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SLIMMER OUTER THIGHS in 14 Days (lose thigh fat) | 10 min Home Workout


Today’s home workout is an outer thigh fat burn and tighten. You are going to feel a burn in the outer thighs and booty. I want you to do this workout for 14 days in a row. You can get epic results, like these ladies. Make sure you do it for 14 days! Also, don’t forget the Gymshark sales start today! At 7 p.m. BST. You can get up to 50% off on selected items. Including this one. This is in the sale. I’m so excited, it’s only 24 hours, so make sure you’re in it to win it. More details are in the description box, including my link to shop.

I’d really appreciate if you were to shop through that link. Let’s get stuck in, with outer thighs. Grab your adjustable resistance band, if you have it. Get a set of weights, but don’t worry if you don’t have one. I’ll give you modifications. Put the weight on top of the outer thigh. The toe turns down, as you come forwards. Then upwards as you come back. Arcing it, up and over. To make this even harder, put the resistance band just above your knees. For pretty much all of these exercises. It’s going to burn.

Good work. If you want to, put the adjustable resistance band on. This is going to make it harder. Lying on your side. We’re going for a clam. Open, straighten, touch the feet, then touch the knees. If you want to make it even harder, put the weight on the outer thigh. Stay in this position. The underneath leg is now down. Toe down on the upper leg. Pump up and down. The outer booty should be feeling heavy. Keep pushing. Toe down, heel up. Come as far forwards as you can. 10 seconds!.

Onto your back now. We’re going for a bridge. To make it even harder, put the weights on the pelvis. Come up, open, close, then lower halfway down. Really squeeze the booty. Hold at the top. Squeeze the butt. Pump out, nice and fast. Great work. Turn on to the other side. We’re going to even you out now. If you want to, keep the band on. It makes it even harder. We’re going with the half moons. Toe down, swoop, and toe up. You can put the weight on the outer thigh to increase the intensity.

We’re doing a clam now. Come into lying. Open, straighten, touch the feet, then touch the knees. Enjoy the burn! Push against the resistance band, if you have got it. Oh wow! Again, make it harder by putting the weight on, if you want to. Bring your leg forwards. Toe down, heel up. Let’s go. Come on, 15 seconds, we can do it. My butt is on fire. We’re going for a bridge again. Butterfly bridge. Load up the pelvis with the weights. Come onto your toes. Let’s go.

Squeezing the butt muscles. Rib cage down, and breathe. Hold at the top. Squeeze the butt. Push out, fast. Come onto all fours now. We’re nearly there. We’re going with a fire hydrant. Lift up, pump, then lower. If you don’t have a band, put the weight in the back of your knees. Hold at the top, and pump. 15 seconds. I know it burns. Core tight and breathe. My booty! Onto the other side, then we are done. Come on!.

Hold at the top. Pump up, let’s go. Come on! Higher. I hope you enjoyed the burn! I told you it was going to be fire! Don’t forget, you’re doing this workout for 14 days in a row. Don’t forget that the Gymshark sale starts very soon! 7 p.m. BST. Don’t miss out! It’s 24 hours only. The link to shop, is in the description box. Well done. You smashed it! See you tomorrow.
Lilly Sabri

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