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SLIMMER LEGS in 10 Days (lose thigh fat) | 8 minute Home Workout


In today’s workout we’re going to be sculpting into those lean and toned thighs and legs. Just eight minutes on the clock. No equipment needed. I want you to commit for ten days. Let’s do this. Starting off low, in a squat. Weight back through the heels. Core nice and tight. 30 seconds on each exercise. This is going to burn! This is where it gets hard. Stay on your toes, and pulsate. We’re taking the legs really nice and wide. Slightly pivoting the feet outwards. We are going to pulsate for two, in each direction. Weight back through the heels. Hold it up, and pump it. Nice and fast, working that inner thigh.

Lower all the way down, hook your toe behind the back of the knee. Lower down, open, straighten, lower. Hold it straight, move your leg forwards. Draw some small circles for me. Changing direction. Good work. Onto your forearms. Lift the body up, as you open your legs apart. Straight onto the other side, starting off with the inner thighs. Hold that leg up nice and high, and pump it, fast. Core tight. Good work. Hook the foot behind the back of the knee. Come all the way down onto the mat. Great. From there, move your leg forwards. Toe down, heel up. Draw some big circles with your leg.

Changing direction. Great work. Up onto your knees. Knees about shoulder distance apart. Keep that core really nice and tight. You’re going to drop back and hold the position. Hold there. Squeeze your butt. Feel that strong core kicking in. We are going to do tiny pulsations. Hold as low as you can. 5 seconds! Lower. I challenge you to complete another 1 or 2 rounds of that workout. If you want an extra burn! Don’t forget, you’re doing this for ten days in a row. Let me know in the comments, how you get on!.

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