breathing. Last four, last three. Last two. Changing sides, let’s go. One, two, thee, four. Nearly there now.

(beeping) (exhaling) Okay, slowly lower down. We have a set of hundreds. Take those legs up, 90 degrees, at the knees of the hips, pump those arms up and down. Support the head if you need to, or lower the legs down,.

If it’s a little bit too difficult. Good, keep breathing, keep pushing. Four, three, two single leg stretch. Straight and in. (beeping) (exhaling).

Good work. From there, bring yourselves up into the all fours position. Two exercises left. Tuck those toes under and just lift an inch. Hold four. You want your belly button back towards your spine. And one. Okay from here, dip down,.

Shoulder tap, other side. Really control that movement. (beeping) (exhaling) Amazing. Walk yourself forward to the front of your mat. Really nice, strong core. Straighten the legs out, bring them back in again.

This exercise is only 30 seconds long. Pretend you have your favorite snack, on your back and it can’t spill. Super strong guys, come on. Nearly there, nearly there. (beeping) Two, one more. (beeping) Amazing work.

I hope your core is on fire as mine is. That really works into those core muscles and into the waist. Guys if you want longer workouts, if you want more Pilates, more of everything, come on over to the LEAN App to unlock so much goodness and it’ll get you the most incredible results. The link, can’t get the words out, is in the description box.

Love you guys.
Lilly Sabri

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