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SLIMMER WAIST in 14 Days (lose belly fat) | 15 min Home Workout


Today’s home workout is a slimmer waist workout. We are snatching into that waist. We are burning fat. This is going to be epic. It is only 15 minutes long. No equipment needed. I want you to do this workout for 14 days in a row. Let me know, how you get on, in the comments down below. Don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram stories, like these girls! Let’s get started. Working into your waist. We have a side crunch, then from there, crunch the knee in towards the elbow.

Come into a side plank, on your forearm. Underneath leg is bent. Upper leg is straight. Crunch in, then from there, touch the elbow down, and up. This is going to burn into your waist. Let’s go! Great work. Onto your back now. Lay all the way down. Crunch across the body. Then straighten you leg, lift and lower. Great work. On to the other side. Really making sure, you’re crunching across the body. To hit the muscles in the waist. Those obliques. We want them fired up.

Great work. Legs are long, across the mat. The arms are up and over the head. We are going to roll up, clap and come back down again. Really pull your stomach muscles in. Imprint the spine into the mat. Let’s go. We now are doing side crunches. Support your head with the hand. Crunch to the side, and come back. Keeping your core nice and tight. Come high into a crunch. Then side crunch. Changing sides, let’s go. Into dead bugs now. Legs and arms are up.

You’re going to go fast for 10, then slow for 10. Fast. Slow. Fast. Great work! Come onto the other side, back to the first exercise. We’re going to go with a crunch, then take your elbow to the opposite knee. We’ve got this! Great work. Into your side plank position, on the forearm. The underneath leg is bent. The upper leg is straight.

Crunch in, then touch the elbow down. Really rotating the body. Come on! 10 Seconds. Come down into lying. Working the obliques. We’re doing a side crunch, and then coming across the body. I love this exercise, because it really burns. Come nice and high. Changing sides. Come up into sitting. We have a Russian Twist. Legs are long across the mat. Roll back to where you really feel your core kicking in. As you rotate to the left, your right knee crunches in. Let’s go.

On to our planks now. Coming onto all fours. We’re starting off in a box position. Tucking the toes under. Spreading the fingertips. We’re going to lift to start off with. Rotate. Take the right knee across the body, then the left. If you can, lift the hand and tap your knee. Great work! Into a full plank now, with a hip dip. Finishing up. two exercises left. Bicycles. 10 fast, 10 slower. Fast. Last exercise is a boat hold. Then you are done! Roll back. Pull that core in really nice and tight.

Activate your stomach muscles. Hold. If you can, lift your legs up. If you’re super strong, straighten your legs. It’s up to you. 30 seconds, last exercise! Fifteen! You smashed it! Please smash that thumbs up button. It really supports my channel. Also hit subscribe, if you haven’t already. I upload daily workout videos. I don’t want you missing out! So, make sure you click subscribe.

I’ll see you tomorrow for another one. Well done!
Lilly Sabri

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