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SLIMMER WAIST and LOSE LOWER BELLY FAT in 14 Days | 10 min Workout


This 10-minute home workout is a smaller waist and lower abs fat burn workout. I can guarantee you are going to feel a burn. I want you to do this workout for 14 days in a row, and you can get results like these ladies. The Gymshark sale starts on Thursday, for 24 hours only. This outfit here, how cute it is by the way, is on sale! Selected items are up to 50% off! You don’t want to miss out. It’s going to be epic. Check out the description box for all of the details. Let’s get this workout started. Starting off in sitting. Making sure you’re high on those butt bones.

Roll back to where you really feel the core kicking in. As you rotate in one direction, you lift the opposite leg. You have 50 seconds on each exercise. 10 seconds recovery. This is going to burn. Good work. Come all the way down into lying. We’re going to twist across the body. Then reach to the ankle. Making sure you’re nice and high in that crunch. Hold there. Pump. Come on, 10 seconds. Hold there, and pump. Squeeze the muscles on the side of your waist. Breathe. Hands together. The feet are further away from the body.

Come up, touch. Then to the left, and then to the right. Hands in a diamond shape, underneath the lower back. Reverse crunch, straighten, open and close. Don’t forget to breathe. Just 10 seconds left, come on. Keeping the hands where they are. Flutter kicks, and then heel taps. Halfway, tap your heels together. Keep the back flat. Keep the core tight. Come on, 15 seconds! Left knee is bent, the right leg is straight. We’re coming all the way up, then back down again.

Great work. Onto the other side. Bend the right knee. Straighten the left leg. Going for a set of hundreds now. I’m slipping all the way down my mat! Legs straight. If you can, pump the arms up and down. Keep looking forwards and breathe. Halfway. If you can, lower the legs a little bit. Last exercise. We are doing a full roll up. As we come up, we clap. Alternating sides. I told you it was gonna burn! Literally on fire! If you’re going to be getting involved with the Gymshark sale, I would really appreciate you shopping through my link.

Which is down below, in the description box. Honestly, I’ve been part of the Gymshark sale. I have been the person who is there on my computer, waiting for it to go live. It goes crazy! You don’t want to miss out. I’ll see you tomorrow for another workout. Bye squad.

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